Lifelong Experiences Needed for Car Drivers

HOLDER OUT - STOP IN - RELEASE HANDLE BRAKE -> These are the operations that begin when we depart a car and that are also Lifetime experience that needs to be memorized for car drivers.

Next, for automatic transmission cars:

  • If you want to go, switch to the dike (Drive).
  • Until temporary use, drag to the side ( Neutral ).
  • If you go back, go straight up to touch ( Reverse ).
  • If you can't go anymore, you will have to park (Parking).
  • KEEP OUT – STOP IN: When we release the clutch, the throttle is always on

A Lifetime Experience For Car Drivers 5

  • UP THE NUMBER TO GET IMPOSSIBLE – ON THE NUMBER OF WOMANS: is the operation that we shift gears
  • CONTINUOUS throttle – Flickering clutch – FLEXIBLE BASE BRANCH: This is how to use and coordinate the accelerator and brake clutch when driving on the road
  • PROGRAM Clinging to the Back – The Profit Clinging to the Stomach: This is a song going forward and backward in the narrow alleys through the gate or the corners of the wall that you have been taught Learn to drive a car while at school.
  • THREE SECTIONS GET BLUE - THREE SECTIONS GET GO: It means that if you encounter a green light for three seconds, you should take the initiative to stop because it is likely that the vehicles on the other side they go early, they can cut through your car.
  • UP ANY NUMBER – DOWN THAT NUMBER: This sentence reminds when driving, never go to high gear or return to mo when going down a long slope. For example, if you go uphill, you should be number one, for example, if you go downhill, you should also be number one.

A Lifetime Experience For Car Drivers 5

  • SURPRISE – OVER THROUGH: The operation is permanent when driving when the right foot is not used to press the accelerator, then we must immediately switch to the brake pedal to be ready to handle the next situation.
  • LOOK AWAY – EARLY TREATMENT: As a driver, we must pay attention to a safe distance, safe visibility must be 50m or less
  • The wide barn moves forward fast - it's too difficult to get it right
  • AWESOME ELEPHANTS ARE NOT AWESOME: When you are traveling on the road and encounter some dinosaurs (public cars, trucks, buses, taxis, etc.), you should stay away for a bit.
  • PETROL - OIL - WATER - ELECTRICITY: When going far we need to pay attention and remember to check these four things, four rules to remember for drivers when preparing to go far

A Lifetime Experience For Car Drivers 7

  • FUCKING WINDOW: If there is a narrow gap, once we get through the two mirrors, rest assured that the rear will pass. However, this is only true for cars, but for other vehicles (trucks), it is not so
  • FLEXIBLE TO AVOID THE SUN: That means we should put gasoline on grapefruit in the morning, afternoon or evening, when it's sunny, it may waste gas.
  • A LITTLE WAY WRONG - A LITTLE CAREFULLY HATE LIFE: Let's be very careful when driving, always be careful in all situations
  • Dogs avoid the head – oxen avoid the ass: When startled, dogs often turn around, while buffaloes keep slouching forward. We must keep this in mind so that we can skillfully handle this situation
  • MOST TURNING - SECOND RANG DONG: These are very dangerous times when we drive, be careful not to fall asleep during such times
  • GOOD DRIVING IS BETTER THAN DRIVER: Indicates that when we run long distances, the role of the co-driver is sometimes very important
  • RAIN AVOID WHITE - HEAVY AVOID BLACK: When it rains, we should avoid white places, because white can be puddles of water. And when it's dry, avoid areas where the color is absorbed because it may be buffalo and cow dung
  • MAKING ME WINNER IS BETTER THAN MAKING STRATEGY: Every time you go behind another car, if that car is an old driver, walk carefully and properly, just follow the tail.
  • LOVE THE CAR LIKE A KIDS – PREVENT GASOLINE LIKE BLOOD: This is a slogan that soldiers often write on their cars.

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Set of questions for the A150 Driver's License Exam

  • BOTH BOTH WINDOWS – CLEAR NO – ANTI-YES: Experience asking for directions, two blinking headlights to ask, rubbing hands is not there, thumbs up or behind are xxx… maybe pikachu…
  • DOWNLOAD FIRST FIRST PEOPLE AFTER – SAFETY FIRST PERIOD: This is the rule when we get on and off the ferry
  • GENERAL TAIL, CHEAP SHOES, CURRENT GLASSES – TO THE ROAD WILL HAVE TO STOP THE STATION: It means that when entering the roundabout, we should make sure to reduce the gas
  • TO DRAW – DIFFERENT: When parking, pull straight, straighten the steering wheel, when parking to avoid the front wheel, we should not park like that.
  • THE FRIEND OF THE DRIVE - THE WIFE OF THE CHICKEN: Talking about the reckless racing of the drivers when stepping on the brake pedal, leading to undesirable consequences
  • Going out to the streets is the greatest of workers and peasants: We should stay away from the safety features of low-safety vehicles such as agricultural workers or tricycles…
  • EATING FIRST WATER FOLLOWING: Going first to the restaurant will have a cool place, and when going through the flooded area, you should run behind because the car in front is cheap, so the car behind will be safer.
  • DRINK, DON'T DRINK, DRINK DON'T DRINK - IF YOU DON'T WANT TO LOOK RIGHT CHOCKEN (if you don't want to see the chickens on top of the cupboard)
  • TAN TIEN CANCER - TAI NON CANE CANCER: Drivers who have been driving for a long time often have better driving skills than those who are new to the steering wheel, this is a very normal thing.
  • TRY TO AVOID + TRY TO GET OVER = OVER: When driving we should not show, accidents always come unexpectedly, no one can foresee
  • HIDE THE EARLY TAIL: When avoiding the vehicle in the opposite direction, many times when we turn the steering wheel a bit, the tail will fly out, especially when the car has a long tail.

Thematic Lawful Safe Driving Techniques

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