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Instructions to replace spare tire of 7-seater Toyota car

How to replace the spare tire of 7-seater Toyota - Essential skills

You should remember Toyota seven-seater Innova, Fortuner are the two most popular cars and the way to change the gear of the crab is the same, you rest assured ha. I only made one, you can make two types of cars, gasoline engines, and everything is the same and it is the same for the team position, the position of the wheel. The wings let go of my crab wheel. Now let's find out, before we do it, find out where it is located, this is the preparation.

Instruction to replace spare tire of 7-seater Toyota 1 car

Here you see, this is the Toyota Innova and its placement is also on the left rear corner. So this is the headrest, we take off the headrest, this headrest of the last row - the middle man. There is a lock here, this lock is normally closed (lying down) you guys, so is open (horizontal). Here! Grasp it, pull it out. And this is the team, this is the kit, you see?

The important preparation is that you should watch your car parked on the horizontal surface or the road of the dentist. If it is a downhill road, then we have to keep an eye on the wheel, for example, we are parked on the road, the road is more inclined and the wheel is broken, we have to align the rear of the right rear wheel because this wheel we must take off, or aligned at the front, aligned at the rear of the wheel. And in case the wheel is bent, we watch the front of the wheel to ensure that when you put on the wheel, it will not drift, so you should remember this.

Suppose now we need to replace this cake, the back of the back of the document. Let's follow Thai now.

Instruction to replace spare tire of 7-seater Toyota 2 car

This team we turn out - turn counterclockwise and we take out the degrees gently. You see why we screw it out, when we put it in, we turn it up and it compresses and it compresses and it holds back, take out, we just screw it out to release the team and we Take out easily. All the kit in the pocket of the Innova car, guys, let's see: a key 10, key 8 look this key we know the manufacturer wants us to remove the column average, change the electrical map (small and simple things); tassel; and this is the tire removal tip used to remove the wheel; this stitch is the most important, this stitch is here to turn down the wheel or to hook this team so that we can turn the team up; the remaining two stitches are just to stretch it out, you can extend it.

Here we begin removing the crab cakes. Inside, just like I said there was a hole like that but it was different from this one and it was split free, I considered the free one was telling the right or acute sign. We put this hook in so that it fits into the chewing and we screw it down. Like Thai used to hand to stick. The other thing is we put this in, you note, we put this, we turn the opposite direction and we will let the piercing like that and we open very easily, many not he knows how to stand like this and let him stay like this. You keep spinning until the chain is coming down, then you can take out the crab pie, make sure you go all the way away, the rest is we take out the crab wheel.

Why do we have to shoot all the way? because when we go all the way around we have the overlap of the string, we lift this up and we pass through this hole and when we put it in, we have to go in too.

We roll the crab wheel closer to the cake we need to change. The first job is we loosen the cake. To avoid the case when we put the wheel over and we finished loosing it because the wheel was broken and it rotated; and when you open it, you note that we stretch it diagonally like we drew the star. And now we're going to put the team to team up, because the position of the team inside this is so much higher than this so we turn our arms first. Then put it in its right position and here we just need to put this hook in and here we turn the wheel. Now that you see the wheel is off the ground, the rest we loosen the brains and we take the wheel out and we replace this wheel.

Instruction to replace spare tire of 7-seater Toyota 3 car

When the brain has been loosened, you do not need to remove the star-shaped brain (you should call your knee slightly leaning to prevent the wheel from bursting out, there's no need to take it for you to roll. ) the rest we change this wheel up. Do you find it simple? And we tighten it up, put the brain together (this one is called a buddy) we should also know some words in case someone says we know we understand.

Regarding this wheel and the turn of the wheel on the bus, there were always some truckers who asked, "Which wheels on the right turn? Which left wheel turns? ” Then on the truck side there are some switches it .. some cars the rotation of this switch it left and right different because avoid the case of anti-rotation. As for passenger cars, the force below it is not as great as the structure of this switch, it is enough to ensure the anti-rotation so it only has one twist. You notice that as all normal brains follow the principle of corkscrewing (ie on the left and right are the same as turning in and turning clockwise, opening it open and turning counterclockwise). clock) and then we relax gently.

The only thing left is that we lowered the car and we tightened it to complete. When lowering the car, we turn the opposite for the vehicle down, you see the wheel gradually lowered and then, the wheel has hit the ground and the team was open from the taxi. Close this logo and cover. Please note that this cover has nothing to do with removing the wheel, like this photo only covers it well, you can forget it, you don't need to imagine. is that this cap is related to this, the problem it's more confusing.

In the case where we have a front wheel break, where is the team position? And Thai wants to show you one more team position.

The position of the team when the front, left or right side of the wheel is chanted together, we do the same, we only need to make one and let's try it together.

Have you noticed Thai turned to see if gently? And do we observe whether this wheel lifts? Don't worry, we thought changing your bread is something terribly heavy, but the producer has already counted it for you, even women can do it. okay, it's a bit heavy here..when the wheel is open, right?

In some situations like the roadside trick is in the case that you (especially the sisters) in the middle of the road do not know what to do? Well, at least you know where his team is located? How? And because of weak ears and soft legs, they could not do it. Then you can park on the side of the road and ask a taxi or some other guy to help you. But if people have not done it yet, have not approached, then if you watch this clip, they know that they will support you guys so that their car can be lifted up and changed the wheel safely.

There is a funny story, for example, in the case of two crab cakes so that we park like an area - a hole or a drain, in case we lose all four of these brains. a brain again, when we assemble the bread, there is only one brain, what should we do?

That is the worst case, the most rare case, right? What if we lose these four minds and we only have one brain, what do we do? Will we then be able to continue the journey? Or are we waiting below to buy the switches sent to you? Think about it.

Instruction to replace spare tire of 7-seater Toyota 4 car

Now we take the replaced wheel, which is broken, one thing to note is that we should leave this wheel on the top (some customers do not know, replace it and then turn it back. again, that's wrong) put the wheel face up like this and we put the wheel almost like this, put it down and we hook it up. So this pin will slip into one of these five holes to fix it, so we just turn this to lift the wheel.

Speaking of this pin, Thai said in a clip before, Thai will say it again now. So why should one put an error here? When you hook in here, this pin is open to the top and if we have a 6-inch brain we poke past us to retort it is one of the ways we lock the profile. This Innova Fortuner is very easy to lose, there are thieves who cut it and take it.


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