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Lexus 570 vs BMW X7 - Which Car Do You Choose?

Lexus 570 vs BMW X7 - Which Car Do You Choose?

Lexus LX570 is currently being sold by VietAuto for 9.2 billion, while the BMW X7 is sold for less than 7 billion.

Lexus 570 vs BMW X7 - Which Car Do You Choose? first

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am present at a showroom with many SUVs and cannot ignore the two cars next to me are 2020 with relatively different prices, the segment is it seems that the approximately equal sizes are comparable. So today will we put on the scale to choose the car on the right or choose the car on the left? Ladies and gentlemen, the 2020 BMW X7 and the Lexus LX570. Lexus LX570 is currently being sold by VietAuto for 9.2 billion, and BMW X7 is sold for less than 7 billion, which car should I choose? Right now we will take a look at a light only, you will make a video lightly, you comment below to see which car you like and why!

Lexus 570 vs BMW X7 - Which Car Do You Choose? 2

First of all to mention the engine, why does the Lexus 570 have a higher price than the X7 because the Lexus 570 is equipped with an engine of more than 5.0, but more than 5.0, the tax is higher than the car is only 3.0 X7. Obviously so, that's why the car costs more. With this 5.0 engine, it also has a natural gas injection and other, even if its power is not equal or whatever it is, it also has a frenzy and coolest. concentration. However, the engine is smaller than 3.0 only, but it is not sure that it is bad because its power is also terrible with 340 horsepower and very large torque. And yet, the engine of the X7 being equipped with this has just won the best engine in the world, top 10 best engines in the world and it accidentally became number 1, not number 3.4 ... 10, but holding the leading position in the best engine in the world, this engine is so amazing, this engine is absolutely worth the choice of the BMW X7 or this 3.0 engine X5 or so, and I Having run this engine and it has nothing to criticize, it is even better than some of the more high-end cars, you should try. It is about the engine, the gearbox of everything has its own one, we only now find out what it has, but it is very difficult to compare directly. In short, with that amount of money, how you will choose a car!

Lexus 570 vs BMW X7 - Which Car Do You Choose? 3

Next, about the face of this car, there is no change compared to the 2018 generation, which is still the same, still with the LED lights, still the navigation light, still the face is it bad then? Guys no, with this face Lexus has to say is beautiful, so to say it is upgraded, I think it will take 1-2 years for it to change, but this face to me it is too pitiful and beautiful, to criticize this face is a bit difficult, the only thing is that the bow has been kept for a few years so I look too much, I'm used to it but with this face completeness. Moving on to the X7, we will have more technology, the technology above the lamp is the laser technology and this positioning light cluster for me is more beautiful, I prefer this positioning light cluster. At this level, I like the BMW positioning lights the most, especially the cluster combined with the laser cluster, there is not a single positioning light design of this range that surpasses BMW and the laser technology is an extremely good lamp technology. .

Lexus 570 vs BMW X7 - Which Car Do You Choose? 4

Next is this nose of BMW to me, on the X7 it fits, but for a lot of people, it is still big and still rough, this is the taste and preference of each person, I don't know. If you like this nose more, like this face more or like this face, please leave a comment. For me, if young people like technology like flashy, I will choose the head of the BMW X7 instead. because of this head. Because for me, this Lexus brand is still very old, state officials, there is something it is conservative, there is something that is rich but it is still a bit economical, still a bit called a master. . As for BMW, it shows really generosity, generosity and a youthful spirit, to me its head is holding that point. And yet you look at this cluster, this is the radar cluster and the local camera, what will it have? The first is that it will have Night Vision when you press the button at night, it will show all the naked eyes cannot see, followed by the camera cluster of things here it will keep the function of keeping lane distance. road, brake distance things, that technology it is superior to this LX570.

This LX570, it is not really much technology, but in return it is Lexus, but Lexus in Vietnam, it is always something invisible and worthwhile. A Lexus car in the US in the same segment as BMW and Merc always has a cheaper price, for example the LS500H, LS600, for example, somewhere if taxing everything about to Vietnam around More than 5 billion, but Lexus Vietnam sells for more than 7 billion, I do not understand whether the profit is much or not, but I think the profit somewhere is also a few billion, sometimes double the profit. It is genuine, but outside, it is impossible to have such a high interest rate, outside there is always a much cheaper price.

Lexus 570 vs BMW X7 - Which Car Do You Choose? 5

Next to the body, the body, we have a fresh look of the guy in white and the rather conservative features of the guy in black. But this is also everyone's taste, now we will go to the things that we can see and count, like the plate. The wheels of this X7 up to 22 inches combined with Continental tires from Europe are very good, and for Lexus, we have 21-inch wheels which means a little smaller and the tires are equally luxurious. important. However, for those who like the so-called traditional look, holding it will probably choose something like this Lexus guy, but if my taste I like the youthfulness, this 22-inch wheel is beautiful. More, painted in chromium and titanium and with the Msport package, this blue brake cluster is beautiful to not hold. And yet, on the side there is also a sensor, which will be in charge of the function of automatically reversing things, which is a very nice one. On the X7 there is an inhaler, and the LX570 does not, why do not I close the door because I am quite a farmer so closing it all is tired.

