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Mercedes Vietnam has just launched the S65 very powerful and very luxurious model. Perhaps today, the group of good car reporters had the opportunity to break into the Mercedes factory to explore and learn this model quickly. To see what is special about it and now let's find out.



If we look at the whole car at a glance, it probably looks like most of the other Éc-Flag-Lat, but look closely, especially at the front of the car you can see is The front bumper is a bit different, the radiator blades are polished a lot more chrome than the fox eyes are a little different from the other typical Etc-Flag-Lat, and under the capo is the pole change. big time, the heart of this S65 is a 6-liter V12 chain discharge chain with a capacity of more than 600 horsepower 630 horsepower and maximum torque of up to 1,000 tons. What a terrible machine! It can be said that this is a super luxurious car, but carries in itself a heart of a supercar.

In the body of the car, you can easily see that the wheels, wheels have been changed to design a special parcel for this high-performance S65, and the V12 Biturbo logo with double hatch mounted on the side of the car helps you can immediately tell that this model is the most advanced model of the Éc-Co-Lat and yes! Mirrors are still integrated with the camera, you can observe the 360 camera in the car and the lower part has a long chrome contour code is a very sporty and luxurious spoiler. The tail of the S64 AMG is not much different from the other Latvian versions, but you may notice the exhaust part, the dual exhaust pipes are polished square and the AMG logo is attached. athletic and very healthy.

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Like the other Éc-Lat-Lat versions, the most advanced version will definitely be equipped with trophy doors, now I will explode. Yes! And when you explode, you can see that the high-end Du-Meter-Silk system will automatically rotate and protrude. It feels very luxurious, and you can immediately notice that all the clock as well as the center console are similar to the previous Éc-Flag-Lat. However, the steering wheel has changed a bit, the wood is more beautiful than the three husks and the seats of this S65 version are equipped with extremely luxurious Napa leather seats, not only that, the ceiling is also equipped with leather. Panoramic windows Pa-Ro-Na-Ma extremely luxurious, wooden paneling, but the wood here is a wood grain still running along, very eye-catching throughout. There is an AMG logo on the armrest, and the armrest can be opened in two directions, just like the other Flagcards, the control will be controlled via a touchpad here plus a wheel. the car turns to give orders, switching to the rear seats, we can also see that it is extremely luxurious like other super-luxury cars, door armrests, luggage compartments and a refrigerator in the back seat. . You can leave the champagne, your favorite drinks cold, the seats very smooth and the headrests extremely comfortable. If you tilt your head, you can relax completely and at this position you can control all the functions, reclining front seats, reclining rear seats. With the front foot raising the curtains automatically to both the front and the back, you can adjust every function on this vehicle. At this time, you are the owner.


Yes! And maybe I'll return to my favorite position that is behind the wheel, because why! Because there have been many times I've been in supercars in the back, but with this E-Flag-Flag the S65 is an extremely high performance version that can be said to be the highest of the Ec- Mercedes is at the top of its class, and with such power, it won't give the driver the feeling that we are just a driver. Which obviously the steering wheel of this S65 you just heard the explosion, yes! Enter the number right now. Wow! I will start to experience a super luxurious machine with more than 600 horsepower, a torque of up to 10,000 kilometers, really I have never been able to spell a luxury car that has the power to experience. terrible to this extent.

The Éc-Flag-Lat has been sitting a lot, the feeling of comfort has felt a lot but the feeling of being able to tame this luxurious beast is really exciting and I want to switch to mode. Sport. Wow! I think that just a few inches away now the Sport will be very strong forward, and this is the empty road, the road can accelerate to 100k / 1h in the premises of the Mercedes factory. Wow! Unbelievable, yes! Just blink and it feels like if you have a vestibular problem you might get dizzy if you speed up, woa! Just over 100km / 1h just a little over 4 seconds means that it is close to both the acceleration of supercars like Gôpô-Gi-Ni or the Pharaoh but with The car is very spacious, very luxurious. Supercar in a luxurious body, it's amazing! The steering wheel probably has nothing to say, the feel is very interesting because it is also covered with wood on the top and bottom.


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The feeling that you want to be driven instead of just because you want to sit behind you to enjoy it, you sit on super-luxury cars with such strong power, you can feel it. At first it was probably a bit overwhelming because the car was also quite long and special with the price up to 12 billion 800 million, a number not small, nearly twice as expensive as the I8 I've ever experienced. . This car has a lot of driver assistance features such as all the sensors around the car, such as the 360 camera that you can back or forward very simply, activating into Very simple buttons here. Yes! On the front is a Hép-Ap-Dip-Peep-Lay screen, of course then all the latest technology and features on a car that can be on this car are available and it is even more luxurious. weight, and it is very, very strong.

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Yes! In a relatively short time to experience this car, I could not feel all the essence of this car, if we were to run on the street, the road frame, probably feel more. But the car has no license plate nor temporary registration plate and can only run on this campus only. Because this is the first car, it is also the only car in Vietnam.

Hopefully the car will soon be at sea and we will have the opportunity to experience this car for a longer time, but for now let's say goodbye and see you again in the next program. !

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