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Bring Ferrari 488 for Grab Run Season Covid 19

Bring Ferrari 488 for Grab Run Season Covid 19

Experience the F1 street in Hanoi like that, quality standards. 

Bring Ferrari 488 for Grab Run Season Covid 19 1

Hello everyone Covid is so bored, today dragged me Ferrari out into the street to run for it. Why dragged Ferrari to the street today, because of Covid, the road is very deserted like the temple of Madame Đanh, so it is a pleasure to ride a sports car. This is the convertible 488 of Son Tung Auto and I have introduced to you for a long time, today has changed a little bit is quite familiar today, the convertible is sad today, it's raining, today go. It would be a waste to play convertibles, I hope that when it stops I will open the hood and run for it. However, this ability is hard to rain for all day. Where am I going, do you know? It is not natural that today I took out my sports car, where I ran, today I want to drag the sports car to the F1 race to test it out to see how the Vietnamese F1 race does it. There is only one section where ordinary people can run, and the part inside is already stereotyped, but only one part is fun, so run there to see how Ferrari racing cars in it like So, a sports car, not a racing car, only RACE is a racing feature but it's still a street sports car.

Bring Ferrari 488 for Grab Run Season Covid 19 2

Today the road is empty, so happy is real, stop the green light and the red light for him to be careful. I have been running in the racetrack quite a lot already, I had the first chance to run in the racetrack is to run with the Audi R8 at the racetrack in Dubai, the speed I was able to achieve that day was also right. Nearly 250 km / h running in groups is also very terrible. R8, but turn on its terrible mode, it runs very well. Next I used to run the Aventador S a super terrible car at Sepang Malaysia which was also an extremely memorable experience for me. In addition, there are also a few more times running in the racetrack but no matter if you look for the video again, you will see, the last two cases the last two memories with my racetrack are two memories. Most memorable, the Aventador is the most memorable, the Aventador S runs extremely horribly when entering the racetrack, it suffocates, it suffocates in the fact that it is vast, the feeling is still slow, but when glancing I was startled when I got off the speedometer, I was startled when I got close to the turn.

Bring Ferrari 488 for Grab Run Season Covid 19 3

And people like me with no experience in the racetrack don't know when to brake, when to go to the gas station, it's always like I have a coach that goes a long way ahead. The radio said that he was going to brake, to this column he would brake, to this column he would speed things up to know, a few laps like that, we started to release, train. The instructor will go very far to run himself. That is the first step to running in the racetrack, it is very interesting, not natural, just get in the car and then get a super powerful sports car and run into the racetrack, you just run out of gas, it's difficult to enter. It was very embarrassing because it was so fast, it was very vague to shift the gears of things at that time. I think it takes at least 1-2 days to be lucky to call it acquainted with me, but it will take a long time to master. Here we are ready to go to the track, try it, I have WET on, why is that because it's raining today, I'll let it be wet, but now Now, I put RACE here in here and I do it.

Calm down, that's how horrible it was already with auto mode, WET mode and auto number. This road is extremely smooth, with great friction but extremely smooth, it is very smooth, this F1 standard is an extremely standard international standard, said one person who has run in the F1 race. , but not .. I went to F1 a lot, Asia I have gone a lot, Australia has already gone, in Europe, I have already gone so don't say I sit down. goodbye. I used to do a lot of races and used to walk to the road surface, touch the road surface, touch the nooks and crannies of the best racing tracks, so don't say I have no experience, I have a lot of experience in feeling the roads that I have traveled. So today, to experience the F1 street in Hanoi, it's like that, with good quality, just stay calm.

Bring Ferrari 488 for Grab Run Season Covid 19 4

How terrible are the F1 racers that I have seen in games that are also wet? I just drove a sports car of a non-god type, of course it was horrible and I saw it flutter, I couldn't control my caliber so it was me. so it makes more sense to be careful, but now it's very tedious to run too much. But this F1 racetrack .. this trip has been Covid so it has to be postponed too much, it's a fee, it's a pity for you guys, I'm sorry. Here you look at the road F1, I run into I run a little faster, stop slow down because the road is raining and it is not too empty, if I run alone then maybe I also try to do one Let's see how it's like, but it's too crowded so that's all, right now, if you run out of gas here, it will be tiring. Quality? F1 race looks happy, looking at the street is happy.

I also had the opportunity to go to Singapore during the F1 race and they fenced off everything, the road on the side of Singapore was very nice, the road was extremely quality, the hotel I stayed in, I could look down to see the car. F1 is very good. The true standard F1 track feels like walking on that track, is it really happy that any Vietnamese road is called as flat? Now you keep going through a few streets such as Thuy Khue Street or some old streets like the B52 bombs thrown down like the war time, it potholes and it keeps bumping and then protruding marks. Terrible concave right in the middle of the capital Hanoi. Do not understand why the authorities did not solve that problem, right in the middle of the thousand-year-old capital culture, streets were so beautiful that the street was like being wasted with B52 bombs. This F1 race is always flat, like this, it's happy, it's real. Today dragged the convertible to experience the F1 race, every crime is not to open the roof, sorry, a little waste, it's okay. Anyone who wants to buy this Ferrari can come to Son Tung Auto to contact Hue on the phone number below, the price is also very fragrant, not expensive at all because this is a very special car, also Especially, please contact Ms. Hue.

Bring Ferrari 488 for Grab Run Season Covid 19 5

Now would you like to take a look at the exterior of it? It has changed a bit, I will stop and show you a little bit. Oh forget it, by the way I was sitting in the car I introduced. This car is I have introduced to you before, it is a blue car, not really a slightly lighter blue called something blue, blue, sky blue or something. In the interior, it is dark blue, if you look at the camera, it is most likely black, but this is a charcoal blue with mostly carbon cladding, all of which is carbon. . This car is still relatively new, quite neat, everything is still quite smooth and powerful. The 488 you probably know a lot, I have introduced a lot of the Spider version, here you look at the Spider logo, below there is a screen showing revs and speed similar to the one. F12. Remind the F12 that I have not had the chance to introduce the experience of the F12 as an introduction video to you, I think this month or at most next month I will make a detailed video about the F12 to introduce. Can you guys love sports cars? Do not forget to Subscribe our Youtube channel, click on the bell button to support us.

Bring Ferrari 488 for Grab Run Season Covid 19 6

And now, I go out to show me around this car, nothing has changed but today I borrowed me to run a few laps! That's my Ferrari today. Sorry guys, I'm a little stuck on the mic wire. Here is my Ferrari, this is a convertible, but today it's raining so it's not open, do you know what this car is different from? It's been reassembled, which means gluing the decal back with a dark green or moss-green color, which looks pretty impressive. The details here you see here, this pair of curves, very meticulous look like paint so today I was so surprised today so I have to recommend to you. These seams, curves are the one that is easy to recognize that when glued, it won't look good, but this car is very neat. Let's go around and see, this Ferrari is the Ferrari that I introduced you to the beautiful, quality yet beautiful blue? Ceramic carbon brake is always there, this brake is new. Unfortunately, it rains too much today and can't open the hood and run outside to let it pile up.

You see if this car is okay, comment below. And now, goodbye, I'm going. Beautiful key yet, show this key again, one of the most beautiful in the world, right!

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