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Review of Yamaha Exciter 150 2018

The Exciter 2018 is priced from 47 million VND, the blue GP version is 47 million 500 VND. Exciter 2018 has increased the price by 2 million compared to the previous generation, so what must be different?

Detailed Evaluation Yamaha Exciter 150 2018 model 1

The first point we can see is a very nice 3-led strip of light, shaped like a bird's wing. Whether this LED strip is bright enough to shine, especially when you go out at night, can this light beat a high-pressure light? There are some cars that use LEDs and it cannot be projected through the rain, making it very difficult to move around and dangerous. And on this Exciter and the Yamaha NVX this white led light is not really useful, it is not bright enough.

Detailed Evaluation Yamaha Exciter 150 2018 model 2

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The blue rim is the same color as the stamp and it is quite beautiful, this blue rim is only available on the GP version, this color scheme is like a racing car, it can stimulate us to run the car more excited for example. If you pay a little attention, you will see that the tire part is a little different, the Exciter 2018 has been upgraded to a 90/80 tire system, so the tire is much larger than the Exciter 2017 and the tire. after 120/70 remain the same.

2018 Yamaha Exciter 150 Review Details 3

Interestingly, this tire size is almost equivalent to the Honda Winer, with such tire size will help us somewhat better cornering. The Exciter of the previous generation when cornering feels a bit volatile, partly because the fork is a bit weak, with Exciter 2018, the fork has been improved compared to the fork of the 2017 version or not, you need to test. ride to know.

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On the body, there is still a dark blue color scheme - the color scheme typical of the GP versions, which has a slight change in the bottom stamp. If you look at the overall, it is also difficult to distinguish between the 2017 and 2018 versions.

Detailed Evaluation Yamaha Exciter 150 2018 model 4

But the most special thing here is that a fairly large LCD clock, and we can see right away that the revolvers are horizontal at the top, a racing-style design of the Yamaha Exciter, on the clock has a numeric display, speedometer and trip, we also have alarms, current fuel consumption, on the clock face there are quite a lot of modes. We have a new component, the button that generates a flyover button, and this is the detail that anyone who has ever driven a large displacement vehicle would love, when traveling long distances or when we run a tour, This extra button makes driving safer and more confident. The buttons on the bottom are still the same. On the right hand drive, there is another detail inspired by the cars with fuel tanks placed in front of us, which is the emergency engine switch, for example, if you have a problem. then we can also turn off the engine safely.

2018 Yamaha Exciter 150 Review Details

The key is still the mechanical key, there is no difference. A small additional point is that there is an additional button to be able to locate the car in the parking lot, according to the company's documentation, the operating range of that navigation button is only about 20 meters so it is not really useful.

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According to the company's specifications, the bottom of the saddle is slightly enlarged by about 0.9 liters nearly 1 liter, and this space can only accommodate a user manual, maybe a two-person raincoat, trunk Stuck up. A hand-held car has to sacrifice itself in order to have the best experience, if you want the biggest trunk possible, it's best to buy a scooter. We have a monoshock rear fork, so we can't have a big trunk.

Detailed Evaluation Yamaha Exciter 150 2018 model 6

Before the Exciter 2018 was changed lanes, many young people were expecting a new engine block instead of only 150 cc, many people predicted that this Exciter will own the same engine as the NVX, but it is slightly Unfortunately, we only have a 150 engine block 2017 version, still the same specifications, there is no upgrade in terms of engine performance for the car. And with the old engine is still a 5-speed old gearbox, obviously this is a weakness of the Exciter compared to Winer, the Winer with level 6, when from 5 to 6 we save 500 revs /minute. That said, the engine rotates slower, the speed is maintained clearly we have more fuel economy. Compared to the price range of the Exciter we have Honda Winer is similar to the price, Winer has the advantage of a 6-speed gearbox, while another very young and very strong representative is the Suzuki Raider Fi 150.

Detailed Evaluation Yamaha Exciter 150 2018 model 7

Suzuki Raider has superior power compared to the Winer and Exciter duo so if someone is passionate about the speed, a car like the Raider is clearly more suitable than 18.5hp compared to Winer and Exciter's 15hp rating of 15 that is clearly the difference.

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So the advantage of an Exciter is an extremely large community, more than 1 million Exciter sold from the early years of the version has not been born until now, such a large community is clearly a The most interesting point is that for young people looking for a car they play, they enjoy the speed at which they become part of the community. And the third-party vehicle assistance is also very wide and easy to achieve, especially when you drive in the South, the toys for Exciter are many.

2018 Yamaha Exciter 150 Review Review

Exciter 2018 does not have trendy toys such as Key lead keys, such as ABS bars, such as reverse journey forks. Anyway, Exciter is still the king of sales and the 2018 version will probably be a stepping stone for later, Exciter will completely transform into a complete king not only in sales but also in performance. again.

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