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Who is the winner of the Mazda3 vs Kia Cerato?

Mazda3 - Japan Kia Cerato - South Korea
The car has no led lights, nor a sensor. Cerato brings a sense of masculinity, very beautiful led lights and also has a front sensor around the car, convenient and flexible when traveling in the city.
Body: Mazda3 codo design lines are flexible, gentle, suitable for everyone. And especially, the rim is not big, only 16 inches but very smooth. Vehicles with 17 inch milling wheels.
The tail is more beautiful, the tail lights are eye-catching, the inside details are sophisticated and eye-catching.

There is no sensor at the rear, although there is a reverse camera on the vehicle, but there is a sensor that is safer.

When you bring the key closer, the trunk will open automatically.


Cerato lights, LED strips are not a seamless one, but it's divided into V-shaped, so the taillights are not very eye-catching.

The rear sensor is very useful, sometimes the camera is not visible or there is a person in the back, there is a rear sensor to make driving more flexible and safer.

When the key is brought close to the car, the trunk opens on its own, and what's more, when the car is approaching the car, the rearview mirror also opens itself.

The 1.5 engine produces about 110 hp of Skyactiv technology, very quiet and fuel efficient. The 1.6 engine, producing 128 horsepower, is very powerful.
Interior: very beautiful

European car style.

There is no Cruise control.

There is no electric chair, only mechanical adjustment.

There is no automatic headlight.

Mechanical mirror.

No air conditioning 2 independent areas.

Lack of options is available, but materials used in vehicles are more advanced.

There is idiling stop, when the red light turns the car off, it is very fuel efficient.

The second row is not as wide but still comfortable for the back seat. There is no air conditioning in the backseat.


A very good point is that the memory position seats, when opening the car, the terrible memory position will slide up.

The car has 3 driving modes; go in the soft, quiet poles, sport mode when traveling on the highway (very solid steering wheel), Eco.

Cruise control button, when going a long way will help a lot, very safe.

Air vents with 2 independent zones, very useful for the back seat, chairs are cooled faster and will cool down when it is hot.

Rear seats are very wide.

The lights automatically turn on when it's dark.

People in the rear seat are quite comfortable because there is ample space both in the legs and headroom.

The steering wheel gently moves in a flexible city, the steering wheel has a certain degree of smoothness.

Accelerator pedal, the load of the car is quite good when walking in the street.

Skyactiv engine when driving is very smooth and smooth.

Soundproofing is quite good.

Steering feel enjoyed, accurate when driving.

When the door is opened, the seat automatically slides out and when the door is closed, the seat adjusts to the driver.

Steering wheel, when adjusted in Eco mode is lighter than Mazda3.

Driving is very light when going to the city, although the feeling of driving has not been felt like Mazda3 but there is not much difference.

Throttle pedal is a little more sensitive than Mazda3.

The car has a little more road surface than Mazda3.

Cerato's Lazang is bigger and the tires are bigger so it's a bit quieter than Mazda3.

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