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Learn to drive 4 wheels: the basic basics are important to note

Learn to drive 4 wheels: important basics to note 1


the first job learn to drive a car is we have to grasp the basics first. The first is how I choose the appropriate driving position. What is the proper driving position for this vehicle? That is, his left foot kicked on the clutch, used 1/3 of the toes to step on the clutch, pushing in very close and bearing heels into the car. Like this, my leg is too far away, so I don't have a fulcrum, then I have to lift the chair up, like this: the left hand grabs under the chair and pulls the handle up. , the right hand holding the steering wheel, so I used 1/3 of the heel of the clutch pedal and the heel is on the floor, that's about the foot, and my hand will adjust to this chair's head, then tweak like.

That is, when my hand is straight on the steering wheel, the shoulder rests on the seat, for example, this is far away, right, I will adjust the back of the seat, and then the head, the head has a headrest It is very important, when my head is tilted back, I can lean on the seat, so that when the back has a force of impact, the head will be protected by the chair, if I put too far Or too low can cause neck injury.

Then all the functions on the car I have to know a little bit, first I have to know the uses of the basic equipment on the car. That's almost a common standard all over the world, almost every car is the same. First is the lever behind the steering wheel, what it is, it is the lever that controls all the lights, when you slide to the left, it is the left turn signal, return to the center is off, turn to the right is the turn signal. And there is also the outside knob is 2 fog lamps, 2 white lights for me to go in the afternoon, it is raining or foggy.

When I turn one step further, the light beam, when I push this lever forward, the high beam lights so when I go at night, go to the apartment I have to go close. When I go out there, sometimes I see the car going in the opposite direction, sometimes I have to go to the temple, so how do I do that, I will squeeze the lever back to the steering wheel, I click the lever like this, so the lever that controls the lights people put it like that, how is your design on the steering wheel?

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So now, when the steering wheel is divided into 12 hours, my left hand is set from 9:30 to 10:30 for the purpose of this way, that is my hand can use the lever easily, then the right hand will place. left hand. The purpose of what to do, is when you put your hand like that to click on the rain wiper, there are many types of rain, deep rain and small rain. depending on the type of rain you turn to the different steps. When I flipped upward, I kept holding it for as long as I needed, and let go of it, it will end.

And this is the car's air conditioner controller. When we press the AC lamp on fire, is to start having air conditioning. When we turn off, only the fan, and this is a large-speed switch, and this is adjusting the direction of the wind, when I turn like this, only towards the body, while turning like this, I will blow in people and legs, and twisting like this, just blowing into the legs, and then this is the control of taking the cold and hot wires, when opening through here is opening the cold cord, and when taking back through this is taking the hot wire.

Like when I go in the cold. And this is how to get the wind, when you brush aside this side, the wind will circulate in the car, and when pushed over here, it will take the outside wind into the car. And here is the triangle button here, when I click here, the 2 lights on both sides will burn, so that when a car has a problem, it will alert.

Then how to close the door properly. Many people close the door very strongly, it will cause trouble for people in the car, while many people close it lightly, it will report. Then close as follows, when the door is still outside, pull slightly in, and when the last 1 gang, use strong hand force to close in, will fit and not affect people on the car. Then there is the use of seat belts, first we will make a right hand put here, the left finger swipe back to the head, the wrist pulls back to the hip, for example if the cord is too far, we use The left hand is transmitted, mainly seatbelt using moderate and light force.

Then, also how to steer the steering wheel, first I will learn how to steer cool cool first, how to steer. There are many ways to steer, overseas or used to push and pull, meaning this hand pushes up this hand, pull down, this hand pushes up and continues. This steering wheel does not have flexibility because the roads in Vietnam are very small.

"If I steer it and want it back, would I let go or what?"

Exactly it will return, but I can't trust it, I have to think like this, power steering is only making the steering lighter, but I don't trust it to pay, I let go. It was a mistake to drive it back, because now the road is not always flat, let it go, but if it lands in the pit, it will drive away, and there will be gaps in the road. not flat, so I have to keep driving.

The second way of driving is the same as a cat's scratching style but it is also very nice, the hands holding the steering wheel are shorter, the left and right hands are alternating, when returning the steering wheel, do the same but the opposite direction. But these ways are not optimal, compared to Vietnam, the most optimal way is the rotation

"How do I know if the 2 wheels are straight?"

