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Evaluation of Mercedes-Benz C250 AMG through user sharing: Many interesting things

Ladies and gentlemen, C-Class is one of the best-selling and also the most successful models of Mercerdes Benz not only in Vietnam but also in the world. In today's program, we will hesitate to find out why the C-Class is so popular. And our friend today is Mr. Tu with the nickname Tu Voi who owns this C250 AMG car. So the first question that Hung wants to send to Mr. Tu is the very familiar and very familiar question. That's why he chose this C250.

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The first thing I felt about this model was that I thought it was beautiful. The second is to find out online, on the market, it has a few points that I feel like, consistent with my level of use. For example, walking on the street, then bringing the capacity also meets the requirements that we want. But the most important thing is that it is beautiful, Hung also sees it. Regarding the overall design of this C250 AMG model belongs to the design of the new C series that launched not too long ago, only a few years ago. And it can be said that the huge transformation of Mercerdes Benz. If we go far, we can see it as a smaller S. It is important to look at it is still young, dynamic, sports, suitable for its age.

Ladies and gentlemen, I will take a moment to introduce you to my friends Tu Voi. Mr. Tu is one of the founding members of the PAC tuning center that we introduced to you in previous videos of very picky pickup trucks and Mr. Tu also owns a lot of models. Pickup truck. I have a question like this, the pickup trucks are big and bulky. You also like pickups, but did you choose this C250 just for the street or for other purposes? The first purpose I chose was a car that was smaller than the truck I used for daily use, of course, for street use, and at that time I chose the C series, young, suitable street. Surprisingly, not only does it go well on the street, I also try to go to the road, also try to go to the province a few times and I find it very satisfied.

Mercedes-Benz C250 AMG 2 car review

Ladies and gentlemen, this C250 AMG model, we would like to introduce this is a model that only changes the exterior design. It is changed on the grille, body, rim. And inside it changes the seats and steering wheel. This is called the AMG line, but AMG styling is more about design, rather than capacity. If you can observe, the C250's grille is also different. Of course the grille has been changed by Mr. Tu and then he likes it. And according to you also observe below as well as the air intakes, this is a very specific design of the AMG line as well as the hood. Mirror, hood were painted black. I also painted in black on myself. The difference is that this front bumper, the rim, typical rim of the AMG five-pointed star, is more beautiful. Tire is unplat tire. The lamp technology in the C250 AMG is also an intelligent system. That is, it can change the angle of the light. The advantage of it is changing the angle of the light according to your turn in the steering wheel is very convenient. And if you switch to the new E300 AMG line, you will get a multi-beam lamp. That light I introduced in a new light system program posted not so long ago. That light is extremely intelligent.

The rear end of this C250 design is very beautiful. This is a new design, a new style of Mercedes and this point is the point that I like most in the new way of Mercedes is not as rigid as conventional German cars anymore, but the feeling of driving it as well as once upon a time. As you can see, the upper part is the original AMG AMG C220, but the front and lower part of the car looks like he has already leveled it. That's right, to make it more like the true AMG version. I have changed the pot, divided in two to make it more beautiful and sporty. Attach one more of this chip. The effect of preventing wind when you run at high speed, compressing the car more on the road will grip the road more even though small changes like this. The tailgate is in the style of C63 AMG, although it is small, it increases the capacity of 5-8%.

This trunk is not an electric trunk, is it? No, not an electric trunk. The reversing camera is here, very smart. It was hidden inside, so when it went raining like today and when the hero went into reverse, it still didn't get dirty, the screen was always bright and clear. When we need it, we stick it out, if we don't need it, we retract it. When the new user protrudes. Yes, and as you can see, the trunk of the C250 can be said to be quite good, isn't it? Wide, to be 2 large suitcase. I would like to introduce to you that this is the hat that Mr. Tu used in the race and track run in Dai Nam as well as other racetrack. Very nice hat, racing logo. But this hat isn't from Mercedes, is it? No, this is the logo I just added. Yes, Mr. Tu loves the Mercedes Benz brand.

