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Guiding to practice the Gplx A2 large-displacement motorbike test

Guiding to practice the Gplx A2 large-displacement motorbike test

The test for the A1 and A2 grade exams is composed of 4 parts, and the easiest part to make a mistake is the figure 8. We will go through its dimensions carefully to find a good solution in the practical exam. a2 class driving license Please.

Table 1. Dimensions of the 8 test in size (Size in meters)

Parameter size

Grade A1

Grade A2

R1 outer radius 3,0 3,4
The radius of the inner circle and the radius of the series of inflections between the two outer circles Ro 2,3 2,5
Center distance between two inner circles 5,7 6,3
Center distance between inner circle and outer circle 5,3 5,0


Analyze 4 related tests:


Lesson 1: Take picture 8

Lesson 2: Traveling in a straight line (narrow road)

Lesson 3: Going on a road with barriers

Lesson 4: Traveling rough




Before the exam:

  1. Observe the previous exam carefully to:
  • Type (this is very important when we don't belong but we run the wrong way means we will be disqualified)
  • Identify errors and remedies (this is very important, when we see where the previous person is wrong, we will find solutions for us to fix those points and when doing the actual exam, we will avoid those errors).
  1. Psychological preparation:
  • Knowing the minimum passing score of 80/100, each time touching the bar, or the anti-foot minus 5 points, most errors occur on the 8th round (note in the 8th round test we will be entitled to 4 times )
  • Calmly continue the test when the machine reports a mistake (there are many friends when the machine reported a mistake, they were frantically saying they could not do it, I have to calm down because when I made a mistake 1 time, 2 times, 3 times, 4 times times, the 5th time we start deducting, when we make a mistake, we continue to do it because we still have a lot of points to pass, note that we have to calmly continue the test when the machine error report)
  • Breathe deeply before taking the test (when we take a deep breath scientifically, Oxi will enter our brain much to create calm for us or we can see when we lose our temper, neck. we often choke but when we breathe deeply we feel like it has cleared already)

When entering the test:

  1. Only when the signal is given when the order is given (that is, when the vehicle number 5 starts, then we will start the exam, many people who have no signal have already run in when the examiner told them to stop coming back, they I was puzzled then our mentality would be very heavy and our departure would not be good)
  2. Use No. 1 or No. 2 to perform the test (No. 1 has a higher pass rate, because when going to No. 2 and we taper it unevenly, the speed of the car will go high and it may fall out of the ring. No. 8, coming out of round 8 is very dangerous very easy to be deducted points)
  3. Clutch and throttle for the car to go slowly and evenly (should use the rear brake, not the front brake, because when using the front brake, the brakes are very sensitive we will lose the braking clearance so our vehicle is difficult to control )
  4. Control the front wheel sticking to the left side of the door and the door (the door and the door are two places where a lot of points are deducted because the door and the door are like going into a narrow space but perpendicular if you go) If smart, the rear wheel will press, when new when the rear wheel is pressed, the machine will give an error when we will be under great pressure)
  5. Control the front wheel to stick to the outer edge of the 8th ring with a distance of 10-15cm (because the width of the A2 test road is 9 inches (90cm), when driving the front wheel to stick to the outer edge of 10-15cm, it is obvious the rear wheel will stay in and also keep a distance of 10-15cm from the inside edge of the round 8)
  6. Use small and even gas stations under 20km / h to drive vehicles through narrow straight lines (neither fast nor too slow to drive straight through a narrow section)
  7. Keep the throttle slowly and lightly steer the car and the car to let the vehicle cross the road with a barrier (do not run fast and cut the clutch and the throttle are like going badly)
  8. Keep the steering wheel steady and keep the throttle steady and have to drive the car over the rough road (slowing down is not good but going fast is also not good, so keep 1 throttle and keep the steering wheel straight)

Note: the machine will use senso to detect the car, so the machine will touch the ground when the car stops for 3 seconds.

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