For most 4-seater cars, the steering wheel can hit each side for 1 and a half rounds, meaning that when it is in the middle position, the steering wheel will be able to hit both sides for a maximum of 1 and a half, a 7-seater vehicle can hit. 2 times, when I was in the car I did not know where the wheel was, I beat the steering wheel to one side, paid 2 loops when the wheel was straight, usually the steering wheel design firm logo was on when In the straight bread position, the logo is in the right direction. The driving style of an ideal Vietnamese driver is the left hand set at 9:30 to 10:30, the right hand set at 1:30 to 2:30. When we steer to the left, our left hand pulls up the right hand, when the end of the journey, the left hand let go, right hand continues, if you want to hit the right hand, the left hand pull up when the journey ends, the right hand letting go of the left hand continues, meaning that the steering wheel rotates continuously. And now you get in the car to try it

First on the car, I adjusted the driving position first, shared with him that this inova car is equipped with steps to lower the seat. When you sit, the knee must be the same, then measure your hand, it is a bit far right, I will adjust the back of the chair, but I put too far back when driving 4-5 hours, it will cause back pain immediately. The principle of pedal pedal is 1/3 of the foot of the foot. Then to the steering wheel, continue to the end of the steering wheel, put the hand on the corner of 9:30 to 10:30 similar to the steering wheel on the right and return 2 rounds to the wheel straight position, note to him that the thumb is not squeezed but keep straight along the steering wheel, when you finish driving all 7 seats to 4 rounds, so seeing the drivers on the road with them when they come back to fight very quickly, a lot of steering wheel so now we have to make So flexible.

Now I am going to learn the gearbox, I see this number chart of the car that I want countless numbers, I have to look at the number chart, initially I need the gear in Mode (N), so how to distinguish it from in any position, in position N the level of its oscillation is very large, when there is any number it will be hard. So, when you get into the car, you have to check the gear first and then start the engine, when you want to have 1, you have to squeeze to the left and push straight up, just push and push, you have to remember your number to follow a right angle, there is a The trick is when you want to be N at number 1, you just need to go to the perpendicular position automatically as if you have a spring pulled back. Similarly No. 2, then pressed and back down, then back to the N, the number 3 is very simple, then the number 4, similar to the number 5.

Squeeze to the right and push up, similarly returns N, pulls to the right angle automatically with spring pulling back to N, de number is similarly pulled to the right and then pulled down, holding it like this, place it straight up on the gear to the number 1, then the palm of your hand slightly up there and then pull the lever pressed, similar to number 5 and de. Aim for stronger, easier traction. If you want to change from one number to another, you must change to N first, go to de number then listen to the toad while others do not, note your numbers as having blocking bars, you have to be in the correct slot. is that many people haven't pulled it all in. "

But for the time being, I feel like I don't know how many numbers are there, because I'm really new so I don't know how it feels. ”Actually, the numbers are very bared, I can use them with one finger, meaning I If it does not match, it is very light, for example, the number 2 of 3 is very gentle, automatically changes to the number it installs for me, meaning I have to go for the whole journey, for example from N to 3 although it is very light but I still have to go all the way

"For example, is it okay if I skip numbers, or do I have to follow the order"

Like a honda, I have to order 1,2,3 .. but the car is different from number 1 can up to number 3, from number 5 can be number 2, from number 1 can be de. It depends on the driver's feelings. For example, if I am running number 5, I have a situation where I win, for example if I win a little, I can go to 4 to 3 to continue, for example, if I stop the car, I have to go back to No. 1. That's my feeling, it's the driver's good, the floor number is like that.

First, if you want to start the car, you must belong to the car number and you give yourself the number in your head, for example, if you want to give 3, push the gear lever to number 3, note. When typing the numbers, the left and right hands are on the steering wheel, the eyes are not looking directly at the gear lever, belonging to the set of numbers is very important because when going to gear 1 and entering gear 4 is very dangerous, then for example If you want to go to No. 4 and turn 1, you will stop the car, it is very dangerous, so you need to work as a gear.

Then there was one that always noted, now a lot of cases happen to be number 1 when shifting to number 2 easily flips to number 4, the reason why, the reason is that I forget in my head that there is always 1 spring like sucked into N, so when I was in position 1, I thought that number 1 would pull straight down to number 2, I would pull straight down if it accidentally drew to N number, pull down will fall to number 4, so When the number 1 wants to go directly to the number 2, we have to pull and pull, doing so is not good for the gearbox but the new driver should do so for it to manipulate a bit, and the familiar driver then it will speed up the operation of returning N, and I just don't know how to drive like people, I have to push and pull down, note how about that, if the number 1 has been avoided , and on No. 2 to No. 3, I will ask the spring to bring down the N to be very flexible, No. 2 to No. 3 I do not need to use force, so it is always loose, when pushed straight up, it will automatically suck. Now try it, relax your wrist, really loose don't use force, this is all ng is number 2, this is the wrong hand, when he wants to be 3, he just jerks straight up, very gently or he can hold 3 fingers up, number 2 to 3 is very light I look at this, 1 finger is also no more, now a number 1 try on 2 try it. Pressing straight down, you see, if you do not approach it will cry out immediately, it is because the spring it sucked should be forced, so have to pay attention to that, and now go to zero, bro. And now I'll learn to start a car.

