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Instructions on how to ride in the sand "SWEET LIKE A MUGI"

Instructions on how to ride in the sand "SWEET LIKE A MUGI"

Instructions on how to ride in the sand "SWEET LIKE SUGAR" 1

Vietnam our country is very beautiful especially the seas, but to go to the wilderness, we have to cross the sandy terrain. And when we cross a sandy desert terrain, we will get a great view. Before we can get here, we need to have a strong enough car, usually 2-wheel drive. Here are ways to make a 2-wheel drive vehicle "as sweet as sugar cane" in the sand.

Instruction on how to ride in the sand "SWEET LIKE A MUGI" 2 

There are two tips, one is that this car is equipped with a slow gear system, slow bridges, doubling the traction as well as halving the maximum speed, the speed we do not need to be too fast on this road. The second is a secret that people may not notice is that we increase the friction of the car with the roadbed by reducing tire pressure, reducing tire pressure, visualizing the way we walk into the sand wearing high heels then the tire pressure is tight. 

Normally we should put pressure around 1.1, 1.2 kg / cm2. I need to have a tire pressure gauge. Some newer cars have sensors that indicate how much pressure is there. Fast inflows of a few million are also relatively fast because when we get down and return to the asphalt we have to pay attention because the pressure in the tire is too low, reducing the ability to hold the tire on the rim. So if we run fast, we can jump out of the rim, which is called tire blasting. Just as you walk in the sand, it is very important not to crash into the rock because the stone hitting also pulls the tires out of the rim and replacing spare wheels in this sandy terrain is very difficult. 

Instructions on how to ride in the sand "SWEET LIKE A MUGI" 3

My sand running skills also adhere to the skill of not running too fast or too slow, limiting stopping because when I stop, it will lose momentum. If we choose a stop on the sand surface, then maybe we should choose a hard enough ground by looking at the grass. The secret to stopping not sinking is to choose the downhill, park there, if you want to turn, you should also rotate in flat places because there is still inclination.

When the weight is tilted to one side, but the side is tilted below the ability to dig down higher. It is important to have a lot of experience. It is also important to bring water, shovels and boards. Because with sand, only digging is the fastest, if you are in the desert, you will not know who to save. Many people put the board down or pour water into the sand to make the sand tight. Those are pretty good ways.

Instructions on how to ride in the sand "SWEET LIKE A MUGI" 4

In summary we have 2 very important tips in the way sand runs. One is the car has to have 2 bridges, the center visai and when switching to the 2-wheel slow mode, the anti-skid system must be turned off because sometimes we climb the hill, the car will rotate, if the automatic balancing system works, then showing off and cutting the throttle to all the wheels even braking leads to a loss of momentum without being able to climb the slope. The second thing is to increase the grip by lowering the tire pressure, which is also a key to say is quite effective while going sand.

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