This car's glass door is double-glazed, and I don't know about this glass door yet. This Lexus glass is also very good double-layer glass, not simple. We will have the rear glass of the BMW X7 that is dark and resistant to harmful rays, and on the Lexus it is only a little yellow ivory but it's not really dark, but I think With this coating, it is also against harmful rays, it is also worth the money.

Go to the back of the car, in the rear, I have to ask permission again because I still have the youthful style, I still like the young style, I prefer the BMW taillights because because it's fresher, and the BMW led strip is really impressive to me. And is Lexus bad? Not bad at all, the tail is still incredibly beautiful, with the traditional L-shaped hook still very beautiful and pitiful. In fact, if I do the government or I do a position that needs to be called a bit tight, I will choose this LX570 with the MPS package and peel off the logo I stick the Toyota logo on, can be fitted with bulletproof glass, for example, it looks very powerful. So with a Lexus like this I think for such objects, I'm not like that, I'm a young person and like the flashiness of the appearance, this X7 it also to bring me happiness, really.

Lexus 570 vs BMW X7 - Which Car Do You Choose? 6

Then now to the interior compartment, I will go to the interior of the Lexus first to see how this interior compartment is like! Today our brothers and sisters are only talking about my taste and our brothers will discuss more about your taste with the comments below, but will not be biased at all. Talking about preferences, in the interior compartment of the Lexus LX570, it is clear that we still see a lot of technology, the big screen and many buttons, here the tunnel is what this button is, the other button turns a lot. But it still brings a very traditional feeling like the Omotenashi language that Lexus pursues is very hospitable, very cozy but also very luxurious, actually these materials you touch you still see it. create the luxury. The Lexus wood panel is a very classy Shimamoku wood, it must be said that many types of wood, even on the Range Rover, are not equal to this wood, this wood looks at the wooden scale and the touch how happy to touch it The Mark Levinson sound system also offers a premium look. But the Lexus leather chair always gives me the feeling that it is boring because the design is quite monotonous and overall, when sitting on this it still gives me a bit conservative. Here the sunroof, too, the placement and the buttons look square and the things it still make me feel it's something it's a bit conservative, this one is suitable for the elderly. little, or those who like to dress in durable clothes, I think it would be better, I think so, do you guys think so without commenting below.

Now I go to X7 to see the technology, its youthfulness like? Here we invite you to the BMW X7 interior compartment, we will not need to enter the rear interior compartment because it is already reflected in the front. The X7 why I like it more because I am a young person so looking at this crystal shifter is lovely, this area is an area where so much technology and it's so cool it makes me like this. This wood is not inferior to Shimamoku, it is a large piece of original wood and laser cut with intact and unpolished wood but it is carpentry. Like this my hobby is very fond of it, it leaves no fingerprints, it cannot be scratched and is really impressive. In this area, many people think that the design is a bit conservative and a bit stale compared to the BMW, saying so is also true, but for me, BMW has improved a very detailed and subtle way to place. hey it's a lot nicer, from the aluminum-plated bezels and even the air-conditioning buttons that Lexus can't have, it has been carefully sculpted like this. Then the technology ..Control, I don't like this technology very much but it's also a good one for Marketing, the big screen touch screen and then the screen in the dashboard area, the Lexus is just copper Just by chance, this one already exists.

Lexus 570 vs BMW X7 - Which Car Do You Choose? 7

Steering wheel with a lot of excellent features keep lane, keep distance, brake distance, Cruise Control, full heated steering wheel, M-sport steering wheel, leather seats. This leather seat tells me the quality of leather is less than Lexus, this to be fair, the leather material of Lexus is better than this leather. But saying that is not to criticize the leather material on this BMW X7, it still has an option of a leather seat with very good leather material, this car owner chose the elegant design. However, our ceiling has an Alcantara instead of a very normal Lexus felt, this is a very nice one, the panoramic sunroof from the top to the end of the car, and this glass it has The spot that absorbs light when we turn on the led light at night, it will absorb it creating a very beautiful starry sky. Well, this is the technology on the interior of the BMW X7, and to my taste, for my preference of being a young tech-like, I still prefer this kind of interior. With a car like this, it's more than 2 billion cheaper than the Lexus and the feeling of running, it still feels more sporty and youthful, and the surface level, I think the LX570 will be more superficial.

Lexus 570 vs BMW X7 - Which Car Do You Choose? 8

I wonder which car you would choose from the two cars, please comment below and add your age group! We'll talk more about these two cars with the comments below. Don't forget to Subscribe our Youtube channel and click the bell button to subscribe to the latest videos more often. For now, goodbye and see you in the next videos. Bye.

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