Driving Technique Detailed Floor Number

Hello all of you, in the last program we showed you how to drive an automatic car and this time we will show you how to drive a manual transmission (or also known as thugs). And the object of today's practice is the 2016 Toyota Innova - one of the extremely hot family cars on the market today.

Driving Technique Detailed Floor Number

Compared to automatic transmission, the manual transmission is not much different. In automatic cars, you will not need to use your left foot, but with manual gear, you must use both left and right feet and two hands to be able to rotate smoothly in the driving functions of car. Now we will see what will be inside the manual transmission and what do we need to do to be able to drive it?

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The first issue to drive any car is to wear a seatbelt. Then we adjust the sitting position, steering wheel position, mirror position so that we can observe in front, behind, cover all to avoid unnecessary collisions.

Compared to automatic cars, the manual transmission also has a steering wheel, brakes, throttle, gear lever and handbrake. However, the manual transmission has a special feature with the extra clutch and the gear shift system is a bit different than the automatic and may be more complicated. When we control, how can we control and combine the clutch and the gear appropriately to move the car? It is more difficult than automatic cars but it will also be very easy if you take the time to practice. Let's see the difference between manual and automatic cars.

First and foremost a manual transmission is the same as an automatic that has a brake and accelerator pedals. However, the automatic transmission will not have a point that is clutch.

The clutch is located on the top left and the left is fully in charge when using the clutch. In the middle is the brake system, the innermost is the throttle and right foot will control the brake and throttle during driving. When we pedal, press the clutch, only use the left foot and right foot only brake and throttle only. However, how to combine it, we will try to see what the gearbox has, then we can know how to use clutches, brakes and accelerators so that it is reasonable with the best way of up and down the gear.

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To the right of the seating position is the gear lever of the manual transmission, automatic transmission, we can push up - down to shift up and down. However, the manual transmission will be different, you may notice, on the shift lever there are buttons 1 to 5 and the R symbol, which is clearly distributed with the diagram available on the lever. The top consists of numbers 1 -3 - 5 and the bottom consists of 2 -4 - R respectively (backward - but note there are some cars R will be located on the bottom left of your home). If we want the car to go, the current vehicle is in Mode mode (ie between 3 and 4). We want to go fast and move, we have to go from 1 2 3 4 5. Number one is the car will run the strongest but slow down, No. 2 will be stronger than the turn 3 4 5, want to number them I also turn slowly like that.

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I will specifically guide how to control the gear lever, currently we are in Mode (the gear lever is in the middle):

  • - If we move to number 1, we move the gear lever left and up
  • - The same as number 2, because opposite number 1, we move the gear lever down 2 times directly
  • - Number 3, we will move the shift lever up - right, then this is in Mode mode (ie in the initial middle position), then we move up again
  • - The number 4 is opposite to the number 3, so we just need to move the gear lever to the Mode position and drag down
  • - Number 5, we move the shift lever to Mode position then left and up
  • - Similar to R - backward

However, if you want to run, you need to combine with the brake, accelerator and clutch to be able to move. Above is how to adjust the gearbox when we drive, we use it alternately. That is, when you run slowly, you use the stop number to leave Mode, when moving you can up the number slowly, depending on the speed that you accelerate and use this gearbox. There are some people who are running at high speed but return to number 1 as the maintenance machine immediately or when the red light stops at number 4, number 5 is the machine cannot run. So we have to adjust the gearbox accordingly.

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We will test the car that the combination of clutch, accelerator and brake pedals like?

When we want to start the engine, we need to step on the clutch and brake, turn on the ignition. After the engine starts, we start to shift to go from 1 to 5. Currently the vehicle is in Mode, based on the diagram we adjust the gear lever to number 1, lower the handbrake, then we from From releasing the brake and clutch feet, the car will start revving and walking slowly at a speed of about 5km / h. Next we release the brake pedal slowly, if we drop too quickly will turn off the machine in the middle of the road is very dangerous. Next we use the right foot to step on the gas, at this time the speed is about 10km / h, we will step on the No. 2 to make the car faster. We depress all the clutches and pull the gear lever back to gear 2, then release the clutch a little bit. Meaning the low number, you release the clutch slowly, if in high numbers we release the children faster. After releasing the clutch, we will see the car faster, if you want the car to go faster 20km / h then you step on the throttle, when you see the crazy engine, we go to number 3. To go to number 3, we go to Mode to push to number 3, then we release the clutch slightly, click on the accelerator, this time we go about 25 - 30km / h, then we go to number 4. When it comes to number 4, we continue to push the clutch on, pull the lever to number 4, press the accelerator faster . When we run on fast roads, highways, high speed roads, we will go to number 5. Push the clutch, adjust the shift lever to 5, then step on the throttle and accelerate. However, we also need to practice to be able to use these functions in the most comfortable way.

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It should be noted that: Gearbox, clutch, accelerator, brake pedal need to be trained to be able to control smoothly and easily. Especially the number is quite low (No. 1) then we dream slowly, Number 2 is a little faster, respectively the numbers 3 -4 -5, too, depending on speed, depending on the number to open the clutch. Moreover, the shifting and tapering to move away, if unevenly combined, the car may stall, may revolt and may affect the quality of the engine later.

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