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Hyundai Grand i10 vs KIA Morning Which Cars Run Uber Standard?

Hyundai Grand i10 and KIA Morning are two cars of the same segment from Korea. These are the two hottest cars in the Uber and Grab systems with the price being equal.

Hyundai Grand i10 KIA Morning
Vehicle appearance for people over 30 years old and dress personality. Appearance favored sports style.

Part of the lamp: there is a projector lamp (if the lens is not good, the brightness cannot be equal to the halogen), there is daylight to make the front of the car more modern.

14inch wheels 15inch wheels
Back light is halogen bulb The back light is led technology
The rear end is not equal to KIA Morning The tail has an additional tail

The lower tail is designed very fart, is also the lamp but also has 2 more wings


· The car glass must be pushed up by hand because the glass only has one touch of the down direction.

· Engine Start Stop button, the car has engine start button proves that this is a modern car.

· 1L engine should be a bit weak, the engine roar is loud but it doesn't go much, but this car doesn't change a lot (suitable for those who prefer smoothness, like to save gasoline).

· Low rpm, so the torque is not very impressive, so it feels inert.

· The clutch is very light, so it is difficult to find the clutch number and it is difficult to control smoothly as you like. But once we get used to it, this car is very suitable for urban use.

· The gear lever is not very nice, but this gear needs 1 2 3 4 5 R will not wear out over time because drivers often have a habit of stroking the shift lever for this car when doing so Will not be worn.

· Car soundproofing is not very good.

· The ability to hear the roar, the noise coming from under the tire is quite good even though the car is quite small.

· The plastic used is relatively better, and the joints are more stable.

· The steering wheel feels very light but it feels loose, it does not know the status of the front wheels like, the two front wheels are floating, losing grip. An electronic body stabilization system is recommended for added safety.

· Brakes are very good, although its rear brakes are still anti-skhoong tanks, which must be disc brakes, but it will not affect the braking performance.


· Quite cramped, although the tublo towards the driver makes me feel sporty but also can not make up for being overwhelmed (overwhelmed by sight).

· The clutch pedal feels more, knows the time to catch the gearbox. But it often changes numbers and the car shakes when it changes speed.

· Turn signal is a turn signal, not a one-touch turn signal.

· There is a sound when turning on the turn signal or adjusting other switches.

· The soundproofing is not as good as the i10, there is noise from the tire resounding, there is also a buzzing in the drill of the car's interior.

· Suspension less than Huydai i10.

· Steering wheel for better road feel.

The practicality of the car:

· Outside, the car is quite small, but when sitting in the car, it is very comfortable, the headroom is very spacious and the view of the car is clear.

· The rear seats are also quite impressive, the leg room is also quite spacious. And the backseat hugs more than the KIA Morning, and there are 3 headrests at the back, which makes the person in the middle of the back seat uncomfortable when away. And the carved headrest makes us feel more comfortable.

· Rear luggage drill can hold 1 large suitcase.

· The numbers that are horizontal, length, and height are not much bigger than KIA Moring but thanks to the interior drilling design, the i10 is more optimal for luggage storage as well as headroom for legroom, we sit would feel much more comfortable.

The practicality of the car:

· The space inside the car is not as comfortable as Hyundai i10, the headrest is not designed to be comfortable for the user.

· Drilling luggage is not very spacious.

If you want a practical car that sits comfortably and looks a bit old, the Hyundai i10 is a better fit. For a sporty and sporty vehicle, KIA Morning is more suitable.

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