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Test drive and Detailed evaluation of Lexus RC 300 price of 3.3 billion: SPORTS and SOFT

Detailed evaluation of Lexus RC 300 price of 3.3 billion: SPORTS and SOFT

 Today we will experience the luxury sports car of the new Lexus RC 300. With a lot of experience, Takumi artisans today have designed Lexus cars with sharp, modern and sophisticated lines. You will see all the lines on the car from front to back, from the mirror are focused on the logo.

The logo today looks very different, the grille is different, it is more sporty, although the details are very simple but modern. With cars like Lexus being luxury cars, the equipment such as full led lights, corner lights, etc., are all led technology. Only details are all sharp details, a little plastic air intake.

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  2.0 Turbo engine, capacity is 241 horsepower, 350 Nm at fairly low rpm 1650 to 4000, Lexus machines are very quiet, general machine mold is beautiful. Truly this is a beautiful car in soft style, not like racing, racing. 

The mirrors in Lexus cars today are quite similar, the winds flowing through the mirror, this is an aerodynamic design and sound reduction, drag resistance, airflow through the mirror slot is very important in car design. . 


The wheels that I think are a bit ordinary compared to this car, this wheel is 18 wheels. The glass windows on Lexus cars today are very beautiful, chrome contour look very familiar then, the sensor sinks on the door . The aerodynamic design on the sports car is very soft.

These are the details that when you study aerodynamics on sports cars, F1 cars, you will see the effects of the spoilers, pressure-reducing wings or the escape crabs. fast, the aerodynamics contribute a very large part basically. 

The door is just like any other coupe door, it has no paved road on the glass and when we close it, it automatically seals, these design parts are also very important in the front teeth to ensure a reduction. sound level, wind noise level, impact of the cabin. 

Test drive and Detailed evaluation of Lexus RC 300 cost 3.3 billion VND: SPORTS AND SOFTWARE 1

 In general, Lexus design is a design that has a lot of heat, if compared to the model from Germany, it is clear that you will find it very different, bringing a completely different language. Although it is a relatively small size car, Lexus is so, always balancing the elements between the use features, optimizing the purpose of use very well, the very large trunk can hold a lot of things. travel. 

Even the spoiler design avoids air interference. Equipment like reversing camera, rear sensor, angle sensor, etc. is now very popular and especially with a low-coupe sports car design like this, the details like the camera sensor are very important. . When you sit in the car compartment of all Lexus models equipped with sound systems, speakers, you will see very good sound, 17 speakers in a small space like this. 


When controlling the screen, you can use the touchpad itself, Lexus still maintains the principle of the touchpad. Personally, I still prefer the trackpad to have a dial to control. Looking up, you will see all the details on a Lexus car with relatively good finishing but in terms of materials, I think it needs to be more luxurious because this material is plastic, slightly scratched. 

Air conditioning system 2 independent areas. Back to the details, you see this chair is a ventilated chair, this plastic is not really luxurious but can be durable over time. The knobs that adjust the mode of driving eco, push normal, sport are very familiar already. 8-speed gearbox, meticulous seams on the seats, steering wheel. 


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The steering wheel design is very familiar, the number shift sequence on the RC sports car is definitely there, the basic control functions such as the control buttons, cruise control system, features that are not difficult and also Already very familiar already. You also see on the door wall, there are memory seats, 3 memory memory seats can be adjusted in 8 directions. The seats are very smooth, actually these are seats not for racing but you will see it is designed in a sporty, moderate storage box. 

Although the car is small, it still has a sunroof and mirrors have no basic lines and anti glare. This car is designed with 2 plus 2. A very small but with 8 airbags, normally on real sports cars, even the engine and settings, suspension, steering, level of can cards a lot but please consider this is a RC sports car, a soft sports car. The art of using marketing words for car companies must be said to be a master. 

 The advantage of the Lexus, although being a sports car, you can completely put it on the track, it will have a different feeling of Lexus RC 300 compared to the power-oriented models such as AMG models, even cars with the same displacement, you will see this RC car walking in the city very smoothly. For example, to eco mode, you should observe on the revs, when I slightly increase the throttle it is very soft, the suspension when going through the speed humps and the eels, you will see is It is very smooth. 


Car chassis is not too low when the design index is 135mm. I still have a sporty feel, the smooth feel of a Sedan, it's still as easy to use as a normal Sedan, and when it's time to switch to sport mode to get a feel for the ability to drive, that's the qualities of a Lexus RC.

In fact, with the speed range like this, the engine is very soft, smooth, the 8-speed gearbox is also quiet, exactly, this is a smooth sports car, a small steering wheel, visibility is also quite good. wide even in front of the car even though you see the front end steeply but you can still adjust the seat to see the front of the car, then we can guard the car better Mirrors on sports cars are usually very good, but Lexus does not, it still holds the feeling of driving a sedan with two side mirrors and rearview mirrors on this car. 

I will take this car to the road and the familiar motorway lane. Here the eco mode is meaningless, I want to try its sport mode to see how. When you switch to this mode, you will see the engine clock operates at a higher level, even when pushing the gas up, it is a bit light to touch the back of the seat when I pedal the gas pedal in the scum mode, the mode hey you see the engine works more drastically even the gearbox, slow to pay very fast, can have better acceleration when we make the leap but you will feel anyway The car runs very smoothly. 


Engines on German sports cars in sport mode, you see the clock is very fierce, with Lexus up and down definitely but not as drastically as the other models. That's why I call this car a smooth, soft sports car RC 300. 

It really respects the soundproofing ability of this model, low ground, coupe design, small car but must be very confident about the new sound insulation to be equipped with Mark Levinson system. Use fuzzy numbers and enjoy the melodious melodies on the highways even if you bring them to the racetrack.

You will have drastic navigation, you will have enough blur. The smell of the car is quite pleasant, it is the humanity of the Japanese people to create products, have the opportunity to visit the factories, talk to the engineers, you will understand the philosophy and humanity. Text in car design for Lexus models.

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