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Over 1 Billion Have Right Mui Tran - Lexus IS250C

Over 1 Billion With Right Hood - Lexus IS250C Latest Version

Wow 2.5 V6 believe it, very tough, extremely blunt, good 10 year Lexus, don't joke.

More than 1 Billion Have Right Ceiling - Lexus IS250C 1

Hello everyone, with more than 1 billion, what car would you buy around here Camry, Vinfast or a convertible Lexus like this? Ladies and gentlemen, this is the IS250C that was born a relatively long time ago, 10 years ago, registered in 2010 at the current selling price for an old car like this at…. Luxury No. 5 Tran Kim Xuyen is 1.xx billion, somewhere more than 1.1 billion. Do not know if it is worth it? We'll find out right now, but it's a Lexus that's durable, let's see if it's sharp on features!

First, I kept turning on this light to make it easy. Why do I turn on the light? Because a 2009 Lexus IS250C its front end won't look like this. This car has been upgraded to the front end of the 2016 IS convertible which means it looks a lot fresher with a spindle face or an hourglass, not very nice. Then the light cluster has also changed to look more delicate, including many lenses here, and more smoothly. Then we will have more led hook lights here, and the front end of the 2016 life is more twisted, more curved, it looks more sporty, more aggressive, right? That is the front part of the car that has been replaced, so the replacement combo like this I think is also expensive, so it is understandable that the car is over 1.1 billion.

Over 1 Billion Have Right Mui Tran - Lexus IS250C 2

Say a little more about the engine, I will open the cap again to show you what this engine will look like? Under the hood is a V6, ladies and gentlemen, decent V6, but this V6 is not a 3.0. Usually we often think of V6, it should at least be 3.0 but no, this V6 it only has 2.5 and the capacity is 204 hp, a figure compared to the present, it is not. Well, you can say it's small, but this car is 10 years old ladies and gentlemen, back then there was natural gas without turbochargers, 2.5 204 horsepower was also something, not the type just right, 6-speed automatic transmission! Currently, this car has not been called the engine bay spa so a lot of dust, looking quite intact, so if you want to find out what this car is like, you will find out immediately. Close the trunk firmly like a new car? Ok the front end of the car like this is quite young, it looks pretty like a hawk.

More than 1 Billion Have Right Ceiling - Lexus IS250C 3

We will go to the bodywork to see how? The bodywork, you will find that the convertible is very beautiful, but for me, I usually care about the tires to see, the tires are clean or not delicious? This set of wheels is a 5-spoke wheel with the size I think it will fall into about 19 inches, currently I have not seen the parameters of the wheel anywhere, 18 inches, not 19 inches. The wheels have been repainted, the original wheels of this car are metallic, not black like this one. This paint will actually scratch a lot. In Vietnam, you can avoid scratching and painting things. We have a smart button to open the door here that only holds the key, many cars of this range still do not have a Merc, for some reason I keep complaining about Merc cars up to 2 billion without. This button can be used, only the most advanced version has a button to lock the door, a bit sad in that place.

More than 1 Billion Have Right Ceiling - Lexus IS250C 4

We will go to the rear end, the rear part will not be replaced like the first part, still keep the original 2009-2010 tail, it of course looks quite modern compared to today's things. We see, quite quite, but today Korean light cars are very good. I'll open the trunk, let's open it, ah this trunk opener is here again, probably closed the hood so I won't be able to open the trunk or lock the door, I'll open it later. out. What does that look like? Is it okay to have more than 1 billion to buy a Lexus convertible, you comment below to see if it is okay? With a car more than 1.1 billion like this.

More than 1 Billion Have Right Mui Tran - Lexus IS250C 5

Now, let's go inside. How's the interior going inside? Inside, Lexus has always impressed me with the Lexus wood part, even if it is 10 or 20 years old, this wood is always beautiful, the wood grain is very nice, look, is it quality? The sound of the door closing is a bit louder, it's not as solid as it used to be, I'll close it for you guys, of course I have to accept it because it's 10 years old and here is again It's a convertible, so the door seals have only a little at the bottom so it's easy to understand if it's not neatly closed. See if the steering wheel is also covered with wood, the leather on the steering wheel is already glossy because of too much holding, there are small gear switches, Cruise Control is full, lots of buttons. The imitation diamond has been attached here, but for me I have a piece of advice for you not to attach anything to the steering wheel and the areas above the dash, no matter what. It shouldn't be because there is an airbag, and if you unfortunately say stupidly, whatever happens when the airbag explodes, it is things like this that kill and kill the owner, it explodes. If you kick it in the face, it's the same as if you fell into the cartridge, right? So it is absolutely not advisable to attach things like this to the steering wheel, not to put anything in here. There is a story like this, in the past a driver put a Buddha statue above or something I don't remember exactly what to put on, and when the accident happened, it exploded. the airbag and it popped in the face, and it was the same thing that harmed the owner of the car, it is a very worthwhile story for everyone to learn from experience. It's just that hypnosis, everyone remember, never put it like this so dangerous. 

