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2019 Hyundai Tucson 2.0L first machine 940 million

Hyundai Tucson 2019 2.0L locomotive 940 million "WHAT IS SPECIAL"

As you can see, Huyndai Thanh Cong has just launched two new Elantra and Tucson cars. New Tucson with improvements in the exterior, headlights, grille and the third part of the lower bumper. Although it is only a facelift, Huyndai Thanh Cong also gives a lot of favor to this Hyundai Hyundai, one of the most popular cars in the small Crossover segment.


Especially the highlight, you can see the most clearly coming from the headlight cluster and front grille. The headlight cluster has up to 5 LED batteries for one side of the lamp. The two outermost batteries will serve as the lights and the three batteries inside will act as the headlights. The combination of 5 batteries on one side of this Hyundai lamp makes sure that we will have very good and stable light flux so that we can move into dark roads, even mountainous roads. Without the support of street lights.

This grille cluster has been redesigned into 4 small chrome-plated spokes combined with the stylized honeycomb grid combination making this Tucson headline much less gentle than before. You see the chrome strip around this grille cluster it is angular and sharper, the LED turn signal is located on the bottom, which is the highlight that makes the headlight reflector surface look very nice.


The bottom still has fog lamps equipped with halogen bulbs. The body of Hyundai Tucson we have right now is the 18-inch multi-spoke wheels that come with tires with parameters 25/55 R18. Equipped with multi-spoke wheels, Hyundai Tucson makes us feel from the side of the car is more luxurious than the previous generation. Next we have the electric mirrors with integrated turn signals along with the lock button, unlock, open the door at the side door and the driver's door, all very significant details on the Tucson Facelift. 

This version is equipped with a special 2.0 engine oil. Entering the rear of the car, you can still see the lamp cluster will be a special highlight for this Tucson facelift. With LED strips made in parallel, there are 4 small light assemblies in the middle to create a deeper viewing space for the light. It can be said inherited from a little design on the new Hyundai Sentafe. Hyundai Tucson version of this Facelift is still equipped with an electric trunk open and close, we will be more convenient during use, the storage space in the back is not changed at all.


The spare wheel is still similar to 1.1 with the wheel installed on the vehicle with the parameter 25/55 R18. It must be said that the new multi-spoke wheels of this facelift Tucson give us the feeling that the wheels are made bigger and bigger, look sportier. Here we also have 12V charging plug. If we compare directly with competitors in the same segment from Japan, this Hyundai Tucson has a good exterior design. In addition to this rear camera, we also have support for 4 rear sensors. Part exhaust is cleverly hidden below the third bar rear shock.


If we do not look low below it is difficult to recognize, which is a pretty good detail in the rear of the car. If we walk into Hyundai's interior space, the most special highlight comes from the infotainment screen here. We can touch or use the buttons on the screen. But it is worth mentioning that this car has been inherited from the Sentafe elder car, a standing screen on the dashboard, looking at it more modern and following the trend of European models. As well as the air conditioning system below, we will have a design similar to the previous generation Tucson.


Attention of Thanh Cong when equipped Hyundai Tucson wireless charger for standard phone as well as USB charging port, 12V charging port. The gearshift area and electronic handbrake as well as the drive mode or auto hold buttons that support the pass, downhill are still the same as the previous generation Tucson.

You also have a steering wheel as well as a rear clock that does not have many changes, more precisely there is no uniform change. On the steering wheel of the Tucson Facelift is also equipped with voice commands, central screen control as well as the right hand side we have cruise control automatic throttle as well as the screen control button on the rear of the steering wheel . 


The leather seats of Hyundai Tucson are also designed quite hugely with two seats made quite high, but in terms of leather, we have not touched the hands, feeling hard as the Hyundai models only, only if we have a Santa Fe, we will feel a bit softer. In contrast, the back of the chair and the bottom mattress are equipped with leather with holes to vent in hot weather.

Not to mention the Hyundai Hyundai still retains the panoramic sunroof system is very airy. If we compare directly with the Mazda CX5 or the cars in the small crossover segment in Vietnam market, sitting in this driver's seat, we will have a sense of openness, wide vision and the design of the dashboard. The plot stretches out. The CX 5 has a more luxurious interior space, but it feels a bit secretive. 


The second row of Tucson also does not change too much, there is still air conditioning door, USB charging port, which is the equipment that we have seen and used on the previous generation Tucson car model, seat material The leather is a bit rough and hard, equipped with 3-point seat belts for the middle seat. In fact, the second row of the car also gives us a feeling of airy. The back seat can fall further, this is also a plus point for other cars in the same segment. There are pedestals, 2 water trays.

With the price of 940 tr for Tucson version 2.0, the special machine comes with the new design of the exterior as well as the dashboard on the dashboard, you try to feel and evaluate.

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