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Discover Ford Ranger With Degeneration In Vietnam

Discover Ford Ranger "terrible" style Adventure in Vietnam

Discovering Ford Ranger With Crisis In Vietnam 1

Ford Ranger model is the pickup truck in Vietnam market is the most popular, best-selling.

Model Ford Ranger 3.2 WildTrack is no longer original but has been installed on very nice and very good items.

This is a very new 2017 Ford Ranger and has been upgraded to Adventure style to help the car have a strong shape and is equipped with very good equipment for trips.

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There are 2 styles of vehicle customization: Adventure and Racing. Both styles are intended to cater to trips. Adventure is for exploration, and for racing it needs to be pragmatic and it has superior capabilities to make that car faster, stronger and win the races.

Discovering Ford Ranger With Nature In Vietnam 2

The first purpose of equipping the bumper with the Adventure-style car is to protect the equipment in the car and make the car much nicer. For example, this car is equipped with a port made of superhard steel from Australia's ARB firm, in addition to the hong protection or steps it is not merely a frustration it also helps The vehicle is protected when crossing nhwungx ramps without distorting the vehicle. The paint used is the super hard paint from Ubon, a British firm that makes the car more impressive and suitable.

RV is quite special, belongs to the Australian firm but the Intensity brand is manufactured in the US, this lamp has a very high durability, pouring light and does not cause too much glare for the people on the road ahead, helping the car. Move in dark roads especially in the forest.

Kia lights, made in the United States, are especially effective when vehicles are traveling in foggy roads.

In the forests, the roads are not as simple as the roads we can go easily, but there are branches of trees, the durability of the shield and the lamp is very high standard and can withstand. The smash is still not broken.

Electric winch mounted for vehicles can understand this is the last resort when the car can not move in the steep or too slippery sections.

Discovering Ford Ranger With Nature In Vietnam 3

Equipped with RB undercarriage protection system, this undercarriage is very important for Adventure cars to help protect the underbody equipment including water tank, steering wheel to help you feel secure while moving. transfer on difficult roads.

This model is equipped with all-Terrain tires from BF Goodrich manufacturer made in the US, the special thing that makes this tire more special than normal tires is the thorn system that is scientifically designed and created. into trenches for better grip on muddy roads. He made tires made up of 10 layers including polieste and steel inside to make durability as well as good mobility in large rocky roads or tree branches or a tree. parked in the forest.

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The wheels from K&C are also quite special, made from aluminum alloy monolithic and have a great strength to be able to move without difficulty when encountering bumps in harsh terrain.

Discovering Ford Ranger With Nature In Vietnam 4

Replace these wheels, the light area of the chassis is increased from 3 to 4 cm compared to the original.

The suspension has been replaced by a suspension system that makes the car able to move better in difficult roads and feels very smooth when traveling on a flat road.

Snorkel helps the car to go deeper water, normally this Ford Ranger can wade about 800mm high, when installing Safari snorkel, the ability to wade increases so that the water does not enter the mouth of the snorkel. With this breathing tube, water will not be able to go inside the combustion chamber of the vehicle, avoiding the phenomenon of hydrostatic or any phenomenon that has water in the engine.

The tailpipe located under the water does not really affect the operation of the car because the car is always discharged from the exhaust so it will not draw in.

In addition to normal driving skills, we must know how to operate the equipment on the vehicle to move the car better in the harshest conditions.

The brand of course has its own appeal, but the user will choose the purpose and style to best suit his car because the car is the personality of the owner. car.

Discovering Ford Ranger With Nature In Vietnam 5

ARB rear bumper is fitted with front bumper, in addition to the function to protect the back, it is equipped with hooks so we can help tow rescue others, and this hippon helps the car to tow. The car is designed to fit the equipment available on the car so it looks very neat and tidy.

The Ford Ranger has a weight of about 2.2 tons, when the equipment is added, the weight of the vehicle increases to 300 kg, the total weight of the vehicle after weighting is about 2.5 tons. And of course, there are also solutions to make the car apart from being beautiful, heavier, and running stronger, can choose hardware solutions such as air filtration, air intake to increase the amount of oxygen put into Better combustion chamber will make the capacity increased significantly. In addition, the car has been equipped with an exhaust system that makes the exhaust system escape faster. In terms of software, the car is also equipped with the accelerator sensor to help the car reduce the stall speed. The accelerator sensor helps the electric throttle motor reduce the delay, and is divided into different levels of different steps, especially since it has been tested by many brands so it can be used safely on models. car. The accelerator sensor works on the principle of creating a resistor to cut down the throttle pedal and reduce the delay a lot.

Discovering Ford Ranger With Nature In Vietnam 6

When in the forest with the Ford Ranger equipped with this full option, rest assured sleep, can ensure the whole family (about 4 people) sleep in the car. We can have great parties and rest spaces with a tent installed right in the trunk.

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