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Discover details of Tesla Model X Edition P100D

Discover details of Tesla Model X version P100D priced at $400k - the fastest SUV in the world

Hello my friends are present at Son Tung auto No. 568 Dinh Lam and standing right next to me this can be said to be a super product of the world. It is a 100% powered vehicle. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a product of the tesla model X with the code P100D which means the most advanced version of the X model. This is a two-wheeled SUV crushsilver with the number of seats somewhere around 6-7 people. . This is a vehicle that can be called strange and very rare in Vietnam, very very rare in Vietnam. Son Tung auto imported and sold with a price somewhere between 380 and 400 thousand dollars, about 8 billion, over 8 billion, this is not a small number for an electric car. . Yes. Electric cars that look like battery cars are actually batteries. Like that kind of child and this car is so let's find out.

First go to the exterior of the car first, then we will learn more. This car is very strange, it has a black car shaped key on the bottom that says the X model is like a lock of a car without any buttons and very strange that it does not have a button to open the door and when you go close to the door will open and go away from the car, the door will close. If it touches this area, it will open by itself. Ah, it's already opened the trunk, so I have to press the button to open it, then close it like there's a lock here and I haven't discovered it yet. And the trunk of this Tesla Model X doesn't have an engine inside. Why is it because it's an electric car with no engine in the cabin where we can carry things. Okay, I'll close the trunk. Put this back and put the key in your pocket.

Discover details of Tesla Model X Edition P100D 1

+ Manual driving extremely standard floor

The lights of Tesla are very strange. Two LED daytime position lights are installed all the cars are LEDs around, the car also has sensors I have not detected the front camera anywhere. . No cameras here yet. I wonder if the car has a front camera. Then go to this hip. And there is a camera on your hip, instead of a mirror, it's in the word Tesla and here is a camera on a concrete pole, right on the door, on the door.

Now we see talking about the wheels. How many inches of this car's wheels, you know, very big, doesn't fit. This set of wheels is a 22-inch one, ladies and gentlemen, which means it's bigger than the latest version of the latest Land Rover. This is an extremely large, extremely thin version of the wheel.

Discover details of Tesla Model X Edition P100D 2So how does this Tesla car operate, it will move 2 bridges. It has two electric motors one electric motor in front somewhere somewhere around 259 horsepower and one electric motor in the rear somewhere somewhere more than 500 more than 500 horsepower the sum of the two power of these two engines put it together. more than 700 horsepower 600 700 horsepower and its highest acceleration in terms of package, on the highest equipment package is 2.9s from 0 to 100 km per hour means that it heard with a Methanol. Wow. Can you believe an electric SUV that accelerates as fast as one. It is unbelievable. It is unbelievable but it is a fact. It accelerates horribly and this car it runs on electricity and then it needs to charge, it takes longer to charge, it takes about 9 hours, 9-10 hours from the night before to wake up. then the next day and then go. But its battery is very high somewhere 100kWh which means you can go in nearly 500km, nearly 500km offline. That's a very far distance, but only the current Tesla charging stations in Vietnam are not available. And you have to charge it in its own charger, it's a box like this, it's like the box you charge your phone. When charging the phone, its anapter chhir is as small as a matchbox and the anapter of this is big, as big as a boxDiscover details of Tesla Model X Edition P100D 3 this. Only the power plug does not work, it must be plugged directly into 3-phase power, it is a bit inconvenient but I do not know if later vinfast electric car, it will plug or not, I do not know yet but we have wait. And it's a bit inconvenient right now, but in terms of appearance, this car is really weird, the tail looks a bit weird if it's like an SUV, not really, like It's the same thing. In fact, the design is a bit strange compared to the cars we see every day. Behind it is Model X and This is the p100d version, but P is portforman is strong, power means this is the strongest version of Model X, there are X versions in which 100 D is the lowest level , this version is the strongest 7 hundred horsepower that is on par with Lamborghini Aventador.

