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What is Blind Spot, How to Overcome Blindness When Driving Cars

Experience Overcoming Blindness While Driving Cars

When driving, there are areas where the driver cannot see through the rearview mirror but must turn his head to look over his shoulder. These points are called blind spots.

Blind spots are defined as the amount of space in which a driver cannot see the objects in it when looking ahead or looking through the side and rear view mirrors. The statistics show that blind spots are the cause of many major accidents, although car manufacturers have equipped with a lot of modern equipment to detect objects in the blind spot such as camera systems or Sensors are installed outside the car but in our country the number of cars installed with these devices is still very rare.

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The most common blind spot on the car is the quarter angle behind the car, this part of the driver can not see because the blindness of the car body and the view of the mirror is not large enough. Thus, according to the illustration, yellow is the area where the driver can see the objects in the back through the inner and outer rearview mirrors and the purple area is the blind area, when traveling on a one-way street. Some vehicles may fall into the blind spot and the accident is very easy because the driver does not have information to handle the situation.

In recent times, there have been many cases of motorbike drivers being swept into the cars, mainly trucks and tractors. In addition to the reason for speeding, reckless driving when not observing when changing direction is also the main cause of the accident, but there are many cases where motorcycles do not follow the road to drive properly. the car's blind spot makes the driver unable to see.

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Many accidents have happened due to the lack of attention due to the change of direction, if the unattended car driver encounters motorists who do not walk, the accident is unavoidable. Many drivers believe that the majority of collisions between cars and motorcycles are due to the lack of observation, especially when changing directions. We often see images of heavy trucks hugging the wheel, many motorcyclists still try to push ahead to go faster. According to statistics, more than half of the motorcycle accidents leading to deaths related to another vehicle, caused by the fact that oto drivers often do not recognize motorcyclists and motorbikes of small size so it is easy to easily hidden behind a car's blind spot or covered by objects or spaces outside the vehicle such as fences, bridges or bushes. Therefore, if the driver does not pay close attention, especially when changing directions, it is very likely that parrots can occur.

Particularly for super long cars, the head and the body are not connected, the time to turn or move from the parking lot to the road is when the blind spot appears the widest, most drivers will not be able to observe all the rear part of vehicles, motorcyclists or have a habit of encroaching a little more to pass, then the truck driver suddenly backs up or handles a little inaccurate as the motorcycle will fall into the truck.

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Driving and blind spots especially for heavy trucks, road vehicles or container trucks can endanger drivers and others. Blind spots for big vehicles in places such as near markets, near schools are crowded places, so big cars when coming to these locations should limit speed, and the road does not affect much. For vehicles with wide glasses, it is possible to observe from the beginning to the rear of the vehicle.

The mirror view to limit the points that the driver cannot see while driving, the mirrors are limited in bends because container cars do not go straight, the head goes first and the tail follows. so when you turn, you must slow down as you go on the pass.
Container trucks, the mirror view is very wide, so observe the two sides and surrounding vehicles. For example, if I want to pass, I look at the side mirror and then the side mirror when there is a large distance before I run over or I will be hit by another car's cabin.

Blind spots are always a concern for any new driver or have many years of experience. In the world, there are car manufacturers who make mirrors or anti-blind devices, but these devices are not really popular in Vietnam and drivers still avoid blind spots with their experience.

A blind spot in a car is a space that a driver cannot see when driving a car. The most common blind spot in a car is the angle ¼ on the rear car or the amounts blocked by the wall, chassis, hood, etc. Some methods of reducing blind spots: when starting to get on the car, the first move is adjusting the rearview mirror on the car then adjust the two rearview mirrors on the side of the vehicle, adjust the left seat then adjust the right. Vehicles supported by the electric mirror system should adjust according to the instructions to observe the outer space into the vehicle to the maximum extent.

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For example, if the vehicle is over 2 tons, the space after the vehicle is 20m, the visible distance is at least 4m, the other cars are about 3.5m for objects, the distance behind the car is about 30m. When we are on the road, cars appear in our rearview mirrors, when people are about to overtake, they will first appear in the rearview mirrors and signal when the vehicles are no longer available. appearing in the rearview mirror again means that the vehicle can pass in parallel or has already passed our vehicle.

In fact, drivers have a habit of observing one side, so it is better to look at all three mirrors including the rearview mirror in the car and the two-sided mirrors and can install additional bridge mirrors so that we have 2 to 3cm diameter mirrors can be added to the position of the rearview mirrors on the sides of the vehicle to help observe with a wider angle. Some modern vehicles now have additional reversing cameras or sensors to help us when backing up will be easier to observe.

The anti-blind spot, the blind spot is required to have a rearview mirror, limiting the head to stick out the neck, it will affect the technical operations when driving. Therefore, you should choose a good quality rearview mirror to ensure the width, smoothness, clarity and brightness of the mirror to be able to handle situations well when driving.


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