Mercedes CLA 250 AMG car review

Assessing the Mercedes CLA 250 AMG - style and personality

If you want to choose a luxury car but have to be really personality to assert yourself, the Mercedes CLA 250 AMG car with a price of 1 billion 869 million will not be a bad choice.

Mercedes CLA 250 AMG 1 car review

The CLA is really a beautiful car, it is the car that can be said to inherit all the subtleties of the CLS and when you look at this car, you will immediately know who the owner is, not a tie. In the crowd like running the C Class, the curves, the extremely ribbed lines and personality, the small details it is also extremely impressive, gentle, not too gentle and easy to look like other cars. , very beautiful.

Mercedes CLA 250 AMG 2 car review

From the headlight cluster to the grille cluster is diamond-encrusted beads and a thick chrome-plated horizontal bar combined with a large logo. The lines in the lower front are also very meticulous and rhythmic, it can be said that the CLA is more for women, for women than for men because of the very delicate and very personal curves. . Under the hood of this car probably do not need to say much:

Engine 2.0L, 4 turbocharged cylinders
Gear AT 7 dual-clutch, 7G-tronic
Wattage [email protected],500rpm
Torque [email protected]
Acceleration 0-100km / h 6,7s
Max speed 240km / h
Fuel consumption 6.6L / 100km

Mercedes CLA 250 AMG 3 car review

If you pay attention to the rim of this CLA 250 AMG, this rim is equipped with a large size up to 18 inches and it is identical to the rim of the recent E Class, very thin tires, very sporty and spectacular. Only thing, the mirror of this CLA is an old mirror, not a new version of the mirror like the recent C Class.

In addition, if you look at the overall vehicle is really like a sedan coupe, the tail part of it slightly slopes down a bit, extremely beautiful, very personality. In the body of the car, there will be a lack of the door opening system by touching the Key Let's Go, but you have to remove the key from the hand to press to be able to unlock it. And the sports car door like this will not have a very sporty and beautiful look.

Mercedes CLA 250 AMG 4 car review

In addition, you can easily see that the car is also equipped with a panoramic sunroof is very wide and can be opened. At the rear of the car is very small personality with LED lights look straight, if in the previous version, the butterfly-shaped led lights, but on this version, it is straight LED lines that look not harmonized. The trunk looks small but is also relatively wide, with a reversing camera and not a 360 camera.

Mercedes Benz 250 AMG is considered a miniature CLS and this 4-door coupe really inherits the extremely smooth and vivid exterior of the CLS. This is a 4-door coupe with a sporty style and the right size to become a compact, agile but equally stylish and sophisticated urban car. Mercedes Benz CLA 250 AMG has:

Length 4,630mm
Width 1,777mm
Height 1,432mm
The standard long 2,699mm
Self-respect 1,480kg
Fuel tank capacity 50L
Drive system Front bridge

Mercedes CLA 250 AMG 5 car review

The most striking highlight at the top of the CLA 250 AMG is the large grille with a beautiful diamond plate that fully embraces the 3-pointed star logo of the company. Lying on both sides of the grille are Bi-Xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights that run beautifully and smoothly.

The front bumper also has a flexible design similar to the front bumper of the S Class but adds black vertical spokes to bring a sporty and youthful look. The final highlight in the front of the car is the strongly shaped cabo lid with ribs running along the A axis, along the body are embossed veins that are both flexible and impressive. These are the details to bring maximum aerodynamics to the Mercedes Benz CLA 250 AMG to help increase performance and reduce fuel consumption.

Mercedes CLA 250 AMG 6 car review

It is equipped with 18-inch AMG 5-spoke alloy wheels with RunFlat tires. The rear of the Mercedes Benz CLA 250 AMG is very prominent with a LED tail light cluster with a flexible design that merges along the embossed veins from the body to the rear, below the tail section is a pair of dual exhaust axles. Shiny chrome plated integrated rear bumper makes the car more prominent. Especially CLA 250 is also equipped with adaptip adaptive brake lights, when the driver brakes the car lights will blink continuously to signal the cars behind.

Stepping into the driving drill of this car, it will be easy to see the similarities with most other Mercedes cars, such as the clock cluster identical to the Mercedes C or GLC ever seen, then the steering wheel cluster.