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Discover details of Tesla Model X version P100D 4Keep opening Cop. If you open the trunk, you will easily see the three rows of seats, three rows of seats with the rear seats not knowing whether it is wide enough or not. The car has a long design, so this trunk is not small when you set up 3 rows of seats, hoping that the third row of seats will be wide enough. When the first one of this linen, it will There is another very large storage box too. If this is a golf club, I think it will be a little tight, to erect, cross diagonally ok. No one to build like that, it will break the stick. That closes into this opening.

And now we're going this way to open the door. This door is very nice, the door behind it will ... stop talking about the back door and tell the front door, tell the front door has no key, nothing to press, nothing to We signal whether it is locked or unlocked. This key too Discover details of Tesla Model X Edition P100D 5There is no button, there is no button at all, but when you go near the car, it will unlock the door itself, if you want to open this, press the button to open it yourself. Open it later and it will close itself and how it will close itself, please open the other door, I'll let you know how it closes.

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Please. Then invite you to come in, I will open. That's all you need to close the door. Just step on the brake pedal. This door will close itself without us pulling, it understands that we want to go. And when you step on the brake, the light will go to the engine and it will be ready, not to explode, there is no ignition button, in this compartment. Does that look scary? And now we explore the interior from left to right. This door handle is made of this plastic, this handle is made of wood, very beautiful, this panel is very beautiful, this area is made of hard plastic, these plastics are plastic. high-end that is plastic, then the interior of the car is not plastic, there are its plastic materials are extremely high-end, very very high-end. The upper part is made somewhere with soft plastic, while the bottom is the same.

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Discover details of Tesla Model X version P100D 6 All the buttons on the door handle are like a mercedes-benz mirror adjustment button, it's identical to mercedes-benz, not exactly the same, which Tesla uses from Mercedes-Benz, this is the area. Here, here, this area is exactly the same as the Mercedes-Benz. Then need the gear, gulong and turn signals of mercedes-benz used things to put in this number, D number L, N number here. That control the same thing, control the steering wheel too. In summary, the use of mercedes-benz, this steering wheel also uses of this mercedes-benz only thing is to change the design and logo here. What is impressive about Tesla is probably ... I just said the part in front of it, is the screen, the speedometer screen is an extremely sharp screen, very very sharp. Now how to show it to you, it's here. Next is this central screen, it doesn't have any mechanical buttons, it doesn't have any physical buttons, and it's somewhere about 17 inches as big as a television here and controlled. This is all. It has to be this big to be happy, but you'll be a bit awkward, a little awkward when starting to control this screen. Not a little confusing but rather it will take time.

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I think it takes half a day, when you get used to it, you click or call to own it Discover details of Tesla Model X Edition P100D 3here it will be a little awkward or even us when buying a new phone and we are still embarrassed. Is it right? So up here, too, all of these screens, it will be directed to the driver, the driver will be centered so that the control is easier, the tiles are surrounded by wood, a very beautiful wood. , a very beautiful wood. Above is the soft leatherette this air-conditioning vents, in this part is also this wood paneling, this wood paneling is always very similar to the model of Mercedes-Benz with many storage compartments, not all. If you look up at this ceiling, normally on the ceiling this part of our cars normally it will be a closed part but here it is just one that extends to my head are all glass, socks The whole area is glass. Above it is sun protection against the rays, and it has a sunblock here, this sunscreen is very small, it can be pulled in very small, very small, Tesla is confident. is that the sun will not be able to penetrate this glass so they make a very small shield this is also good.

This sunscreen has a magnet when you slide it into this position, it automatically sucks in here, it will suck in always without having a G, which is very interesting. What a modern, smart car design. There, the mirror is Trang Trang mirror this one, I don't need to say too much. The radar and camera systems are also up there. That ceiling is very luxurious suede tiles. Open the headrest to see. The armrest is also wooden, so it can slide out of itself. The armrest just slipped out, there was only one cup area here, nothing special. Because this car is a brand new hard car, we have to keep the plastic wrap around to keep the new car, it is very difficult to borrow from Son Tung Auto to make a quick introduction. For you guys, I hope that you guys understand, so we just stopped at this level of plastic wrap and couldn't take it off. But we will test drive it for you later.

