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Basic Driving Instructions For Floor Numbers - Cool Exercises

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Hello everyone, today I am going to class with you some cool driving exercises or the beginning of a driver training program, remember that the B2 class driving program you will learn in the 3 months since you started and C class is 6 months, today I will introduce you the opening lesson that is the cool driving exercise, this is a Ford Laser driving car life 2004.

Basic Driving Instructions For Floor Numbers - Cool Exercises

Basic Guide for Driving a Floor - Exercises Cool Numbers 1

The first thing when drivers control vehicles in traffic you pay attention to remember to adjust the sitting position. So if you want to adjust the driving position, what do you need to do? Then you notice this, in front of me there is a grab, that ... when you want to adjust forward or backward, you pull up if in front of your right hand holding the steering wheel pull people to the front, then ... when you want to steer the driver's seat back, you pull up and take the back seat, bring the seat back ... then ... and when you adjust the driving position the front of the back to suit the body of each person can have you long legs, maybe short legs, long legs of course we put the chair back, short legs then we let the seats forward.

How to get the most comfortable driving position, and on my left is a grab that adjusts the backrest of the seat ... That's ... you want to adjust the reclining seat back to you. pull forward, oh pull up, give the back to this back ... that ... If you want to adjust the headrest you also pull up and put the headrest to the best position to help the driver have a private The most comfortable when driving the car on the road and on my left here are two knobs, two rings, there you notice this look.

To adjust the driver's seat up, raise the seat up or down, if you want to lift the seat you turn clockwise ... that ... If you want to lower the seat, lower the seat you rotate opposite the clock ... that ... So I have just introduced to you how to adjust the driving position of the driver and when you control the car you remember to wear a seatbelt by pulling the cord to the left and plug it in the right position ... that's ... when you drive, remember to wear your seat belt.

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Next I will show you the best driving position when the driver controls the car on the road, in front of me this is the steering wheel or called the steering wheel, the driving position on on the left hand, please note here ahead, can you see the circle?

The steering wheel is a circle, right? You think this is a clock face, a clock face. 12 o'clock in front of the upper front, 6 o'clock on the opposite end, 9 hours on the left and 3 pm on the right. So the position of my steering wheel on the left is about 10:15, the position on my right is about 3 pm, 3 o'clock ... that ... When you want to take the drive to the left, this left hand pull, left hand ... then Note this, this left hand pull ... then ... when elbow elbow, you look at my elbow here, elbow touching the ribs, then you left the left steering wheel to continue pushing right hand forward, left hand grab the 12 o'clock position and keep pulling when we get enough steering, then we get enough steering then we can do that. And when you want to get to the right, the right hand pulls the left hand, when the right elbow touches the rib, the left hand continues to push, the right hand catches the position at 12 o'clock ... that ... Just like that we take When driving is enough.

Particularly in the way the handlebars, I note to you like this, we remember to the steering wheel as I just said, you must not push ... push the steering wheel or extrude the steering wheel like this . There are a lot of them when they go to school, especially girls, it is not right to push the handlebars like that or you must not cross the handlebars like this, cross the handlebars like this, You must not cross the steering wheel like this, even if you steer the car to the right or left, you must not cross the steering wheel like this.

And you should not hold the steering wheel. The left hand pulls the right hand of you, there are many friends I feel like holding the steering wheel like this. Like this, you guys are not a little dumb, but it doesn't work, it's not a proper technique, please pay attention. So my left hand is in the right position, the driving position must be correct when driving the car to be safe.

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Remember when you learn to drive, the most important thing is that we must follow a basic rule of the driver extremely. We should not violate that rule, and later on you will join in road traffic more and you will know it. This is what I say and show you how to hold a steering wheel and how to hold the steering wheel, how to steer to the left and how to steer to the right when driving a car on the road.

Next I will introduce you the next details, in front of me here next to the steering wheel axis there is a switch, this switch is the turn signal bar when you are on the road you want to take. turn to the left before taking the drive, remember to turn on the left turn signal ... that ... you push down a bit and you'll see that the light will be on, are you seeing the light is on?

