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Find out in detail the blind spots and dead spots of trucks and how to safely travel with large trucks

Watch out for blind spots and dead spots for trucks


Hidden corners of trucks and tractors

Hidden corners: drivers have to process a lot of information while on the road, so people do not always have good control of all positions. Dead angles: corners where the driver cannot see. We should stay away from all those hidden and dead corners. Because the truck is very high, in theory it will be high, it will be widely observed in contrast to the driver's vision which is greatly influenced especially when the driver has to look at many different angles and at the same time there are many the angle that the driver cannot control (hidden corners), it is the corners that smaller cars such as cars, motorcycles or pedestrians accidentally go into those corners, the risk of an accident is very high .

Learn details of blind and dead spots of trucks and how to safely move with trucks to 1

Some hidden corners:

Two mirrors on the sides of big trucks, usually there are two mirrors on one side for a wider and wider view, and a small mirror for viewing angles closer to the side of the truck and both sides are the same. At the front there is a circular convex mirror that helps the driver can see the front of the car, depending on how the driver adjusted the mirror. There are 2 ways to adjust the mirror, 1 is to allow the driver to see the whole head of the car, 2 is to slightly tilt to the side to see the 2/3 of the car and the entire square corner front end on the side. Theoretically, the sides of the car, the corner of the car and the square on the side can be observed.

Learn details about blind spots and dead spots of trucks and how to safely travel with trucks 2

And there are 2 dead spots, one is behind the big truck, this is a dead spot that the driver cannot see, 2 is the left-hand corner on the driver's head because the car is very tall. but there is no mirror in that corner and the driver can only see his head out the door.

So we should stay away from those corners, first, don't stand behind big trucks, second, never park on the driver's left right corner, the third is on the sides. on the side of the vehicle (more often the driver observes their right mirror) should avoid going near the left flank of the vehicle and never overtake, when passing on the left it is far away from the boys and when If we see a straight line, the car has no turn signal left, the road is wide, we can turn signals to cross from afar with the horn.

At every turn, you should not go to the corner of the truck, for example, a truck turning right should never go close to the right side of it, especially with the tractor when it has 2 bodies and the turn signal turns right, when the tractor starts turning right, the body begins to fold in, the driver is considered to be disabled with the right mirror so the driver cannot see. When a tractor makes a left turn, it should not be left on its left. The percentage of drivers not seeing you is very high, higher than 70%. For experienced drivers it will be very cautious to make a turn, but not everyone is in good control and the driver is often under pressure. So keep away from trucks, tractors pulled out to ensure your safety.

Find out in detail the blind spots and dead spots of trucks and how to safely move with trucks to 3

When stopping at a red light, you should not stand behind the car, maybe because the car or the driver unintentionally lowered the toke, but people accidentally brake the brake pedal. If on the slope, it will back up very dangerous.

The front of the truck, some people who have good control of the front of the vehicle cannot observe the ribs and vice versa, so it is not advisable to go close to the truck or tractor.

When we are on the road, there are big trucks, tractors should not be on the rear of the truck, do not go close to the sides of the vehicle, do not go close to the right and left right angles. At the beginning of the vehicle, do not speed up and dump big trucks because big trucks cannot stop immediately, so it is very dangerous for you and the people around you. Should overtake when the road is wide and the vehicle has no signal to turn, when passing, the turn signals should be removed from afar. Do not go near a large truck when it turns left or right.


The vehicle's dead spot, its blind spot
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