More than 1 Billion Have Right Mui Tran - Lexus IS250C 6

Then now I will introduce to this area I will turn on the power. This electric steering wheel nodding is still very sensitive, very sensitive and remember that when the trigger, it will lower down to the correct position that you adjust. The screen in the past is still good, I have a friend running the GS around for decades but still very good and really durable. What I was surprised about on this Lexus car is that after about 10 years, the screen, air conditioner, speaker and leather are still very durable. If it's fair to say that the interior durability of Lexus cars and the durability of Range Rover cars even the most expensive big tank, including SV, Lexus is much more durable. . I recently did a few videos of Range Rovers and found that the Range Rover's interior deteriorates very quickly, it's not my stigma that I really like the Range Rover and especially like the big box Range Rover. But I must say the interior of the Range Rover drops very quickly, those who have run the Range Rover please comment below. And I have talked with a lot of Range Rover owners and they always say that the Range Rover's interior is down very quickly, not far from the Trung Nguyen cafe's drivers who own a lot of Range Rover. then they say oh well the Range Rover's interior is pretty quick. But look at Lexus here, and my friends are a few who also run Lexus a few years old still hold very well, this is also one of the reasons that Lexus kept the price. Automatic headlights, I have not seen the Mark Levinson brand here, it seems that it does not have, have not seen the logo yet, still beautiful looking still very clean. The watch is looking very nice somewhere, the watch designed from 10 years ago and it is this beautiful, but now it looks good again, the number of recent cars, is the quality?

Well now I'm going to close the hood and see how, this hood somewhere opens and closes for about 20 seconds, closes the door for you, closes quickly less than 20 seconds, even stitches on the glass. If I went to all the glasses, it would be 20 seconds, now I will open it again. Actually, investing in this car for wedding car rental is also quite delicious, each time renting is also a few million a day, just a little preparation of it? And you guys just listen to it, we are in a deserted showroom without a shadow, only me and you are filming and 1-2 security guards standing far away, the car is running a V6 engine. but always, it is true that Lexus still has something. It has a very cool tap water, it is not natural that Vietnamese people like Lexus so much. Now, maybe we run around to see how it looks like? If I run the test, I will close the hood. In the car I will close the hood, I will put the seat belt on. OK, let's move on to everything! On this number, the number is at position 1, I'm going out there and I'm going to close the hood, now I'm going to close the hood because it's raining guys, this is where my handle is, Hold this button and the hood will close relatively quickly. I will close the glass now, today the weather is rainy so I will experience this car with the roof closed, the electric seat is a bit called because the sound of this seat hitting the floor mat is a bit thick so it crashed. touch.

More than 1 Billion Have Right Ceiling - Lexus IS250C 7

Oh, the steering wheel is tight, the sports-style steering wheel is tight, the soundproofing is still good, the convertible is still soundproof as good as this! More than 1.1 billion, I see the things that look at the front like a lot of impact steering wheel, it wears and it is glossy, the seats will wrinkle, but the performance is still very good, still very good always. The machine does not have a bit of a filter, the machine is 10 years old and it is still persistent, of course it will have to run for at least a few months and a half a year before you find out how if like it has a problem, but if I run like me, then after half a day of running this child, I cannot feel much more than its grunt sound. The brakes are a bit awkward but the accelerator is still very good, and the engine feels very stubborn, this is a good one, Lexus is also durable. The steering wheel is still very precise, the steering does not get embarrassed or dropped a lot. Wow 2.5 V6 believe it, very stubborn, extremely blunt, how much pedal you know and the engine roar sounds so cute, good 10-year Lexus, don't joke. The shock absorber is a bit bland, it's no longer as neat as the new Lexus models, but it's been 10 years old and still has this kind of suspension suspension. also. The wiper was a bit too loud, a bit loud, slow it down. 1.1 billion for this car with an engine like this I think it does not matter, but Lexus, Japanese cars have always been known for being durable. Of course, Lexus today no longer holds the same price as in the past, at the present time, if to say keep the best price, it should be Merc, not Lexus, with the luxury segment. Today Lexus has also lost its value a lot, many used car showrooms are also afraid to buy a Lexus because Lexus buyers have a preference called personality that is not very generous with customers. Buying a Merc or a BMW car, I interviewed Trung, a friend of mine who also sells cars, he said and he said that he will never buy a Lexus again, only buy BMW Merc. But after all, Lexus was once something very lovable.

More than 1 Billion Have Right Ceiling - Lexus IS250C 8

I don't know how you see it, but I think this car is still very good, the transmission engine is very smooth, and the soundproofing of a convertible like this is too good from the soundproofing of the road. to engine compartment sound insulation to environmental sound insulation. I was also surprised by a convertible that is 10 years old that can do this, only I still want this car 10 years old then it will be around a little cheaper. it makes more sense. Of course, with a price like this, it is very likely that we will still get a price, please come to 5 Tran Kim Xuyen ... Luxury Auto to force the price with Mr. Trung, right! 

You see how this car is, please comment below, remember not to forget to press the bell button to watch the video more often. Goodbye and see you again in the next videos. Bye.

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