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Review of the latest Lexus NX200t

Review Lexus NX200t car


Recently Lexus Vietnam organized a carnaval trip to experience Lexus cars for motorbike journalists in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The destination of this trip is the romantic coastal city of Da Nang. During the test drive, members of the delegation were allowed to drive 6 models that Lexus is distributing in Vietnam. In which, the SUV has NX, GX, MX sedans with the participation of ES, GS and NS.

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All models must cross different roads such as highways, mountain passes and even bumpy roads. Hello all of you on the carnaval test drive this time, we test drive many models such as GS, NS, or ES but today I chose the NX 200t model. The latest lexus was brought to Vietnam recently to introduce to you and your friends in the program today. Let's take a look at this car right now.

Lexus NX creates a strong dynamic impression right from the exterior of the car with protruding ridges that merge with the overall body. The spindle-shaped radiator face bears the new design mark of the Japanese luxury car brand. It is also with this design that Lexus has now completely transformed not to be equated with the Toyota brother in the SUV line, the straight lines intersecting in the body of the tank to increase the muscular body for the small SUV. this. Helping the car healthier than sports than its size.

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The front headlights and rear taillights stand out with a line of hook-shaped leds that have become a unique identity of Lexus that when looking at us will not be confused with any other car company. The NX 200t is equipped with a smart key and an automatic start stop button right here, and when you start the engine, the steering wheel and seat will automatically return to the memory location and there are 3 memory locations in the car. 2 3 above here. Now I will buckle up. So the seatbelt lacks a latch here to prevent the latch from falling below which Lexus doesn't design after this part. This is not a big mistake but it is quite annoying when you buckle up and you have to put your hand down and it is very difficult to get this latch up Now I will fasten my seatbelt to follow the delegation now we will begin.

The first feeling when sitting behind the wheel of this car is very smooth and smooth, a signature style of Lexus is always gentle and quiet even when I travel at 80 km / h on the road even on the road. the highway I travel at a speed of 100 km / h is very smooth but to experience the smoothness of Lexus we are too familiar then. I want to switch to sport + mode now I'm running eco mode press this button is to sport mode press again is to sport + mode.

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And now the steering wheel is stiffer than the higher engine speed and the gearshift will be a bit late. The acceleration will feel very sporty and now I will accelerate with the 2.0 engine with turbo. The first pressure of Lexus is present in Vietnam with a capacity of 235 horsepower that is on par with other competitors such as the Ranger sport about 235 - 240 horsepower, but when switching to S +, it will go through the sport mode. the strongest sports we kick off the exhaust sound echo does not roar like a sporty style but it still has a gentle softness I like the feeling of sport and it roars stronger but also can not reproach is when Lexus aims for softness.


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We just went into a pothole section but when I switched to this sport mode it seemed the suspension was a bit stiff when I went into the normal mode through the pothole feeling very smooth when rushing straight into big potholes are also very quiet when going sport mode through potholes, the sound is quite clear feeling firmer. Soundproofing ability of Lexus Nx200t in particular and Lexus cars in general is very excellent. Whether you're traveling at high speed or on rough roads and even honking your horn, it sounds very small.

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The function that I really like right under this steering wheel, and I really like, is the free autopilot control now, so we can go for speeding and deceleration with just one hand so we went into the inner city Ho Chi Minh set to eco mode the steering wheel will be softer and the suspension will be softer if we walk slowly like this will have a very smooth feeling with the steering wheel with one hand very gently but very Unfortunately, this NX200t lacks a reversing camera, so when we need to back up, especially in small alleys, it is quite inconvenient to go in the city, we do not use the gear shift function, it is not useful when we don't have to speed up a lot of buttons on the steering wheel which is very useful especially when we hear a phone call without having to pick up the phone so it's very inconvenient we can focus on the road.

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Just one button we can talk and just one button we can order the car to turn on and off the functions we want a lot more convenient with the price in Vietnam is 2.4 billion of Lexus NX200t is a small luxury SUV that deserves to be a direct competitor to two cult models, Range Rover Sport and…


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