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Discover the meaning of the names of Honda cars

Discover the meaning of the names of Honda cars

Hello everyone, I wish you all the best of luck!

Ladies and gentlemen, to continue the series of videos on the meaning of the names of the models, today I would like to talk about the Honda models that are and will be available in the Vietnamese market in the near future. You and your friends watch.

Discover the meaning of the names of Honda car models 1

The first is the Honda Jazz, in some markets also known as Honda Fit. This model is named after a line of African-American music in the United States. Surely the name is enough to say the youthful dynamism of this model. The Honda Jazz is Honda's most successful small car, especially in the European market, despite the name of American music, but in the US, Japan and China, this small car is called Honda Fit.

In English Fit means fit. Glad that Honda Jazz has been launched and will soon be officially sold in Vietnam market and I am sure this is a model that many young people care about.

Discover the meaning of the names of Honda cars 2

The second is Honda Civic, the word Civic is derived from Civilization which means civilizing civilization with the implication that the model will create a new trend of compact and fuel-efficient cars and if we go upstream. Historically, the Honda Civic was the first model of Honda to enter the US market. It has brought a new concept to cars.

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In the past, Americans liked big, strong cars that meant consuming a lot of gasoline. But when the oil crisis hit, Americans changed this consumption perspective. Almost timely arrival in the oil crisis. Honda Civic has been well received by Americans and for many years it has always been voted the most worth buying car of the year. In Vietnam today, the Honda Civic is offered with a completely new version of Honda turbo engine.

Discover the meaning of the names of Honda 3 car models

Unfortunately, it has poor sales, partly because the price of this model is not competitive enough in the C-segment cedan segment and partly because it only has a version of 1.5 liter automatic transmission. , stepless CVT so there are not many choices for customers.

Tuesday is Honda Accord. Following the success of Honda Civic, Honda continued to bring Accord model to America. Accord means agreement or harmony. Honda explains that the choice of the name is the desire to bring harmony between people and people, between people and cars.

Discover the meaning of the names of Honda 4 models of cars

Perhaps because of this rather humane name, it has been the best-selling car in the United States since its first entry in the US and it and the Ford Mustang are two models that are in the top ten vehicles with the The greatest influence on the American people in history. As for me, when I meet a Honda Accord on the road, I think of an instrument that is an Accordion because their names are nearly the same.

Wednesday is Honda Odyssey this is a family MPV model of Honda. Its name is taken from the name of a classical Greek literary work, the Odyssey. In addition, Odyssey also literally means adventure.

Discover the meaning of the names of Honda cars 5

With this naming, this model implies that this is an effective method for the whole family to always be comfortable together during the trip abroad. Actually, it is a quite handy model in the US but in Vietnam, it belongs to the luxury segment so it does not reach middle-income families. This is a pity indeed.

Fifth is Honda CR-V, the name is an abbreviation for Comfortable Runabout Vehicle. Comfortable means to be comfortable, Runabout means a small boat or a small car, while Vehicle means a vehicle so the name of this SUV of Honda implies only a small but well-equipped car. and very luxurious.

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Discover the meaning of the names of cars of Honda 6

Friday is Honda City this name is quite familiar. City means a city or a municipality. The name of this model itself speaks for its main role as an urban utility vehicle.

Recently, with Honda launching a new version with a reasonable price, this model has attracted a lot of Vietnamese consumers.

In addition to the above models, which are familiar to Vietnamese people, I have come across the Honda Pilot on Hanoi roads sometimes.

Discover the meaning of the names of Honda 7 car models

In English, Pilot means pilot. Or a Honda luxury car that many of you already know is Acura MDX, the word MDX is abbreviated by the phrase Multi Dimensional Luxury meaning luxury from multiple degrees or referred to multi-dimensional luxury. Above are a few things about the names of Honda cars that are familiar to Vietnamese people and would like to send to you and your friends.

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