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Review of Yamaha TFX 150 Cars in Vietnam

Review of Yamaha TFX 150 Cars in Vietnam

For enthusiasts of high-capacity sports motorcycles, but not on a budget or still having a driver's license, today you will be satisfied with a bike with only 150cc but wearing Dressed in clothes that can be said to be very cool like heavy heavy bikes. Many people who have used to drive a large displacement motorbike or have used a large displacement motor vehicle argue that "this car is a paper tiger, 150 cubic centimeters, too silly". But for people who run popular cars or popular scooters, this is truly a dream car. That is the Yamaha TFX 150.

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It can be said that it has been a long time since the Vietnamese market had a beautiful small displacement bike of 150cc, it can be said that this is the most beautiful Naked Bike ever. Current point in Vietnam, you just need to look at it once, you will be impressed immediately, especially when you look at the fuel tank cover, the fuel tank cover is big and it covers up. The front end is small and down below it reminds us of Kawasaki's large Z bikes such as the Z800 or Z1000 extremely strong, something that provokes a very bear fight.

As for the front of the car, if you have noticed, you will find it is equally outstanding. The Up Side Down shock absorber is so big and healthy that it enhances the sporty and sporty look of this car. As for the front of the car, it looks a bit odd, it is very small, it seems that there is not enough lighting, but in fact the light is very fit, standard, use the whole led light. led headlamps are separate upwards, cod lights are located below. Particularly a bit oddly a bit at the top of the car did not know what to call it. In Indonesia, according to the law, you can install the license plate on the front and there are many beautiful cars with nice front masks, nice lights but big license plates, and in Vietnam, you are lucky. is not available so you can remove this part to look more beautiful car.

Review Yamaha TFX 150 in Vietnam 2

The fuel tank covers are not only big and strong, but also have a very special design that is the air inlet and outlet, sucking in the front and the back at the very aerodynamic, very true style car. Large displacement. The clock of this bike is a watch that when you look at it you can see right away that it is very similar to the Kawasaki Z1000 but it is smaller, it displays all the information, but unfortunately again, there is no dialer in use, only N. Although the numbering function is also quite useful on manual cars. Talking a little bit about the saddle, the saddle of this car is a bit high, if for people from about 1m7 to fall, riding this car will be quite hard.

Although equipped with a small 150 cc engine and single cylinder, the car is also fitted with a fairly large liquid cooling system, which will help cool the engine temperature when it comes to the season. hot summer.

The small highlights on this car can be mentioned as the bonnet has a fake carbon plastic part or all the front and rear wheels are equipped with hydraulic oil brakes. Of course, the car with the price of only 80 million is quite soft in the Vietnamese market without ABS, even there are 1000cc bikes with ABS versions and also ABS versions. The tail is also quite simple but also exudes a sporty, sharp look by very neat lines. The rear lights are led lights, the fenders are protruding quite like with large displacement vehicles.

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Ability to operate on the road. A car weighing more than 130kg with a capacity of more than 16-17 horsepower, it is quite strong if we go in the inner city, and quite capable of controlling this car is very easy to sit firmly, if As you just moved to the sports car line, the line like this it is quite fit it is not too hunched like sports cars, racing cars. At first, if you look at this car, you will immediately think that it is also bulky and the control will be difficult but in fact when going inside the city this car is quite neat, it is no different than you control a FZ150 . However, the saddle is quite high, if you control at a slow speed, you will feel a bit shaky, when accelerating, we will see this completely lost. Regarding the acceleration of this car is very good in the urban roads. It jumps up and down and can jump anytime, from 30 to 60 km / h is too simple, overtake any car and get over it right away. However, when accelerating this car, the explosion sounded a bit soft, although the car is this big for speed enthusiasts, maybe the explosion will warm it a little more echoes. Regarding the shock absorber system when we go in the inner city, when going through the shock absorbers, the feeling is a bit hard, but it is understandable because it will ensure for you. go 2 people or go to school hugging corner of it will be more sure. It will not make you feel comfortable when you go alone and when passing through the pothole but it feels more secure and stable when you go to the road.

Review of Yamaha TFX 150 in Vietnam 4

A car can be said to be suitable for those who like a hand-drawn car, like the personality, sport, and health. Of course, the price for an 80 million imported car, for many, it will be a bit high, but if it is said in the current Vietnamese market, this price is reasonable. This car was previously imported by private dealers and sold for 100 to 120 million and sold well, but now it sells for 80 million, which is quite reasonable. For those who are new to sports cars and preparing for the next step in high volume, this car is extremely reasonable, it both ensures stability, when operating the engine, it also ensures the appearance. It is very beautiful, it is no different from a large displacement bike.

When going to the road, we will take advantage of all 6 numbers of the TFX, but according to the first kilometer when going to the road, the sense of acceleration in the road on this car is not really Too impressive, we only accelerate at the slow, moderate speed range when going up to high speed, the gear is high, although the number has been smaller, the speed has not been really good. However, going to maintain the speed of 80 90km / h to 100 km / h, this car is still relatively stable, the feeling of control still gives the driver a sense of security especially with the system. Big tires and strong shock absorbers can be assured to run at high speed. As mentioned above, when we run at a very slow speed in the inner city, it is a little bit shaky slightly unclear due to the engine or the ancient system it has a problem, but when going going to the high speed road, the car is quite stable but it is a bit shaky, if we go on the road, it can cause a numb feeling to the driver. The thing about this car is that at the beginning when we used to curl up when we were not used to it, it would feel a little rough, but when we got used to it, Cupping cupping is very confident and confident even at high speed. In addition, the function of flashing headlights when we are on the road is also quite convenient when you want to pass the car ahead. The explosion of TFX is not really attractive, but it is the same as most 150 125 clutch cars today, it is not like the old cars, the old 125cc bikes have a very explosive sound. It sounds so much better, I don't know why the cars like this explode more and more smoothly, which is quite disappointing for cars today and for those who love cars. or like the speed most of them are reprocessing their dad's bangs.

Review of Yamaha TFX 150 in Vietnam 5

One more thing worth mentioning on this car itself, I do not understand how many people use or how when going into the pothole, the saddle behind it is a bit shaky making a slightly difficult cry Any car is like that when a snail is loose or something in the trunk is loose, we get very uncomfortable when we go through the potholes. it's easy to lose focus and feel it's not certain for the vehicle. In fact, after a long journey, the feeling of his hand is not numb too much, of course it is a bit of a little grumpy but it is clear that any motorbike when going for a long time is like that's it

In short, with a 150cc bike with a Naked Bike sport like this going to the road, you can feel secure and evaluate that this bike runs very well on the road. A vehicle for those who like to go on a ride and still use a normal gear or scooter, it is worth choosing.

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