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Hyundai Kona and the first Vinfast cars were very close to Vietnamese users

Currently on the market there is a lot of information about upcoming car models, it seems like the Hyundai Kona model that Xe Cung News has mentioned a lot in the news. According to the latest information, the Hyundai Kona will be launched in Vietnam in August, besides the very special appearance, the Kona has a very attractive specifications. So whether the Ford Ecosport is dominating Does the center of the urban Range Rover segment have this Hyundai Kona lost its place?

Hyundai Kona and the first Vinfast cars were very close to Vietnamese users 1

Although Huyndai Kona has a lot of interesting details, the length of Huyndai Kona will be much smaller than the Ecosport, perhaps that is a weakness of Huyndai Kona, in Vietnam often people like the afternoon cars. overall overall length is greater than that of space. But according to the leaked specifications, the Hyundai Kona is now considered to be an extremely powerful vehicle, in addition to being a sports car, the overall length is fit. If the price is not too different from the Ford Ecosport, the series of modern equipment on Kona will be very convincing for Vietnamese users, including LED lights, brake warning system, blind spot warning, equipment can be said to be quite rare in the Kona car segment.

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Hyundai Kona and the first Vinfast cars were very close to Vietnamese users 2

Anyway, we have to wait until the official launch to know whether Hyundai really brings such attractive equipment for Kona or not?

And it is also rumored that this August, urban cars will be assembled in mass in Vietnam. Talking about safety equipment, there is a very unhappy information for those who are waiting for Kona according to HIS National Highway Safety Insurance Institute, the lights of Kona are either halogen or led version. it all has very bad lighting and creates a lot of glare for the opposite, but when it comes to handling the collision, Kona is highly appreciated Kona is one of the very safe cars.

Hyundai Kona and the first Vinfast cars were very close to Vietnamese users 3

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In terms of safety, this is probably quite a disappointing information for those who are interested in Ford Ranger cars, with more than 200 Ford Ranger 2018 has just entered Vietnam as in the recent News: Xe Cung News As we mentioned, we have cut off a lot of safety equipment from the manufacturer such as collision warning, lane change warning and lane assistance, tire pressure control, auto phase adjustment and system. Dynamic cave system adaptation. According to the US car manufacturer, they have cut off those safety equipment to equip the most advanced version of Ford Ranger Raptor that they are expected to bring to Vietnam later this year.

The above information will make users extremely regretful when the Ford Ranger 320 Wildtrak was not the high technology technologies that once made a name of this Ford Ranger Wildtrak 320. Regarding the most advanced Ford Ranger Raptor, in addition to the advanced technologies on the Wildtrak version, Ford has equipped with many impressive new technologies such as the new automatic transmission. However, according to the price reference from surrounding markets, the Raptor version will cost a lot higher than the current 320 Wildtrak.

Hyundai Kona and the first Vinfast cars were very close to Vietnamese users 4

Reminding of the story of domestic cars perhaps the most notable today is that Vinfast has acquired General Motors (GM) Vietnam and this has also promised the future of cars made in Vietnam. Men will not be far away. Besides the acquisition of the GM plant, Vinfast has also officially become the exclusive distributor of Chevrolet brand in Vietnam, and with two factories located in Hai Phong and Hanoi, it seems that the determination to penetrate Vinfast's market is very strong. ¾ Vinfast's current designers are very famous designers with supercars or luxury cars. There is a lot of information that Vinfast will develop full-blown with two cars: luxury cars and affordable cars, it seems that Hai Phong factory will be in charge of luxury cars, GM factory in Hanoi will help Vinfast produce. popular cars. And with the newly leaked images, Vinfast cars in the near future cannot be cheap cars.

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In Vietnam market, the names are difficult to penetrate the Vietnamese market with high prices such as BMW or Mercedes. Recently, Audi has launched its first Audi itron electric SUV, the most outstanding feature of the Audi itron in the second part of 7-inch screen that is located on either side of the sill to replace the rearview mirrors. system, rearview mirror was removed on itron because it was used to replace the camera, this can be a pretty bold idea, but to realize it is also greatly affected by legal issues. However, recent images that Audi has just published, the interior of this Audi itron is quite similar to the Audi Q8 version.

Hyundai Kona and the first Vinfast cars were very close to Vietnamese users 5

Not just Audi, but other luxury car manufacturers are simplifying and touching the interior details, and this gives itron a very futuristic interior look. The touch is certainly very modern, but the buttons and dials make it easier for users to operate a vehicle. BMW still maintains the buttons and knobs as the traditional style. The fourth generation of the BMW X5 has also had official images for a long time, but recently the German car company has announced the price of 60,000 USD in the US market and with significant upgrades on the X5. The new generation, this price increase is not something too difficult to accept. In the Vietnamese market, the price of the BMW X5 is also quite difficult to reach the majority of users, for example, on banxehoi.com, the price of this car even the old-generation cars also have The price is over 3.2 billion.

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Car prices have been a fairly painful issue in Vietnam for many years and with the reduction of import tax in ASEAN region to 0% right from the beginning of 2018, there are many people still wondering whether to buy a car right away. Now not or continue to wait for car prices to fall? And it is very difficult to know if the price of cars will be reduced by the end of the year, and buying a car for myself is right at all times.

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