200 Lexus GS 2017t Balance Between Luxury and Sport

Review of 200 Lexus GS 2017t: Balance between luxury and sport, the price is a bit high

GS 200t version uses 2.turbo engine. This is not the first time Lexus has used a turbocharged engine, right in the second generation launched in 1992 they had a 3.turbo 275 horsepower engine, but that engine is not exclusive to Lexus but the engine. That is shared from Toyota. But the direct fuel injection 2.turbo engine, is a completely new engine researched and manufactured by Lexus.

200 Lexus GS 2017t Balance Between Luxury and Sport 5

Previous generations of Lexus cars were always very large engines, but now according to today's modern trends, all other car manufacturers have also followed the path of reducing engine capacity. and attach turbocharger to reduce fuel consumption but still ensure capacity. Comes with this new engine is an 8-speed automatic transmission, they are dominant in their design language which is smoothness and lightness, so the engine is very quiet and the gearbox is also very quiet.

Lexus GS 200t, there are 2 adjectives to describe this car that is sporty and high-class.

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About high-end: Lexus is a well-known luxury car brand, the point that shows most clearly is the way they equip tabi or leather tablo seats on this car, and especially Lexus' seating system Every car feels like smoothness and comfort is always the top priority.

About sport: depicted quite clearly on the Lexus GS 200t that is the tablo system, actually compared to the ES, the GS has a much simpler interior design and it's a lot flatter, it's just painted panels with lines, and the interior of it is just rectangular or dashed lines, it is not fancy, it does not have many angles and does not have many accents like on the car. ES, but in reality, when we experience it, we will see that these are necessary for a sports car, because the manufacturer wants the driver to focus on driving rather than focusing on systems. other than entertainment.

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The Lexus GS is a Sport Luxury Sedan, which means that besides the front seats, the rear seats on this high-end sedan are equally important. In the position of the rear seats, the legroom, head space are all very good, there is nothing to criticize. In this rear seat row, we can adjust the curtain on both sides by mechanical, unfortunately not yet electrically adjusted.

When sitting in the back seat, I can adjust the sound system, adjust the volume, adjust the music to my liking, giving me a feeling like a real boss. And I can adjust the electric curtain in the back, adjust the separate air conditioning system for this row of seats, and even these 2 rear seats have the ability to heat.

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But the most impressive point in this rear row is that the front seats can be adjusted to expand the rear space. Regarding the smoothness in the rear seats, Lexus has chosen a great point for the suspension on this GS that it does not need to be too stiff like other sports cars and it is not too soft. to the point of floating like most other Lexus cars. Surely when sitting in any position on this GS, you will not get motion sickness. Lexus should add a USB socket for the rear seats to plug in mobile devices.

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A car that has the word sport in it, then of course what we expect is the feeling of driving. Not surprisingly in terms of power, the engine is also not very refined compared to the NX, the difference here is in front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. The feeling of acceleration, there is nothing to disappoint me, with 240 horsepower, it is quite enough to use and can be said to be a bit redundant for the roads in Vietnam.

As for the suspension, the balance system has two plus points for the suspension system because when going through bumpy places or potholes, the car still shows the smoothness, a luxury worthy of a car. Lexus, but when we go fast around the corner, the car is still very stable. It is very special that Lexus is able to mix two things that are often opposites, ensuring both smoothness and sportiness, they have found a very good balance.

The steering wheel, when looking at a Toyota or a Lexus, people will say that the steering system of this car company is very boring, it is not as agile as BMWs or Mercedes, but You can try to feel, it is true that it is not as fast as the BMW, but when we drive fast, the accuracy in steering still has it to meet the user's requirements quite well.

In terms of soundproofing, of course this is a sports car it shows quite clearly, because it is also the same 2. turbocharged engine used in many Lexus models, compared to the NX 200t, the engine on the NX quieter than the GS, actually it's not true that the engine is the same but it's quieter but maybe on the NX they do better soundproofing with the engine drill, but on this GS they want to let the sound in There's a little bit more in the cabin to make the driver feel more excited.

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At low revs, we can't feel the difference in engine noise much, when we step on the gas to accelerate, we will hear a lot more clearly about the engine sound when we turn off the system. sound goes. Recently, many Lexus models have been affected by the noise of the shell echoing into the cabin quite a lot. Usually when it comes to Lexus, people talk about smoothness, but with later Lexus cars like the NX or GS, the noise of the shell is quite obvious. It is possible that the NX and GS are both sports cars, if you want to choose a really smooth car, you should choose the ES.

Regarding the gearbox, it is very smooth, when shifting gears is also smooth, when we check the automatic transmission, we should switch to semi-automatic and use the gearshift or semi-automatic lever so that we change the gears. gear transmission, the gearbox that meets the needs of shifting gears as quickly and smoothly as possible is a good gearbox. The gearshift steps on this GS 200t are pretty straightforward, of course it's impossible that its gearshift speed is as fast as those using dual-clutch transmissions, but for the most part, the car uses a manual transmission. other automatic transmission, this car is quite good.

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In general, the Lexus GS 200t car, compared to cars in the same segment as BMW or Mercedes or Audi, if we compare them to their D segment, the price of GS in the Vietnamese market seems to be The slightly high makes it difficult for people to make a decision to buy this car. However, if people are looking for a car that has a balance between all features such as sportiness, luxury, comfort and even value when reselling later, and of course I can plus a plus point in the after-sales service of Lexus in Vietnam.

Although the price of the car is high, it is also a good choice, do not feel disappointed or regret when spending 3.130 million to buy this car. And of course with a 2. turbocharger capacity, the operating conditions and operating costs of this car are not too high, fuel economy, easy maintenance.

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