Fuel-efficient driving not only provides less economic benefits, but also protects your vehicle.

There are 11 notes to memorize to be able to drive the safest and most economical things you need to know:

1. Tires must always be inflated, keeping the tire in a state of sufficient air is one of the best ways to save fuel and protect life safety for car use. Pump the wheel to the maximum threshold. At the request of the manufacturer, check the tire once a month, if it is short of air, pump it up. When going, you need to use a pressure gauge to check the tire tension enough to help the car run smoothly. optimal operation.

2. Driving at a moderate speed should avoid driving at high speeds on rough roads, on motorways traveling at speeds less than 100km / h and over 100km / h, there are huge differences that can vary 10%. or more depending on the vehicle instead of stopping and accelerating suddenly.

Especially in traffic lights, drivers should estimate the distance with the red light and the amount of traffic in front of the vehicle so that the vehicle can maintain a steady speed. However, if you do not have to run at low speed to save fuel, according to car experts, the speed down to more than 50km / h will reduce 10%, so drive at the right speed, keep the gas station avoiding the school. Combining sudden braking will reduce the fuel consumption further by 40%.


3. Turn off the engine when not in use, when not needed, do not start the engine waiting. In the case of a red light for more than 30 seconds, today with modern technology giving the engine a longer engine will increase emissions and fuel costs rather than restarting the engine.

4. Limiting the use of air conditioners, if the weather is comfortable, the user should turn off the air conditioner to save energy for the car, air conditioning can consume 10% of fuel. However, at speeds above 80km / h using air conditioning is better than opening the door, opening windows running at high speed will increase the drag of the vehicle.

5. Using Cruise Control system, this is an automatic speed control system that has appeared in many modern cars today.

• For example, installing 100km / h on a highway, the computer will adjust the throttle to run at 100km / h to save fuel for the vehicle.

Even more effective is the Adaptive Cruise system that uses radar to distance the car behind and in front.


6. Clean the air filter regularly, the condition of clogged air filter will cause fuel consumption according to the expert's calculation that the filter is turned off, costing 10% of fuel. The filter is easy to disassemble and clean, exposing to sunlight, if you do not see the light penetrating it means you need to replace the new one to save fuel.

7. Press the accelerator slowly, many people still have the habit of sudden acceleration to accelerate or before parking. Holding at high speed and then braking suddenly to have a strong feeling for the driver, that is also the culprit that costs your damage, so try to press the gas slowly from the start and before stopping. The reflex maintains a safe distance between vehicles and traffic control judgment to increase the throttle and apply the brake regularly.

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8. Plan a schedule in advance so plan ahead to avoid going around or getting lost causing fuel consumption.

9. In the process of not carrying too much belongings when not needed, do not keep in the car because 50kg of goods will cost 2% of fuel and cause unnecessary waste of fuel.

10. Gasoline should be purchased early in the morning or in the evening, this is the time when the gasoline is thickest, do not park too full, causing gasoline to leak out, causing danger. Also choose the type of fuel that fits your vehicle with the manufacturer's notice.

11. Regular maintenance according to the milestones and time as recommended by the manufacturer to replace engine oil and transmission systems as prescribed to ensure the best hygiene for transmission lubrication. Check the air cleaner and engine coolant properly and regularly. For old models, after a period of time, it is necessary to bring to the prestigious garage to stretch the gas-fire-wind accordingly.

By grasping these 11 rules, you can rest assured knowing how to protect your vehicle while saving on vehicle operating costs.

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