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Hyundai Elantra 2018: is it easy to flip over 60 km / h

As promised, I will still have to bring the Hyundai Elantra back to the urban environment. This is the environment that I believe most of the time car buyers will operate here. And generally, for me, Hyundai Elantra feels very light in the city. This gentle feeling comes from many factors. First, perhaps the engine block of Elantra.

The engine of the Elantra is not that abundant in generating power, but it is the type of a machine with a large capacity that operates very leisurely, combined with an automatic transmission part. 6 levels here, very smooth. The car often shifts around the threshold around 2000 around the minute. But in 2000 loops, the noise of the vibration of the engine is completely absent. And we will be able to operate these vehicles in the city very comfortably.

Hyundai Elantra 2018: is it easy to flip over 60 km / h 1

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Then the light feeling, it comes from the steering wheel too, the very vague steering wheel of Elantra on the road is very suitable for urban. It makes it possible to control this model really leisurely. I occasionally control this car to make a U-turn and it doesn't seem like I have to touch the steering wheel too much, as long as I'm afraid to lighten the steering wheel and slide like this, we can make head turns.

Hyundai Elantra 2018: is it easy to flip 60 km / h 2

Another weakness is also the Elantra's weakness on the road, but bringing comfort in urban areas is the suspension. The suspension of the Elantra is too flimsy on the road but it makes for a good roar or when we go into the bad roads in urban it is quite pleasant. Personally, I don't really like this kind of lightness, but to be fair, the fact that the Hyundai Elantra has such a soft suspension system makes it possible to move in urban, move in. slow speeds like this are very comfortable for most people in the car. As for me, I'm a person who likes to drive a lot, so I like the feeling of being more authentic.

Yes in the previous section, in the Hyundai Elantra review on the road, I mentioned a lot of points that I was not satisfied at all about this car. And it seems to be a bit too much when we talk about soundproofing. The soundproof of Elantra to me is not a good soundproofing.

But at low speeds, the Elantra brings a quite pleasant feeling. Specifically on the beautiful road as now, for example, I drive at a speed of about 40 km / h and the rpm is nearly 2000 rpm. Actually, I couldn't hear any noise coming into the car except for the air-conditioning vents here. That sounds like very good soundproof Elantra, but no soundproof Elantra is not good on the road, only about 60 km / h you have also heard the sound of the fence. And up to 100 km / h, if you do not play music, the road will really make us feel bothered. The operation of Hyundai Elantra in urban streets like this, I have to praise the Hyundai brand because they actually equip Elantra with a lot of equipment, a very generous car manufacturer. And I especially like the front sensor here. We can adjust on or off. Adjusting the front sensor will make new drivers more familiar with the car more confident. We can squirm in very small environments without feeling too confused. But if you are a regular person who has to operate this car in an urban environment, the next information, I believe will make you feel very secure because Huyndai Elantra a car with 2.0 engine engine It costs about 7 to 8 liters for the urban environment. And fuel consumption like that is also the fuel consumption corresponding to the relative way of operating is my fuel consumption when I often stop the car and then accelerate, including cornering at a speed relatively high 40, 50 more. But the consumption level also indicates that the current range is 7-8 liters only, a number I think is quite good with a large engine like Elantra. Before putting Hyundai's C-class car to the challenge in the very tough tests in Dong Ngo, I would like to share a little more.

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It was in the sitting position when fully adjusted, my view forward was also the top of the curve extending from the tap top to the front of the car, it obscured quite a lot. The top part here is the wipers section, we will see the wipers relatively easily, visibility is not really good. And besides that, the Elantra also has a relatively thick section A column. When we do the U-turn in urban, you will easily realize that the A-pillar here obscures quite a lot of vision.

Hyundai Elantra 2018: is it easy to flip 60 km / h 3

Now we will give the Hyundai Elantra a test. A terrain we have pre-defined. And I will use everything I can to run to see how long this Elantra takes to complete the terrain. Through these tests, we will probably be able to have more experiences, better know about the ruggedness of the chassis as well as how light the steering wheel of Elantra is. , how does it affect our sharp cornering. It can then be tested to see if the car's electronic aids, whether it works well or not. I will switch the car to Sport mode, ok, leave the electronics on because I am not sure about the safety of this car. Steering is too light. The air conditioner is probably still to be left, it's 38 degrees outdoors.

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Outside, I already have a friend who uses a phone to stop the timer, let's see how much time it takes for a terrain like this Hyundai to complete. We are about to begin. The speed is already up to 40, very easy, 60. I don't think with a sharp turn like this one can get into 60. Get in, ok, 60 is not that hard. Almost lost control. At a speed of only about 40, the U-shaped crab as before, has almost pushed Elantra into a state of losing control. Roar is very solid, very reassuring. Electronic balance system will have to work a lot more, increase very strong force, almost like braking the car again. Go to the finish line.

Through a challenging article like just now, a conclusion could be drawn. That is, maybe I will not talk about the steering wheel anymore, but I would like to talk about the extra kit. It is true that the Elantra makes a very good impression on me about the chassis. The car is very solid, U-shaped cornering at a speed of nearly 60 km / h can not feel the twist. The electronic system of the car is also very good intervention, it makes it easy to control the trajectory of the car, although I have pushed the car into very extreme situations. Pushing the car up to 60 km / h and making a U-turn. However, perhaps on the scale of a front-wheel drive car and a popular model, it is difficult to ask for the capabilities. operate it excited, it is more interesting in Elantra. Basically, I am quite satisfied with the last test.

Hyundai Elantra 2018: is it easy to flip over 60 km / h 4

At the end of the challenge, I also have a few comments on the Hyundai Elantra. The first is that I still hold the view that the steering wheel is very vague, especially at high speeds. When we do U-shaped bends at about 60 km / h. Even when a series of electronic systems intervened already, the car was completely out of control. We easily encounter the situation of being drifted or often called the front wheel. The second point is that the car's suspension is very soft, and therefore not suitable for operating at high speeds. But in return, I still have to repeat that it is very smooth car in the city. The third point is the motive of the Elantra. Though technically not too exciting in terms of specs. But I personally appreciate what the car has to offer. You don't need to buy the 1.6 Turbo version, but even the 2.0 version here is very exciting already. The last thing is that with C-class cars like the Elantra, you can hardly ask for a vehicle that it has an experience that is too sporty. The reason is the overhang, which is the protruding side of the wheel, as you can see here, it's quite long. That's why it can't be as agile as the sports-oriented cars like the Volkswagen Beetle Dune that we once evaluated. Before finishing the review of Huyndai Elantra 2.0, we would like to thank Mr. Hoang Vu in Tay Ho, Hanoi for letting us experience and record this Hyundai Elantra. As usual, don't forget to Like and Subscibe for Baby Car. And if you have a model you want to find out, please comment right below. Hello and see you in the next video.

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