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Logo And Origin Of The Famous Car Brands In The World

Logo and origin of car manufacturers in the world

Hello everyone, it's nice to meet you again in my latest video today. Today is wearing a new shirt, Motul shirt. Yesterday went to work relationship with Motul Vietnam brothers were given shirts, shirt promotions.

Photos for the shirt on live stream for beautiful. Today I would like to share with you about the car manufacturers in the world, Logo, how the origin invites you to track it. In today's video, there are brands like Japanese car brands, Korean brands, French brands, American brands, Italian brands, German brands, German brands, UK brands, Swedish cars.

Logo and Made in the World's Famous Car Brands 1

I heard other brands before, but I don't know such as Audi. Audi does not know which country. German, French, Italian, English or whatever. Then in today's video I will share that. How to pronounce some names of brands.

The first most popular in Vietnam is probably the Japanese car. Which in the Japanese car is the most famous automaker Toyota has been canonized. I read it in Vietnam, I read it, I watched videos of some foreign brothers in the United States. Without knowing which one is correct.

Logo and Origin of the World's Famous Car Companies 2

You can call Su Yô or Tố y evil. In Vietnam, this Toyota is very popular. It must be coincidental that I said it became popular because its price was at an acceptable level. It is widely used, its durability is high, and there are few minor problems, so it is very popular. In the picture is a Toyota Camry. Camry is very famous in Vietnam. The symbol is like a luxury car.

Then in Vietnam there is another Japanese car company that people know more about its motorbike is Honda. With some of my brothers in America, the Viet Kieu read it Hon Hon while I read Hon Hon. Then here is Honda Service 2017.

Logo and Origin Of The World's Famous Car Brands 3

The Honda is also a Japanese car that is less popular in Vietnam. Much less than toyota cars. Previously used Honda cars were very ugly, not as beautiful. Typically as the Civic, City ... Recently it has slightly modified. Honda as well as Toyota are Japanese cars characterized by fuel efficiency, very durable, less broken.

Next is the Mazda car. The Viet Kieu men are Mazda and I'm Mat Da. Here is the 2017 Mazda 6. Mazda is a Japanese car company, but its design has many very beautiful curves suitable for young people.

Currently in Vietnam, I am assembled and distributed by Truong Hai firm. In Vietnam, there are many Mazda cars: Mazda 2, Mazda 3, Mazda 6, Mazda CX-5 .. all are very well-selling models.

Logo and Origin of the World's Famous Car Companies 4

Next to the Japanese car company again, this one I read is Mitsubishi and some overseas Vietnamese people read it is Mít xu pumpkin. Here Mitsuhishi also has many models in Vietnam, I am not very popular.

In the picture is a Mitsubishi Pajero Sport which is a 7-seater SVU equipped with very modern technology. Compared to Toyota Fortuner, its technology is much more. That Mitsubishi is also a pickup, there's a much more famous car, the Mishubishi Triton.

Next to the other company that is Nissan, Nissan is also a Japanese car company, you are also very stylish. Nissan in Vietnam recently I have many models such as Nissan Juke, Or Nissan is very popular pickup is Nissan Navara.

Logo and Origin of Carriers in the World 5

Next is the car company that I really like its motorbike and the car I find very absent is Suzuki. Suzuki is the car that constantly ranks in the top selling market in Vietnam. Suzuki brand cars it is not strong especially cars.

In Vietnam, for example, Suzuki Swift or Vitara are cars that have very low sales. Also Japanese cars, affordable, durability is also very high, but I do not know why Vietnam does not like Suzuki very much.

Recently there is a very hot Suzuki model which is the Suzuki Ciaz. When I read the newspaper, it was also in the top of the most dull cars in Vietnam.

Logo and Origin of the Famous Carriers in the World 6

Then again Subaru. Referring to Subaru, I must mention the advanced sports car models immediately. The circle logo has many stars in it.

Then the picture is the Subaru Impreza WRX STI - 2015, the Subaru model has a nose in the front and is equipped with a motor usually a horizontal engine to lower the center of gravity and enhance stability. Subaru is a Japanese car company.

Next up is the Japanese luxury car brand Lexus L-letter. This is a luxury car company of Toyota, which belongs to the parent company of Toyota.

Logo and Origin Of The World's Famous Car Companies 7

In Vietnam, the famous Lexus model is the RX350. The broken Lexus made a prisoner, Mr. Trinh Xuan Thanh, Vice Chairman of Hau Giang Provincial People's Committee, run a Lexus LX570 which is a very expensive SUV. 5 - 7 billion but the quota for civil servants is just under 1 billion, broken by the car.