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Discover details of Tesla Model X version P100D 8And now, go to the back row. I want to see what the backseat looks like. The door of the second row seats later is very nice, it is good that it opens this type of bird wing, this, that ... is strange when you enter you just press the button on this side pillar it will close on its own. Now I'm here. It is in the second row seats that are exactly the same as the first row seats, which means it has the same sporty style. You look at the headrest and chair layout will see very wide and can slide up and down can be adjusted. Now I will adjust my position comfortably, this is my relatively comfortable position. Close the door, close this side.

See if there's a bump to the head, the shoulder rest here is great, but there's no armrest here, there's no armrest here I don't like, if there's a armrest here it'll be more comfortable, There is only one left hand. This chair is too small for us to have a walkway later, that is the air conditioner here, the charging port. Discover details of Tesla Model X version P100D 9USB here, full is not missing anything, there are additional air-conditioning in this pillar B. That's the B-pillar, this ceiling also has a glass door on it is the car's door. Then now I'll go to the back row to see if it's wide enough. Here my seat is a little tight and a little tight and actually this knee is ok but my left knee touched the upper chair a little bit, maybe push the chair up a little is ok. My head touched this glass if I went to the bump and the head protruded, I don't know if this glass will break or not, so I think this row of seats is only suitable for the height of 1m6. It makes sense to fall down or be childish.

And of course, it has an air-conditioned door here, which also has room for hair here and all suede upholstery around, suede upholstery around. I just know this is a bit strange. It's strange that there's something here rather than something like this. Of course it also has something very nice. Tesla did not know how users feel in Vietnam. If anyone has used this car and watched this video, can you comment to let us know if you feel satisfied or not, or is it uncomfortable at any point?

I'll go out now and I'll show you what else. At the moment, our exterior and interior look only like that.

 Here, close here, it has a red button here, you will press this red button. There and that door Discover details of Tesla Model X version P100D 10will automatically close down. This car has a great feature, which means that when you get in the car you will choose to dance. But only today we will not turn on that feature because the battery of the car is not much, you can search for videos online, select the dance mode, it will play humming music, its lights blink, the door it waved it indented, its mirror opened and opened, very nice. The camera here I don't know what to do right now, is it possible to scan the 360 feature or to identify the person next to me. Now, you want me to give it a try, give it a try and see how Tesla is doing. Now I will open the door for my friend to get in the car first to sit and buckle up first, then I'll go. Then invite Mr. Tom Shrimp to buckle up, the door is the snuff door. And now I will come up to this side, the door will open automatically, on this seat, this position will be my driving position, press the brake once, the car will automatically close and I will fasten the seat belt. .

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Then wait a sec, put on the seatbelt for sure, some and the plastic here, probably already have a seatbelt already ok. Now Discover details of Tesla Model X version P100D 11Now the road is a bit crowded, I'll put the gear in reverse, that's not necessary, the tram is quiet. When entering the reverse gear, both mirrors will bend down to the position we have chosen. I will whistle, and then take the first step, for sure when I go on the road will be a bit crowded. This is a hard new car so be very careful, it has more than 8 billion left so it must be very careful. When I ride this car, when it comes to the gear, the mirror will turn open, then I will adjust the mirror a little nice, too beautiful. Now that I've noticed, sitting here is completely different from the other cars because it's a full-glass ceiling, here you keep imagining like you don't have anything on your head here, Extremely happy, very happy always.

Wow the sight it was extremely happy to say softly. Although the P pole is a bit big, it's a bit big, but the mirror is very slender so you won't get too much points. Especially these glass ceilings, sitting on the car it is not cramped, really happy, really happy. Here this car says it looks like, it's a car without a number, it only has a number so it goes quite similar to the scooters, scooters but the motor scooter you release it will see. one, it doesn't follow the momentum of inertia like cars with internal combustion engines. That's the tram it is, but it doesn't have the momentum of inertia where it hangs down a bit. The steering wheel can be said to be smooth, can be said to be smooth, there is nothing to complain about this steering wheel at all. I feel this steering wheel is even thicker, louder than the sensation, the sensation. With the mirror, it looks a little small, the mirror does notDiscover details of Tesla Model X version P100D 12 With wide-angle, both sides of the mirror are anti-glare mirrors, meaning that when any car has a headlight on, the mirror will automatically darken. This is a very expensive option. This ceiling is beautiful, this ceiling above it is dark glass, it is this dark glass. You can push the camera over there so you can see it all, the dark glasses here and there, the part in front of it is bright again. That's cool, how Tesla makes technology so cool. We are currently stopping at the red light.