Mercedes-Benz C250 AMG 3 car review

Now please invite you to explore the interior space of the C250 after 3 years of use with the number of kilometers more than 2 lakh. First, I will start the engine. Wow, that sounds like a real sports car, isn't it? This is because I have improved a bit more, with an additional po as previously told Hung. And ladies and gentlemen, a model has been used for over 3 years like this C250. Look, the whole details are new, not new. The steering wheel is probably a little too much. And the design is very typical of the new generation Mercedes cars today such as wood paneling, S-style keyboard is very beautiful, too beautiful analog clock, screen and touchpad, touchpad very handy, touch very happy. The important thing is that it is very handy when I drive, I do not need to look down to press too many buttons, I do not get caught in the eye down on the fingertips when I use anymore. I just need to look at the screen.

Look at the screen like this. The buttons, the controls of this function are the same, right? Driving modes, we can intervene right here. Engine shutdown button means that the system automatically switches off the engine when we stop the red light to save fuel. All the functions on the car, we can customize it via the touchpad system and this command right? We can go in, intervene a lot of parameters, we can control the Ambient light, we can control the driving modes, monitor the fuel consumption, and so on. And one of my favorite gadgets on this C250 is a perfume bottle. Here, this is the point that I like this car very much. The car is equipped with a perfume bottle according to the car, automatically the air-conditioning door will suck the perfume up here according to the level that I customize the step 1 step 2 step 3 step 3 so I want more or less I want it to be very customized The scent does not sweat from the weather conditions or you can even smoke in the car and for a while it will filter out, very fragrant without being car sick.

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Ladies and gentlemen, sitting in the back seat of the C250 really surprised me. The first is that it is still new. I think there aren't many people in the back row when you use them for years right? Right. And this thread, to the leather material, is almost devoid of impact. And importantly, it is also clean, whatever the problem, it's very easy to clean. This leather material is so good, the leather material is good, the seam is beautiful. In general, Mer's design is also difficult to criticize. Right. What I find very interesting here is the space for me. I learned that the new generation of the C-Class is that its wheelbase is longer than 36. It also looks bigger and bigger than the old car. Its axle only changed by 36mm but the layout space is still very good. The Hero finds his leg room very comfortable, right? This ceiling design is concave to accommodate for taller people. German cars, suitable for Europeans 1m8 1m9 if sitting here, I think it is comfortable. Even these air conditioning control keys, this air outlet, this air outlet. On the rim of the door is a pomester speaker, wood paneling with curtain, is there a curtain? There are blinds. Extremely discreet. I still think this curtain is electrically controlled as well.

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Dear friends, today the weather condition does not support us, it rains quite a bit but with a Mercedes model, this is a very interesting condition because these models have high performance. It works quite well as well as the safety is very high. And the grip as well as all the driving features of the Mer models, it fits a completely different level. Because of this condition, we can feel it very clearly. Because in wet conditions, all driving and braking problems, as well as observation, will be reduced and then Mercedes models will show their bravery when in weather conditions. hard. For example, I have tried German cars for example. In the condition of very heavy rain, puddles on the road but the car feels that it keeps pressing down, it keeps turning the water and it goes but it does not happen a phenomenon called floating or skidding. or anything. That means the peace of mind it is very large, and with this one C250 AMG model, after a period of use, I really want to hear Mr. Tu the owner of the car share about the feelings when holding Drive it running at full speed. Because I know that you are a person who loves capacity.

Actually, the capacity of this C250 gives me the feeling of being more unexpected than what I originally thought. When I think I bought a car, I read its capacity is only 2.0 and 211 HP, I do not think the car it let the leap it so good. Especially when I switch to driving sport plus mode. Hero tried to switch to sport plus. It has a completely different jump. The roundabout is very high and feels the same c2.0 in the same segment, it is difficult to reach here. That makes me really satisfied. I am the one who really likes capacity. Does the torque have any effect because this is, from my point of view, from that it has a maximum torque of 350 cradles the rev range of 1200-4000 rpm means the torque If by parameters, I think that it achieves low rpm and the range of rotation is very wide. Right. Low rpm, when you feel it is much more volatile.