Next is Infiniti, Infiniti is a luxury car company of Nissan, its headquarters is in District 3 at the back gate of Pasteur Hospital. This is a luxury car company, its price is also very expensive in the picture is an INFINITI QX60.

Normally, ordinary car companies and luxury car companies separate their own brands as luxury car companies.

That is why I just came across Japanese brands. Next I mentioned that the car in Vietnam is Korean. There are not many Korean cars, in Vietnam I am most famous is Hyundai.

Hyundai is a company that makes a lot of products including trucks and many more. Especially trucks, cars, passenger cars. Well, in Vietnam, thanks to the reputation of Hyundai trucks, it has a reputation, so people prefer the durability of Hyundai trucks to buy the passenger cars of Hyundai.

Especially in Binh Phuoc, I really like Hyundai. In the picture is a Hyundai Santafe. Hyundai has a lot of Hyundai Santafe, Hyundai Elantra, Hyundai Tucson, Hyundai Accent a lot ...

Logo and Origin of Carriers in the World 8

Another firm that belongs to Hyundai always is Kia, KIA with Hyundai is the same parent company. Hyundai was previously bankrupt. Sorry Kia was previously bankrupt and acquired by Hyundai.

Then it belongs to Hyundai that produces cars that hit the young segment. The KIA car is very shiny, the lines are very sporty, very young. Then KIA in the picture is the KIA K9. Very expensive car from KIA.

In Vietnam, I have a lot of KIA, there are many very beautiful KIA models. For example, KIA Cerato or a very famous small car is KIA Morning.

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Then a new company joined Vietnam, a South Korean car company, Ssangyon. Ssangyon has a bird wing logo. And in the picture is the Ssangyon Rexton is an SUV.

In addition, Hyundai has just established a luxury car company under Hyundai always, which is Genesis. In Binh Phuoc, I have seen it. Pictured is a Genesis G90 that is a luxury car from Hyundai.

Well that's just finished the Korean car. I'm going to a European car now. The most famous European car is probably the German one. German cars have brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porches ... Return to Audi first.

The Vietnamese language I read was Au Di and the Viet Kieu brothers read Ó đ. Audi is a luxury car manufacturer. In Vietnam, anyone who drives an Audi is also evil. Audi in particular and German car in general it is a very high quality car, high cost initially. However, the money is worth it because the car it operates stably and safely.

However, the German car has a disadvantage that it is very expensive to maintain and maintain. The amount of money to take care of is very large, for example, during the trip of 300,000 trees using German and Japanese cars, the German cars always need to spend more on maintenance and maintenance. Pictured is the Audi A8.

And next up is BMW. Then BMW is also a German car company. In the picture is the BMW 320i, this is also a car company competing with Audi, Mercedes in Vietnam. BMW is just like any other German car company, it is also expensive, it is also very safe.

However, the resale price after use and maintenance costs are also very expensive compared to Japanese cars.

The most famous German car company in Vietnam is probably Mercedes. This Vietnamese read is a bus, but some overseas Vietnamese in America read it as Fu Ci. In the picture, the Mercedes Maybatch S600 is a Mercedes luxury car.

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Then Mercedes has a factory in Vietnam for a long time and then contrary to other German carmakers like Audi BMW, it does not have a factory. In the near future, BMW has a factory in Truong Hai that will buy and assemble BMW assembly lines in Vietnam.

Another vehicle, Porches, is very difficult to read. Chirping, this is a Porches Panamera a very luxury car.

As a car with a sleek model is very beautiful, very high performance. The Porches that go out to the street are classy.

A German car company that I really love because its style is very simple and very popular. Especially the front face is very simple I like that simple one.

It was Volkswagen. Especially the Volkswagen Passat looks very simple on the front, I really like this model. In Vietnam, there are also Volkswagen distributed a lot of models but its price is higher than Japanese cars so it is also difficult to compete.

German cars then British cars. British cars also have many brands such as Aston Martin, Bently, Land Rover, Rolls Royce, Mc Lawrence, Many ... I will say each one.

The first is Aston Martin. Pictured is a fullcam. I know this car through the press only, rarely seen in Vietnam. This is generally a British luxury car company. Then Bentley, Bentley is more famous, probably the most famous in the British car park next to Rolls Royce.

Bentley is a luxury car manufacturer, high performance car manufacturers. The company's cars have engines, very large capacity. Besides the classic and operability, the price is very expensive. Pictured is a Bently Bentega, an SUV that can be said to be the fastest in the world.

Then Jaguar. Jaguar is a British car company with a very special logo. Logo in the shape of a cheetah is catching the bait. Jaguar has very few users. Pictured is a 2014 Jaguar XS Cedan.

Then this car manufacturer is also very famous, which specializes in making 2-wheel SUV is Land Rover. The most famous Land Rover brand is the Land Rover Range Rover.