When you stop the red light like this, the electricity it consumes is not much, mostly on the screen and on the air conditioner, the rest is the engine is almost in view mode. is the standby mode, it doesn't work at all and I haven't touched this screen just yet, this screen that is on the way we go like this is very difficult to adjust because it is easy to lose Concentrate if you're unfamiliar. I will now adjust this air conditioner, this control. Oh, this is a lot, this chair is a shock absorber Discover details of Tesla Model X version P100D 13Hey, hey, hey, hey. I'm putting two, this shock absorber is air suspension shock absorber. Lift and lift this comfortable, high and low, driving, I'll drive in normal mode only. The part of this fserpration is the accelerator, the accelerator is there for some modes here, there is this mode is very fast, faster than this sport. This seriesmort is the steering wheel mode, there is comfort, sandard and sport is light weight adjustment .fortfort must be very light and smooth. Sandard is normal we go everyday. And sport is that it will harden to ensure the car is more stable. Then now we will adjust to normal mode and go away. Now I'll turn the turn signal.

Then in the front it will have a bunch of radar. This road is so crowded. In front of it was a series of radar to scan the cars in front. Look at this, it's on the screen there are always lots of cars in the front. There, it will scan right away so you have to be careful, it reminds you, it reminds you that car. That's cool, it's nice to have launched the Tesla car company and actually not the Tesla car manufacturer, I remember correctly, actually the Tesla electric cars were born. Modern like this, however Discover details of Tesla Model X version P100D 14This I-learn will have a hard time in the near future, I am sure that because all of the great car manufacturers today, the hardworking people are now making electric cars and with a long life. their hundred-year history is sure they will make cars that are really attractive, even more attractive than tesla, even electric cars because they already have a brand already, and Tesla only is just new. It is true that sitting in this Tesla car is sitting in an SUV, but I am adjusting the roar of it relatively high, even a step higher, watching the vision it will be very airy. Especially with this glasses, go smoothly. I don't dare to accelerate because this is a new car. Hanoi is too crowded today.

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The only thing is that when you go, you almost won't hear a sound. Just now, I turned on the radio tune, I forgot it, but I didn't turn it off, just chattering means that there's no noise from the engine. Can you hear it? Did you hear that? That the whistle of the bus is almost extremely quiet and did not hear a sound at all, quiet, quiet, quiet that must be said to be strangely smooth, quiet and smooth. Here, I speed up a bit. Ui, he turned to film a little closer. This car is 2.9 Discover details of Tesla Model X Edition P100D 15Second acceleration then from 0 to 100km, which means that it accelerates extremely fast, accelerates sensitivity, accelerates right from the first water that is always jerky but it is smooth electric car. I can't believe this kind of acceleration is so cool. What an animal that wears a gentle car, this is obviously an animal that wears a gentle car exactly not wrong because it accelerates terribly 2.9 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h. But it's as big as this, roaring it as high as this. And that's because I haven't put in sport mode yet. I just put it in the mode called ... Oh, this is sport, but not yet the mode is stronger than sport, horrible, but it was already so fast, horribly fast.

Let me have a look. There is also a cold weather mode. Here, warm this steering wheel, heat this glass, and then all the seats. Oh cool, that means it uses a high-power electric vehicle in this car so it can change the temperature in the car very well with lots of air vents and cooling systems such as heating for the chairs. That's cool, speeding up this time. I assure you that there is not oneDiscover details of Tesla Model X version P100D 16 SUVs that are present, are present in Vietnam now accelerated as fast as this car including super cars. Electric cars it will accelerate faster than the type of internal combustion engine, relatively there. The first class if you look for a video, I remember rightly, a famous car review channel abroad, they tried the Tesla electric car to accelerate faster.

