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Hello all of you back to Hanoi street with the truck channel online. So today I will introduce THACO's BUS, this bus has 47 seats with model name TB120S or another name is BLUESKY 120S. What functions does this product have? Let's take a look with us.

Here we look at the interior design of this car. Compared to the previous version, the previous version, this new version has just released a small change in the design. This change is located in the headlight cluster, headlight cluster with daytime running lights. This is a side lamp, this is a new point. Ok guys and here we go to see a little bit about this. Just now, I told you about the difference in exterior, now comes the side of the car. For the wheel section, we use tire is 1200 and R is 2A.5 rim diameter is 22.5 not tattooed. The vehicle here with luggage compartment. Now as a friend, you will open the luggage compartment for everyone to see inside. Yes, open your hands, open. There are three compartments, each of which has three, so if we put our motorbikes in it, we might have to open the last one. The last open cabin won't open. Oh, this last cabin doesn't have this gas. We only have three compartments. I'm about to open it up for you to see the elections a little bit.


You look at the rear of this car. This one goes well at night so it looks good thanks. Is there any eyelid strip on this leg good? Wow. Ok we're going to look at the engine. This lid is locked. We need a key to open it. And as I said earlier, there is a safety system on the driver's left side. That is when we detect smoke or detect the possibility of ignition in the engine we will activate that button to protect, so that the engine safety system it will activate. Here we can see the engine compartment of this car. You look at this cyclone, a cyclone. This machine sprayes electricity and uses Bosh's needle injectors to help save fuel. Wechai engines are China's most famous engine brand. Referring to Wechai, the brothers did not have much opinion. The fact that heavy Chinese truck lines like Found's have Wechai engines.

This is my friend, I just showed you the safety system part when it activates, this red color will explode. This one is also available on the Wechai of Bus. Yes this part is like a light bulb inside it has a powder here guys. You see, this one it will explode and it will have a powder that will fire retardant Part of it will put out the fire of the engine. Big fan yet. Pretty big machine 336.

Yes, we talked about engine parts just now, and now we will go on to the body. This body we need a lock. There's a key we just opened to show you the air balloon. Ok go to the next part, the belly of the car. Just like the other side, the left and the right are the same. We have three total compartments we have six luggage compartments. Six compartments for luggage, guys. In its full version, the high-end version will use Michaelin tires, but now it loses to the standard version, we will use Maxis and Maxis tires. The class size like I told you is tire 1200 and R is 22.5. That is its tire size. This bigger tire will be quieter.


Here comes the boarding. Follow me, I will get into this car. For me as a passenger I came up here, you look at this whole system of lights. All the steps up and down, we have lights, including these handrails. You notice this handrail lamp runs long so we can grasp this lamp. If you look in the car, we have full handrails. And this is the light this evening. It can also be said that it is already dark outside. Here is some light on this car. Ok very bright. 2-color leather seats with headrests. This floor, this floor, in general, I don't know how to comment. Also ok. The luggage space here you guys. And the lights you notice, we have this entertainment light, this main light, the lights that turn on when sleeping for this non-dazzled passenger. At night, if a passenger wants to get off the bus, we only turn on this purple light, but if we turn on this light and people are sleeping, it is very uncomfortable.

The price of a 47-seat passenger car in Hai Phong

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the standard version and the full version will have screens, more advanced functions such as APS, electromagnetic brakes. This is just a wait option. You can register which means you can order which version is up to you. Full or optional version cut. Ok guys, just like I did it during the day, at night time, the lights look a lot more colorful. It is okay. You pay attention to help me on this steering wheel we have a bit of the joystick controls the joystick on the steering wheel. This is where the phone is connected to. And here are the buttons designed to relate to these entertainment functions. Integrated on the steering wheel like the car. The doctor ran this is very modern upgrade a lot.

Our truck wings don't have the steering wheel functions like this one. Ok 6 level gear box of all of you. And the design of this baby's child is very similar to the Hyundai series. One of the designs is just different from the other, and some other details. Ok guys, the clip that introduces my 47-seater bus here is the end, please leave comments and subscribe to Hanoi Pho channel and watch more clips. The price of this car you notice on the screen and contact us with the phone number shown on the screen we will quote.


We keep moving. Yes everyone. This chair is very quiet. The noise is also due to the rear engine so the noise compared to my ears is much quieter than the trucks. It's raining hard friends. Uncle, I'm going to reverse gear. There is a reverse cam here. However, my current cam is raining too much rain. He who down long households are delicious thanks. There is no cam going back this car is very long. Longer than the 4-foot baby always. With backward cam, we go much more confident. Hi everyone and our clip is now over so leave us your comments and watch our next video. Thank you and hello.

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