So now you turn on the device, turn on the key, I will wait for the test machine for 3 seconds, for example now I turn off this key then turn it on, give the test light, restore memory, then now now you will start the engine, then how to start the engine you will have to cut close to the clutch, step on the clutch, then turn the key clockwise, when the engine comes off, then turn on the air conditioner, AC then closed the door, I hooked up and closed the glass, then let me ask the driver's door has 4 buttons, then the corresponding 4 windows, when pressing this button down, the other 4 buttons can not adjust anymore, when on cars with children should lock that, then when that button is removed, the driver will be able to control it, and the next button is to lock all the doors to prevent anyone from opening.

Tell me this is a handbrake, the brake that you use to do is called the handbrake, the brake that is used to do the foot is called the foot brake, what is the purpose of handbrake, that is, it keeps its saddle on. slope, when I turn off the engine, I climb down the car, if I am on the slope, I will not pull the brakes, the car will float, how about releasing it, squeezing the latch straight forward, too hard to pull, just squeeze the latch. Just push back to loosen and pull forward, you do not need to squeeze, hear the sound, then I estimate, that's right, release it squeeze in, if you drop down here it will also win slowly Well, that's right, look at the exclamation mark icon. You can still win, in general, but if you win lightly, if you do that, then the car will heat up for a long time, it will be damaged.

there will be 3 levers at my feet, 3 sticks will be like this, here it will be taper sticks, is that amaza, get in a car to pick one word for easy handling quickly, these 2 sides are legs brake and accelerator pedal, the right foot will handle the brake and the throttle, the heel is on the floor, the heel is on the brake pedal, the brake is on the taper in the middle, and then you keep the brake, win not kick like that, win just like a honda car, if you win, you will win, but how can you brake and exercise, when you want to use the accelerator, the heel is still on the foot of the brake, the heel is still on the side of the brake, the toes are open to the V accelerator pedal, accelerator pedal is different from pedal pedal, cushion is lightly pushed down, oh that's a bit strong, because I'm new so I'm not used to it. That's right, then go back to the brake pedal, do it a few times to get used to it, then I pedal, in general I can pedal with a dangerous situation, and the throttle must cushion. Now let go of your right foot.

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As for the left leg, I told you before, use 1/3 of the foot, I step on it all, now I have to remember the 2 characteristics of the clutch is to do whatever you have to do first, get in the car just like You have to pedal first, why is it, drivers often have to check the numbers, countless numbers are considered to happen, for example, if you have a baby in the car, it feels so good or engine also follow, so you have to check the clutch, you have to win, you have to cut the clutch and the brake, when you change the gear, you have to cut the clutch and then shift, you have to cut the clutch first, then the second characteristic remembers " word "means, my car weighs a ton, I have to slowly let it go but let go too hard it will be off immediately, the clutch is a quick cut, but release the clutch is to slowly, so what should I do to get this slowly, then now I practice this, I cut it very close, my heel is on the floor, I give you 3 steps, so fast to do it again, now I open give me 10 rungs, divide the 3 rungs into 10, still too fast to redo, 3 rungs then we have to open like 10 rungs then we have to open only a tiny bit, but I feel like opening all 10 steps but not all the insects have to step back, no, there's no need to open them all. That means nè, note to me. Now this is my floor, this is the end of my clutch pedal kicking down from above, but only the middle part will work, but I have to kick hard all the way, because I don't know that to monitor. where it is, my car, then I'm used to it, then I can identify and get on the other car, I have to cut all the clutches, when you do not kill countless clutches, it is very difficult, and these 2 sections are the level, in the middle of the effect of this taper, you just go to work 10 times away, divided into small steps, so fast, slow down. and done

Now I will show you a sample, this is equally important, now I will adjust the lights, adjust the rear mirrors, adjust the rear mirrors are very important, each person sit in a different position, The person who sits taller the person who sits low, how does the glass adjust, this is the mirror, left and right, for example, if you put the lever to the right, here are 4 directions to adjust the glass, then I adjust how to overcome the best blind spot, now I am trying to adjust the rearview mirror so that the trunk only occupies a small area of the rearview mirror, accounting for 1/5 to ¼ rearview mirror. the rearview mirror is adjusted so that the view is the widest, fits my sight, now I will move to the left to adjust the left glass, it's like this we will see the trunk occupies the area of the glass If it is too big, I will open it again to fix the blind spots, it will be appropriate.

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