That's amazing, it's amazing, it's just how fast Tesla's Roadster is, 1.9 seconds to 0 to 100 km / h means the fastest car accelerates. In the world. When you press the accelerator, it can flick up like a rocket always, horrible. Driving a bit, then feel quite familiar with this car already. The suspension is quiet, the suspension is quiet, the air is quiet. Surely you will wonder if this speaker is good or not? I am also wondering here. Currently, I haven't connected anything yet so I won't allow it if I ask for permission, otherwise it will be a bit distracting. The button of this screen will be a bit confusing when we are new to it. The mechanical button will make it easier for us to get used to it, which is one, the drawback of this screen, once we get used to it, it is very fast like the way we use the iPhone. It was strange at first but when it got used to it, it was very fast. There is also a voice-out button, so if you want to give orders without having to click here, it will be simpler and of course you must speak English.

Discover details of Tesla Model X version P100D 17And, of course, I have yet to understand the command of this car so it will take a bit of time. This screen is very good. It will recognize the car in front and it will show the car. Great, the sensors around the car are always nice or cool. Then maybe someday if someone of the Tesla car who wants me to let us late really wants us to borrow to see how this car works more closely, we will Going on a longer road trip, maybe a street fight in our street will go longer to check how well this vehicle is capable of operating it and in many of those situations. But this is the first time driving so it will feel it is not really clear on all roads. Right now, I can only say that sitting is very happy, the vision is clear, the shock is very smooth. Needless to go, electric motors are as smooth as silk, fine silk. That is the standard steering wheel, the steering wheel is very standard, extremely fast, terrible acceleration and the technologies in the car can be said to be very full, very very complete, that's all.

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Discover details of Tesla Model X version P100D 18That was my first impression of this Tesla Model X version of this P100D. I must say that its electric motor was horrible. I have never dared to think that electric motors can do the magic of speeding up this fast but of course it will not be really fun, not really exciting. Running an internal combustion engine and having that gearbox, it still had something it was cute about, it was difficult to describe, although maybe the electric car would grow a lot later so running it would idle, leisurely like this. As for running an internal combustion engine, it has a new gearbox, but not everyone likes it. I assert once again, the vast majority just need to be economical, safe and smooth, but also to play well and compete like this, that is probably the number that it occupies very little. Today, the streets in Hanoi are very crowded, the traffic lights are red, so this car is a bit shaky because this car is a new hard car and the price is also high. Just a moment ago there was a flap of his head that he called right away.

The car is very smart, more than 8 billion for this car. You can buy a very good Range Rover Discover details of Tesla Model X version P100D 19short. Then these taxis went too brittle. Then this bike will brake itself, it will stop automatically, like hold mode, without braking. It will stop by itself. Now I adjust to see if there is ... yes, find a listen to music. Difficult thanks, I have not connected to the bluetooth yet, so ... listen to music, radio here. Go to link 4, link 2.7 and turn it on. Oi, just listen to the radio but also spread out spreads there. Its bass is neat but it is not booming. Here, look at the rear camera. When someone comes near, it shows right away so I can look and watch for it easy and convenient. This is the geolocation, even here it is connected to the internet, Google these things. Great, this button doesn't understand what this is. Here it is, this is the camera button. There, there is a car in the front and around the car, it will report immediately whenever there are no obstacles near the car, it will report immediately at the screen. It will increase according to color level. For example, light color, light yellow, it will be far away then it will darken and then it will turn red. Red means very close. Very well, then I'll turn the baby less so we can talk. Very quiet, this car goes very smoothly and very loading.

But really, I didn't dare to go so clumsy because this is a new car and this is not my car. I will try it a bit fidgety. Hahaha, a high-flying flary, no, more than a flary, accelerating faster than a flary is a high-flying aventadore. Hoohoho, great, but the only thing is that this steering wheel, recognizing it as that ordinary model, electric car, so this steering wheel would not be as happy as Discover details of Tesla Model X version P100D 20the sports car, the sports car is powered by oil, it judges it with absolute accuracy, this car is also a bit superficial, it is not superficial to say that but it is still smooth. In short it will make you smooth, not sharp. It has to use iron, English people call it salt, the steering wheel must be sharp, it must be extremely accurate and fast, only sports cars, I can have that feeling. It's still a bit commercial, it's a bit ... a lot of people say it's a bit vague superficial is true but commercial vehicles that it can not give us a sense of shame and must be on the car If it were to criticize a commercial vehicle, it would be superfluous.