Mercedes CLA 250 AMG 7 car review

Only the CLA's air-conditioning vents make it more nuanced, making turbine blades and jets; the screen is the same, the override button starts up. Particularly with the buttons, it is still the old design, a bit too many buttons, a bit cumbersome, if it carries the design of a new Mercedes, it will swallow more; and this is a high-end and beautiful looking aluminum milling profile.

Electric anti-glare mirror, sunroof. Basically, you will immediately feel the luxury of the car when sitting up. The skin of this CLA is different from other cars that is the leather that will follow the style of sports car seats, the headrest is attached to the body of the seat, not moving up and down like other sedans, this one is also There is a nice but also inconvenient thing is that if you want to adjust the high and low to make it more comfortable with the head and the neck, it is not adjustable, but the design is very nice and it has a vent hole at the back Make sure your neck is always cool. In addition, the cushion of the car is also very thick and smooth, ensuring smooth and luxurious style.

The CLA is a fairly small car, expecting its rear seats to be tight, but once the front seats are fitted with the driver, the person in the back seat is very comfortable in both the legs and headroom, when Sitting in the middle, the head will touch the ceiling slightly, in the back seat there is also a handrest. In short, with a small body like this, we will not require too much in the back seat very much, like this is also quite okay.

Mercedes CLA 250 AMG 8 car review

The Mercedes CLA 250 AMG 2018 has a smaller size than other sedans of the same size but the interior of the car retains the same luxurious and sophisticated style as other Mercedes Benz models. The interior of the Mercedes Benz CLA 250 2018 interior is designed with relatively advanced materials such as atico leather, napa leather and aluminum to provide a luxurious experience for all passengers on the vehicle.

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Part tablo is the door is covered with atico leather and contrasting embroidery, both seats are covered with leather with a variety of youthful and modern colors, the two front seats have a very sporty design and are shaping to hug the whole sitting safely. The steering wheel of the CLA 250 AMG has a 3-spoke leather-wrapped design integrated with function keys to control the car's equipment and facilities, including an aluminum gear shift pair mounted behind the steering wheel. The air-conditioning vents have also been redesigned with a round shape and four adjustable wings typical of the brand's leading sports cars.

The sporty style is also reflected in the shiny silver chrome double-tube design watch. In addition, the entertainment system with 6-disc CD player, large 7-inch color screen and color adjustable interior lighting system will bring a luxurious experience for passengers on the car. .

Because safety equipment Mercedes Benz CLA 250 AMG owns many useful standard equipment that is ABS anti-lock braking system, supports emergency brake force BAS, anti-skid system when accelerating ASR, electronic balance ESB, brake-stop function, Auto-hold, HAS horizontal departure assist, Cruise control automatic tire pressure monitoring system, Attention acip distraction warning, reversing camera and navigation system Global positioning with integrated Vietnam map. The Mercedes Benz CLA 250 AMG 2018 has a suggested retail price of VND 1 billion 869 million.

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Experience the Mercedes Benz CLA 250 AMG

In fact, this car is similar to most Mercedes C or GCL cars, only this car is equipped with a front rather than a rear or two fomatic bridges, but if we running normally, running in the inner city streets, traveling on long roads, it is really difficult to detect the difference between the front and rear bridges or fomatic 2 bridges.

Although the car is equipped with 4 doors and has no borders, it must be said that the soundproofing of CLA is still very good even when running at night when it is possible to hear outside noise from the engine, from the most tires, CLA. Still very smooth. With the way like this, you do not have to be so bitter and worry so much about the loading as well as the fuel consumption of CLA 250, very good. This car is also equipped with most of the common features such as a normal new Mercedes, such as 5 driving modes, sensors around the car, automatic back and forth, the Bluetooth connection, Cruise control. , nothing is missing. The CLA's suspension can be said to be quite quiet for a small car like this.

When accelerating, very strong, 211 horsepower really you will not be able to realize how much it differs from the rear axle if accelerating in a form like this. And with a car that shows off its looks, elegance, impressive and running, really CLA is a car that can meet all the criteria you need.

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However, because it is an imported car, the CLA 250 has a slightly higher price compared to the common ground of a luxury car, personality, small like him, but if you look at luxury cars of the same level In other car brands, CLA is still having a certain advantage because firstly it is beautiful, the price is the same, but the option and equipped with complete details on the car may say that it slips and It's more luxurious, but if you compare this car to the C Class assembled in Vietnam, it really is not recommended because this car is really for those who want to assert their ego, want to go. the car on the road that everyone knows right away who you are, really personality, really impressive, the CLA is the car for you.

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