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Review Hyundai Elantra Sport 2019

Review the Hyundai Elantra Sport 2019 quick

elantra sport

Thus, Hyundai Thanh Cong has launched two hyundai elantra 2019 models and Hyundai Tucson, Hyundai Elantra is still distributed with 4 versions 2 versions 1.6 a version 2.0 and hyundai elantra sport version with turbocharged engine with information. more than 200 horsepower one of the C-Class Series has the highest fractions in the segment higher than its competitors such as Kia Cerato, and hyundai elantra sport is a car towards more sport than you can. found at the front of the car with a design language that can be said to be quite similar to the new Hyundai Sonata, an appearance that helps the front of the Elantra be more fierce and refined.

elantra sport

Especially at the front of the car grille is designed in a honeycomb style that is different from the other three versions, on the sporty version of the engine you can clearly see one side of the headlight. there are 1,2,3,4 in led welding cars now filled with technology, somewhere we see the design lines of the Germans imprinted on the exterior of the car.

elantra sport

Underneath we have fog lamps which are halogen with a bit of an air hole which is quite important for cars up to 200 horsepower because we accelerate the high speed moving the cavity to bring the wind into the cavity to eliminate the whirlwind in the wheel.

elantra sport

The body of the car is still equipped with 17-inch wheels like on the Swedish elantra sport, the design of the wheels is mixed with gray ri and fake aluminum color that we immediately associate with the la- Zang car models from Europe. The brakes are quite big, there are folding mirrors that adjust the turn signals on the mirrors, when we open the door, we will see the weight of the black border connecting the glass frame to help the body look more sporty.

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There are two arrays of lightning-like LEDs parallel to each other, the turn signal makes us a bit short, there are four sensors attached to the reversing camera system, the back camera of the elantra is made right under the wing of a detail. There is even the subtlety that it no longer sticks out very well, if the previous model we saw the details or the part we opened the trunk is very simple but the hyundai elantra is quite subtle and neat. right inside the hyundai logo, if compared to competitors in the segment of TOYOTA corolla altis, the hyundai elantra trunk is not appreciated, but we also have enough space to use the heavy trunk that is much stronger than previous generation.

elantra sport

The tol cover is sure that the brake light at the top supports very well when we go at night, the dual exhaust is very nice design, if you look focusing mainly on the upper panel, maybe not. A lot of difference compared to the previous generation is that the fake carbon plastic tiles along the long stretch from the air conditioner cluster on the right to the end of the steering wheel and up to the air conditioning vents on the left.

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There is still a soft plastic material mixed with a fake hard carbon carbon road, which regulates the two independent areas adjusting at the start - stop button here, from this air conditioner adjustment section down to the gear shifting area, this is probably the detail. which hyundai elantra sport devotes quite a lot of love to all hyundai customers.

The streamlined design of the button makes it clear that the middle of the button is also plastic has been improved to make it more eye-catching and more attractive, adjust the wind in the middle between the two sides to adjust the temperature to touch certainly not loose.

elantra sport

The new gear lever can clearly see that the dual union gear is still equipped with the same engine on the old generation as if it was using metal materials, with wireless mobile charging standard aux port charger 12v 180w, there is no electronic handbrake, the steering wheel is designed as a dike and also appeared on the previous generation elantra sport here is a little small tweaking design below the red thread Combined with the red hybrid line to increase the sportiness of the steering wheel.

With a wheelbase of 2700mm, the hyundai elantra absolutely has good interior space if we sit in the second row of this car, although not as appreciated as the TOYOTA corolla altis but clearly when which we compare with the cerato mazda 3, the hyundai elantra is still rated as a model with a second row of seating space.

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