Continue to want to take the right to turn you upside down ... that's ... the turn signal will light. Do you see the turn signal light? When the turn signal light is on, if you want to turn off then you put the switch to the original position, you remember to control the switch gently. If you want to drive to the left, remember to pull down the handlebar and you want to take the drive to the right ... well ... you want to turn the left signal, you drag the slide down, you want to turn right, turn the bar up .

Basic Guide for Driving a Floor - Exercises Number 2

When you want to return to the original position, you put the switch to the original position, when you want to stop you put the switch to the original position. In addition to the left-hand side bar there is one more effect which is the effect of turning on the light, light switch when you go out at night you want to see clearly you turn on the light ... that ... when I turn the knob The light is on again, and the headlight is on again.

If you want your lights to pull back up ... so ... Pull back up, and if you want your headlights to push down, you want your lights to go back to the first normal position, if you want Use the black projection away from you push the bar down. When you want to go back to the original position ... ah ... when you want to turn off the light to the original position and turn back to the original position, like this light switch, this turn switch is in the bar. swipe to the left.

However, I also have to say more because now the newer car manufacturers, especially cars there are so many convenient. But now, firms like Ki-A, Win-Dai or Toyota or the more modern car companies, the more effective the driver's ability to drive the car safely, so before you buy your car, please pay attention. and the driver you note the car is to check the manual, what is the car, how it is ... Today you come here to learn the teacher said now introduce this is a black switch But at my house, my car is not a light switch, so it is very difficult, both of us say, for example, the new car is like the Ki-A car, the range is now used. Or the Win-Dai (hyundai), avante, Hyundai Accent or the new cars now in the 2016-2017 production year, the start switch is only started by buttons, not mechanical keys like once more.

They clicked on it and it exploded, so remember, when I came here to study in the framework of the class today I just introduced what my car recommended, and in cases like tomorrow you can be about your family, you buy new cars it has more details than you try to find out ... that ... Continue I will introduce to you in the lever on the side this is the windscreen wipers, when it rains you will turn on the wipers to help the driver control the car so that it is good and safe, then when you rains, you will be a little impatient , there you see? The lever that turned it there. Slowly, guys, you want ... it rains hard, you can turn on the quick lever mode by pulling down the second position, the lever will flow faster if you want to turn you off to your position. first ... there ... this is the wipers, next is the keys under the driver's neck, if you want to start the car, we turn the key clockwise, the car will start the engine, when we want to turn off the engine but if we turn it anticlockwise, the car will turn off ... so ... What is the effect of turning off this key?

It's like the key of your motorbike, which means starting the car and stopping the car, turning off the engine ... it is the electric key. And in front of me here are three rows of clocks, the first note above me this is the temperature clock, you note this, this temperature meter is extremely important, when the you are on the road, on the road or on the road, if you see that the needle is going to point at that red needle C on position H, what does it mean?

That means the engine is very hot, hot is very many causes. The first cause is out of water ... that ... so the engine will be hot at that time you should stop the car and check the vehicle's technical. If when you see a hot temperature, the first you are new to driving, so the technique does not grasp much, I just say it like this, when the car is hot due to lack of water or because regardless of a certain reason, you have to slowly observe and watch the test and ask directly from the people who drove the lock first or I asked him google ...

Why he will answer, how to handle it then you will get advice from those who have run the car before, from his relatives, or he will answer google you ... that ... This is the second clock below that is the temperature indicator ... well ... the fuel meter, if the fuel is at E position, the yellow light that lights up at that time is the engine ... Well ... my car is running out of fuel and remember to fill it up with fuel or gasoline. And here is a meter-only clock, this meter-only clock, how many of you on the motorcycle you probably know right?

It helps the driver know how much he / she is going ... he ... If you go in the case of densely populated areas or cities, you remember to go at the speed allowed ... he ... should not go too. If you go too far, the first one will cause unsafe because you know already, in a densely populated area, there are a lot of people traveling, cars are a lot, so it is prescribed, For example, if you go 50km / h, you are only allowed to go 50km / h, turn it down, come back, and if you go too fast it is the xx you guys are shooting at speed à home is punished there .