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His torque achieves power every time at low revs and it can keep up wide so he can accelerate faster. Those are my feelings. That's how it is. That is, when we often say that each German car type, it shows the bravery and the difference is clear when we run at high speed or in difficult conditions. For example, it rains like today. Or maybe there are times when I run here in Australia or from the US, for example. So if we drive in mid-range models, the range of 140-150 is very different. Right. Yes. On those sections it has no speed limit. But with the German model, namely, these Mer models are not problematic for example 180. The Hero is right, the German cars are really so smooth and I drive at speeds of up to a hundred and a half or eighth, for example, I don't feel it is too fast. Even the tronic gearbox itself, for example, it has only 7 levels but its transferability is very smooth. When I put it in eco or comfort mode, the shift of it if I go all the way in the street as well as on the road is almost like you don't feel too much when the car shifts. The feeling when the car changes gear to sport blus mode, I have a clear feeling when it shifts gear. The day before, I had just tried the 9-speed E300 AMG, even the sport plus mode I didn't really know if it switched and I didn't know when it would change.

In fact, one of the indicators that we often care about when trying out those cars is the fuel consumption. So after more than 3 years of use, can you share the average fuel usage of this model? Yes, if the fuel consumption I say when I'm in comfort mode and my gas pedal is in a normal state, in the street or I feel it eats about 10 to a little more than 10 liters.

And when I go out on the highway like I'm going to experience here, it eats extremely little. At that time, it was only about 6 and a half minutes. Significant difference. This is because the road condition is good, the throttle pedal you go regularly and also switch to sport plus mode, this is when you pedal to feel the loading of the car or it is happy, it eats a lot, it eats horribly. But actually it has a lot of people in 1 person right? I often use one sentence in many sentences that is for a Mercedes model with 5 driving modes eco, normal, sport, sport plus and individual, then it has 5 models in 1 car. Instead of having to buy a sports car or fuel efficient sports car, then we buy 1 this car we can 5 modes to choose very well. And it is completely different when it interferes with the steering wheel, the steering wheel into the gearbox of the engine. Usually the midsize cars can change the accelerator or the engine to change the feeling of impulsiveness, but with the Mercedes C model, even if we hold the corner we can feel get that very clear. Sure grip, always better grip and interfere with the vehicle's skid mode, each mode it is different it also clings differently. That is, the ISB is also different, it interferes with the inside.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the one problem I often get feedback from is that the German models in general and the Mercedes models in particular, the bonuses occur. But I really want to hear that Mr. Tu has been using this model for more than 3 years, does this model often break down? When I used for nearly 3 years and now almost 3 years, it has not been broken once. In fact, it has not been broken 1 time apart from taking care of the car and washing the car, not counting the rest, I just change the engine oil to replace the filter oil to replace the mode and warranty for good wind, and the car model He has never seen him suffer from anything. Each time the cost of maintenance and repair there around? The cost for the oil change intervals is around 2 million and for both motor oil and engine oil. And I have only done that ever. It is very reasonable for a luxury car to bring a lot of very different experiences, right? Right. But when this Tu when I run a distance just then, I feel this car about the ability to drive and the ability to accelerate etc ... do not need to think much but I feel it is a bit noisy know that it is true that I really want to hear from the perspective of a person who has used for many years as Tu. Yes, Hung's thinking is absolutely right, that is what I am most dissatisfied in this car is the noise of the tires it resounds in the cabin is very high. The noise level of the road is very clear. Especially when the hero just like you went in a little bit of macadam, it was very clear.

That's the dissatisfied downside about this car. Also I see one more is the shock absorber. Then I feel that my C250 is a bit too soft going through the speed bumps or passing the bridge, I found the car very bum bum long for it to quell the vibration. It's not as tough as the 320 or 328 models of BMV. Then I have to try your friend 328, this car I think is because the tails still use springs and retractors. It has not changed the shock absorber according to sport or comfort mode, so it is the same mode. Tu said that the suspension system has to adapt more here. It adapts either hard or soft due to the mode I choose in the car anymore, it will be more wonderful.

My friends, I believe in the comments and appreciation and feelings of Mr. Tu because Mr. Tu is also a member of the red line racing night and is also an extremely great racer in the racing field. sport. Yes, he participated in a lot of running programs on track at Dai Nam racetrack and this coming in late April he will also participate in a dua organized by the moto sport group. And on this C car? Yes, I am planning to send this car in.

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