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First time playing with trucks Do Thanh IZ65 soft price in Vietnam

First time playing with trucks Do Thanh IZ65 soft price in Vietnam

Hello everyone Hello, today, we are going to make a match; ahh once again haha and today is not a car yes, I myself do not like cars anymore, I do not like SUVs anymore, I am not a pickup, I do not like to sell download again and today it's a truck and right here in this position we can clearly see one thing that is very important that this car is Euro 4 standard is seen as new then that latest , latest, newest, and this car is so beautiful, so Tien, this car is Do Thanh IZ65, is it a car of a Vietnamese brand?

At the Vietnamese brand but the Vietnamese brand but it has a Japanese spirit in it, how can I look at the Vietnamese car look so good, oh, the Vietnamese car right now is no different from a Japanese car, It's beautiful, and now we'll see where the Japanese spirit is, this one has this Projector lamp, the truck has Projector too, where, here, this is going to be the main projector. nah, below is the headlights, now I'm not playing anymore, but I have to say the head of the car looks good, here, the front of the car feels safe, yes this is an IZ65 and this is The latest model of Do Thanh car company in Vietnam.

First time playing with DZ IZ65 truck price in Vietnam 1

Yes and for the time being we are looking at the appearance of the AZ65 IZ65 and now we will take a ride around, take a look around, see how a mechanical chassis is thanks. It's been a long time since we had a car that can see the car behind, thanks to it, it looks sturdy, it looks okay .. I'm not familiar with the truck's xexy, but if I came back, it was the looker. then I see it, it looks solid, neat wires and everything, it, it's neat and tidy, oh the important thing is that Vietnamese cars we have to check the wires star?

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Yes, and the electrical wiring is very neat, very important. Yes, a vehicle like this is not able to carry goods, yes, it has to go through a vehicle like this, go out. Here I see if it's okay to see inside, are you going to go inside the box ?, No, I want to look at the meticulousness of the iron because of that box, they do it but they don't do it well. this side is very easy to break but it looks good, it doesn't matter that I see the welding hinge is very nice, the welding hinge is very nice, yeah, it has the Do Thanh logo, which means meticulous is not a market, yes, and this trunk is also very wide, it has two segments to choose from: segment 1 overall 6 and a half tons, 6 and a half tons, also That's okay thanks, the load is 3.49 tons and the 2nd segment is a total of 4.99 tons with a load of 2.2 tons, well, I see that if my house has loads, the one is about 2.2 tons. That's fine, that's right. And we'll open the box, the key point is on our truck will you see if the engine bay is full of you, well or Mr. Tien can open it for me, yes, let me open it here, it's very easy, very easy.

First time playing with trucks Do Thanh IZ65 price in Vietnam 2

Yes and here is the engine block of the IZ65 car this is an ISUZU engine block, here is the word ISUZU right below, the Japanese engine, yes and how much cylinder capacity is this engine block Mr. Hung Lam, this engine is a little bit more 2.7 and has a horsepower of 109 horsepower, in short, it's like an oil engine on a truck, it's not too bad, I think it's okay to keep it up. A truck like this, enough to use you, enough to use.

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Yes, and the most important thing about this engine block is that it uses unreal direct fuel injection system and this direct fuel injection system will make the engine block stronger and it is like it is more economical, exactly, burns the oil better, I like the most in this place is because it's Japanese only because it will be durable, I still like what it is as durable as I said to him, yes, because uh, if we persevere, if we save money because the truck is a car to make money, not a car to go to play but want to make money, besides the fact that we make money, If we spend less money then it is also a way to make money, so the Japanese engine will be durable and it will be less broken, which is a very good one.

First time playing with DZ IZ65 truck price in Vietnam 3

First time playing with trucks Do Thanh IZ65 price in Vietnam 4

Yes and now Hung Lam and I will go on a test drive to see how this DoZ65 truck will be able to operate.Yes leather, the interior is also something. It's so wide thanks to this three-person seat, Tien, that person has a seatbelt for the person in the middle, right.

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Hey, how come there is a cruise control button on the truck but that's true, that's right, I'm quite surprised because on this car it has so many cruise control options and then adjusting the lights up and down, oh! Oh my God! Yes there is a player, this one has a DVD option This one has a DVD option too, it's good that it can be as much as in my car thanks, actually, I feel sorry for the car drivers download people who go on very long journeys so if they have something to entertain them, like listening to music, then my journey will be shorter right, yes and more relaxed more straight, yes, yes.

Although I was riding without cargo in the back, but I still felt this car was smooth, the part, the front part was quite quiet and soundproof normally, I went to other trucks, the area The capin area is the noisiest area because the machine is underneath, the machine is right below, yes, but in this car, I can clearly see that the machine is very smooth, accurate, but it There is one more like this, besides the cost of materials and maintenance costs because trucks are cars that we need to maintain regularly, that's right, yes if but the maintenance cost is reduced because the car is durable, it will make the business units or the drivers will reduce the burden, that's right, that's right, so I've been here for a while If you don't download it, then this car is strong, okay, strong, strong, I'm running the number 4 to go up this slope, the number is okay, um actually I'm the one who really hates riding thugs, huh, But I've been in this car for a while now running as if it were riding a xedan but it was very light, it was really light, in fact, it was very big, a bus or a truck, its clutch was quite easy, quite easy. , pretty easy, I thought it would be hard but actually it's easy, right, correct, quite easy.