The name sounds really weird is Land Rover and Range Rover. A few days ago, the good program of Mr. Hung Long also assessed that Land Rover Range Rover. So this company now sells itself to India's Tata.

Another British car company is Mc Lawrence. Mc Lawrence is a high-performance sports car manufacturer. In the picture is a sample of Mc Lawrence's name, I don't know yet.

Next is the Mini. Mini can say is a very classic car. Very classic style in the car. The Mini is a British car company with a Mini logo, bird shaped like this. Pictured is the 2016 Mini Copper.

Then finally the most famous car company in the UK as well as in the world was always Rolls Royce, a very expensive model. Luxury car models of several tens of billion In the picture is a very expensive Rolls Royce Gosh, called a super luxury car, very luxurious.

The European car is not finished, Anh Duc and now to Italy. Italy has a lot of car brands, mostly advanced sports cars such as Bugatti, Ferrari, or Lamboghini ... First, I will say the most famous brand is Lamboghini, the image of a bull. The Italian automaker is a very expensive supercar, its performance is very high. Pictured is the Lamboghini Verarro supercar.

Then came the second most famous car brand, Ferrari. Logo with horse shape. So in the picture is the Ferrari 458 car is also a super sports car.

Another Italian super sports car is Bugatti. The Bugatti here in the picture is the Bugatti Cheum is very fast high performance sports cars.

Another Italian car company with a very special Logo is the Trident-pointed Logo on it is Merceritti Quarttoparte. I don't know how to read this, it's a little tongue-tied.

Then an Italian car company has been in Vietnam for quite a long time, it is Fiat. There are also a few running on the road now. This brand is also popular. Pictured is the Fiat 500.

Then all the European cars are finished, Germany and Italy. Well there is another country that is France. In France, there are many car brands.

Here I will open for you to see the carrier: Peugeot, Renault .. First I open for you to see the Renault company ha. Renault has a very special logo. Some netizens joke that the logo is like a heavy female mold. The picture above is the Renault Talistman. That is the French car company currently assembled and distributed by Truong Hai.

Besides, Peugeot firm, also assembled and distributed by Truong Hai. Peugeot Firm is a special image of a lion standing like this.

Peugeot had bicycles and motorbikes, but did not know much. Peugeot bikes used to be very famous in the past. Now there are more scooters but it is very rare in Vietnam market. Pictured is a Peugeot 5008.

In recent car show with recent refinement has just that. Then the Renault, Peugeot, Citroel, then the French car and the European car are done.

There is also another country that is Sweden. Sweden has Volvo, this Volvo in Vietnam is very rarely seen on the picture is the Volvo XC 60. So Japanese cars, Korean cars, European cars now come to another famous car company. is an American car.

American cars, there are many brands such as Cadillac, Chervolet, Crysler, Ford, Jeep, Tesla ... Among them the most advanced company in Vietnam is Ford. Then the famous Ford brand is Ford Everest, Ford Ranger. This Ford is a long time ago in America.

In Vietnam, it is also very popular. However, apart from cars like the Everest, the Ford Ranger models sell very slowly. Ford Focus sells dull no one buys.

Chervolet, its logo is like a cross. A lot of you talk like tape. So this is the Chervolet Rule. In Vietnam, I am quite popular with this Chervolet brand. Chervolet Rule, Chervolet Spat.

Another brand, for example, is Cadillac. Cadillac is a luxury car company. The most famous is Cadillac 1 of US President Obama or Donald Trump.

Next is Tesla. Electric car company recently established, but also very famous. In the picture, the Tesla Mordern S model is fully electric. It is equipped with very modern technology.

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Next is the Jeep. This is an American car that looks like a cross-country. It is sleek, sleek, but practical. Pictured is a Jeep.

Then Chrysler. Chrysler is not very rare in Vietnam. In America, yes. This is a Chrysler 300C.

So, I have just told you about the car company. Japanese, Korean, American, Italian, German, British car companies ... are many. To summarize a sentence like this: my favorite car in Vietnam is Japanese car because of its durability, low maintenance and high resale price.

Then, if a car in Vietnam likes a class, then people will play European cars such as Germany, England, Italy, luxury cars and luxury cars. As for American cars, it's in Vietnam. Korean cars, the young preferred by sleek beautiful designs. However, there are many people who do not like Korean cars because they think Korean cars are of poor quality, copy something ... That's just a personal opinion of each person.

Please use and evaluate which American, Japanese and Korean cars are more durable. Thank you for watching the video clip. If in this clip I have pronounced something wrong or there is something wrong, please comment below the video. Goodbye everyone and see you in the next video clip.

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