It has to be like a commercial vehicle, it's standard, it's smooth and it's still extremely accurate. That's cool, but the emotion that it gives the driver ... I think it will like and delight the average consumer. Normally here for me, people who like comfort don't like liking bunkers, and speed up like a sudden roar. Although this car will accelerate very quickly, this car still brings a sense of comfort, smoothness and relaxation. Relax is a very accurate word to say about this car, when driving when needed, it will turn into an animal in less than a note. There you see. The camera is jerking, bounce. MeanDiscover details of Tesla Model X version P100D 14 is to drive this car very carefully, very very carefully rather than..is you will cool a shot that the car will become a rocket. Very quickly, maybe we will experience it here, but we have to go a little more small to return to Son Tung serum to return the car here. Sitting in air condition seems to be quite cool. I am setting it at 25 degrees but it is still cool, I will set it to 23 degrees to make it cold, probably 20 to make it cold, 20 to be very cold and it again consumes gasoline and fuel, battery.

I'm sorry, just set 24, 23; 22.5. The street is too crowded. The look, look at this screen at first looks a bit strange, it looks big, it has something it is not used to. It feels like something is overwhelmed. You turn here and look at this, it was a bit overwhelmed and then it went white and white somehow. Must fix this, it is better than this. It's a little overwhelming and for the fastidious you will find it a bit monotonous, it is too simple, so it is a bit monotonous. It is the physical buttons to push it, sometimes it is the ... the details to shrink, to decorate the interior cars become more beautiful. So this is a screen dwelling here. It is clear that in terms of technology it is clear that it is very technology and use, I think it is also relatively easy. Only it's a bit too simple, a bit too simple. Admittedly, it's a bit too simple. The steering wheel is the same, the steering wheel is a bit too simple.

Discover details of Tesla Model X version P100D 4And it's a bit of a stylistic, it's simply a little bit lighter. This steering wheel is as monotonous as the steering wheel of that I10 car. It doesn't have a button and it doesn't have any personality. Although I like this T logo very much, this T is my name, Tony, Tony Pham. If you want to add facebook, then find Tony Pham, my Facebook add. I like this logo very much, except the design is a bit boring, a bit boring, a bit boring. That's all, today the road is quite crowded but this ride is comfortable. Riding is also very comfortable. If this car were sold in Vietnam about 3 billion, it would be even more comfortable but it sold 8 billion stressed out, more than 8 billion, 380 thousand to 400 look. Previously, there were people who sold for up to 12 billion, but it must be discounted now, more than 8 billion. Let's see, the dollar is 23 now, multiplied by 23 is more than 8 billion. 3 times 3 is 9, oh 9 billion, 9 billion, 9 billion is expensive. This 9 billion vehicle is equal to a Range Rover, Range Rover big box version, big box version.

Of course, it is 3.0 HSE version but not equal to the auto geography version but that is scary, because the price is high. Of course, in return we experience new technologies and this car accelerates much faster than Range Rover, regardless of the range of Range Rover lined up here. Accept one eye, always accept two eyes, both hands and feet. This one is just this speeding up, Aventadore accelerating head water may not be as fast as this one, let alone Range Rover. There, that's what ... Discover details of Tesla Model X version P100D 11but running this one in Vietnam is toxic, important that it is toxic, no one has used it much, only counting on the fingers. I think in Vietnam, probably somewhere below 5, under 5. It's poisonous, it's strange, surely a lot of people will see it on the way. It was strange, the door opened the bird's wings and so on and so forth. And now we have reached Son Tung Auto's serum, 568 Dinh Lam. If you want to buy this, you can meet Hue, the owner of Son Tung Auto, the phone number will probably be printed at the bottom of the screen for you to pay more attention. Now I'm going to get off this car, stop this car.

Don't forget to subscribe to the car's YouTube channel and hit the bell to watch the video more often. Now goodbye and leave your comment if this video is nice and nice. Let us know your opinion on this car. Goodbye and see you in the next video. Bye bye.

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