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First time playing with DZ IZ65 truck in Vietnam 5

Vietnam is a country that we will never be able to leave a car or truck because we have a country of very long length, yes, we have to use roads. trucks like this will be very important vehicles to deliver the goods to each household, exactly, and if the cost of transporting them decreases, then the pressure other forces also decrease, yes, actually, I care most about that lifespan, it's still a key issue, it's durable, it's good and it's economical is the most important thing. but the most durable thing is the engine, but if the engine that you have been driving for two or three years and it broke down in the middle of the road, it would be very tiring to spend money continuously, it is very tired. It was extremely annoying, I was willing to spend money to fix it, but it was so bad that it was very tired so, for what it was to belong to that heart, it had to be really strong, right. Yes, it must be very durable , should choose something like that.

First time playing with DZ IZ65 truck price in Vietnam 6

Yes and we often get used to the truck's interior, which is kinda rough, quite hard but it looks so tired in general, it looks boring, right, right, but when you get in the car If this IZ65 is clear, this interior gives me a very strange feeling, It's like a model of something, it's like a 15-seat car, like that of Ford Transit, yes, it still has something as good as (8:15) looking at it still carries something that is pleasant, pleasant, and it does not seem so trivial, like a truck is the truck, that's right, that's right, but it's still servicing the driver and the person next to it, looking at it properly.

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Now I will get off the bus to change my brother's skills, then ok, today, Mr. Lam, Mr. Lam, I will instruct him to drive a truck, ok, usually on long journeys. then we will always have a driver and a brother, then. And now I want to adjust this seat, which is convenient and that seats, ok, and I want to adjust the aa steering wheel, steering wheel, which is a truck that is like a car. It can be said as a car, I adjust it to best suit my stature, plug the charger, the button can also charge the iPhone, that's usually when you go to the truck, the torque is big. so I always go to number 2, that, like thanks, after I finished the truck, I don't want to ride a car because of its high sitting, right, I look at it happy right , happy, looking happy, to GG decelerated, ok.

I will try the smoothness of the area, and the back area must be very hard so that it can hold many rows, this wheel is also relatively light, smooth, wow, wait. It's a bit fast, I didn't expect this G to be so high. It's the best thing to ride in the truck, don't be afraid to shutdown, yes, the torque is big, it's big, it pulls well, up here we are well lined it is quite smooth, it is quite insulated, this car, this car, according to you, it is known that it is equipped with ABS brakes Tien, oh, ABS brakes always Hey, ABS always, yes, the truck has ABS, the ABS will combine with the air brake, the exhaust gas, yes, it will take advantage of the engine's exhaust gas, often the big vehicles it uses. using that, it sums up well and the important thing is that sitting on the truck the space is so wide I feel like I'm in the room and the air conditioner will spread out, not me It feels like it is pressed against you like it is on a car body.

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According to a truck like this, do you know how often the warranty usually takes ?, Oh my house has a truck, oh, usually the warranty will be 100000km and or three years depending on the conditions on the side, huh Yes, this truck is the warranty like that, well before we used to make those kids, we thought the truck was big, hard to drive, but when we got past the trucks, oh its easier to drive than a car, easy, very easy to drive, especially looking at this high position is very happy thanks, yes and this glasses it has a lens for far projection, a lens for near projection and I will see it the whole vehicle, you can see it all, in short, it is safe and the most important thing is that you know that the cabin is not a machine in the front, a machine is underneath so it is very easy to base it, That's right, even sitting here can align the charging floor always, see all clean floor it always, exactly.

First time playing with trucks Do Thanh IZ65 price in Vietnam 7

With a truck that can be said that the engine is stable and works well like this, how much money can Mr. Tien reveal, the price of this car is 4 hundred 20 million dong a price that can be said is that with an army of IZ65 cars, we can plow a lot of money, 420 million is too reasonable for a car that has a Japanese engine, I found something quite smart on the car. hey, what is this ?, that is if we put the glass on the cup, the air-conditioner will blow into the bottle and the bottle will cool as well, yeah yeah standard, no, but reminded the air conditioner to say that the air conditioner is cool and cool, that's why it is possible that this company took advantage of that place to place a cup, or, or, very smart, Very nice, sometimes just a small adjustment of the position is enough to make us get a comfortable, right, right, right, accurate. Yes and with this car we have have an SD port, SD memory card, yes c The driver can save the music, the famous songs and we will put it in, actually I think this SD port is a bit redundant because it has this USB port, I use USB more often. there, USB is easier to install, yeah it's easier to install, this SD is a bit complicated, only those who unfortunately have available then use it but now tell me to buy the SD card I plugged in here is a bit admit right, right, the USB it turns more then this is plugged into the USB port, choking the phone always right, it has two options always, USB port and port, in fact they have to please all even the most demanding customers, but actually, I find this a little redundant, right, right, right, right, too careful, too careful, too careful.

In fact, it is not expected that today's trucks will improve like that thanks to, progressive, progressive. Okay, today when I first experienced the truck, it was really quite comfortable with this Chengdu car, IZ65 đặc especially about what it is Japanese actually it is a car that can say It's Japanese but it's made in Vietnam so it's priced in Vietnam, that's what I like most in this car, well that's very important, because the car it will go to used by more people and cars with ABS safety features like this car, Japanese machines like this, it should operate on Vietnam roads to make the Vietnamese roads safer. and in a nutshell, with a car that will last longer, I will earn longer money and you guys, how will you choose the car that can comment below to let us know and Is there anyone in the house using a truck please leave a comment.

Hello everyone, hello!

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