Continue to my right here is a clock that indicates the speed of the engine, in the engine, you remember, not the speed of the wheel. Then from position 0 to position 1 means 1000 rpm, number 2 is 2000 rpm. You will learn gradually because this will be on the technical side, you will find out later ... that ... on my left here, you see, my hand is pointing here, this is what The air outlet of the blower and air conditioning system ... that ... when you want to take the wind to the left in the direction of the wind running to the left you push to the left, you want to direct the wind to the right you push to the right. This is like a switch that opens and closes, you pull it down and close it up and open it ...

On my left here, you look at these 4 knobs, these 4 knobs, these are the 4 knobs that control the window up and down. Here now you look at this glass, I control down here, now for example you want to control the glass on the left next to the driver down you press down… there…. This is electric ... that's ... do you see the glasses go down? When I want the glass door to pull up I pull this ... that ... the glass will automatically ... that ... automatically. Also, this is the window on the left, this is the control knob on the right side, this is the window on the left behind, here on the left ... on the right. This is a mirror adjustment knob ... then ... when I turn to the right, I want to adjust the mirror to the right, I want to adjust the right mirror I pull the lever to the right, I want to control the left, then I take the position to left.

For example it is like that, but this does not apply to all cars, you note dentist. This car is like this but maybe another car is like that, it's different ... that ... this is the glass door latch, when you do not want to let others control the glass up and down, you press these buttons. and the pull up and down will not work anymore ... that ... you notice ... that ... this is when I press down, the glass window will not automatically anymore, when I press on the new glass window automatically. Pressing down means I have locked the glass door, when you want to control the glass window back to normal, this is the button like that. This is the door grab, when you are in the car you want to open the car door, then you pull out ... that ... that ... you see? You pull this out, then you open the door, on my left here is the details to open the gas cap. For example, when you're on the road and you run out of gas, you have to pull this cap up ... See, look here, look at me pull this cover ... there ... you look back there ... there ... the insurance cover on the gas station is about to open ... there ... close it for me ... close ... that ... this is the button that opens and closes the door for me to open the gas cover, that's ... here you pay attention to the side hey here are some air vents, air vents or wind vents here.

And this is a dangerous button, this dangerous button, a warning button for danger. Say, for example, when you're on the road, there might be a problem in your car, for example, I said the hot water earlier, you had to stop to look at the whole thing. Why and how to handle it? When you stop, you must turn on this dangerous warning button. Firstly, let the people and vehicles behind to go ahead know ... well ... That car is having a problem, so people still have people who join me in traffic with me so people know ... well ... That car is in trouble, so you have to avoid that car ... there ... after you've finished fixing it, everything is all over, guys, before you turn off this dangerous warning button. was ... that ... when in an exam, in an exam, in 11 synthetic exams of B2 level, there was a situation, it was a situation where a dangerous warning had to be turned on. ... there ... by tomorrow you will see the picture you will know it. And here below me are the details, the first is this detail you look at this note, adjust the position of the air conditioner from cold to hot or from hot to cold. If the word, you want to adjust the cooling position, you put the blue button and the arrow controller points to green, you want to adjust the warm position, then you return to the red position. And this is the A / C button when you want to turn on the air conditioner, you have to press this A / C button then the air conditioner will run ... that ... and this is a switch, it is just like an electric fan switch. ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... if the number 1 is the slow speed fan, number 2 is the fan faster, number 3 or number 4 the faster. And here is the one that takes the wind outside the car or in the car ... that ... takes the wind ... takes the wind inside or outside the car. This is a switch to adjust the wind or wind in front of me, this is turning to the bottom is the horizontal wind and the wind under the foot, continue to blow the wind blowing under the vacuum, continue to rotate is the wind under the foot and drying the glass and when you go raining, the temperature in the car is hot, it usually means that the glass will be blurred, then when you turn to the glass drying position, then the glass will return to the original position throughout. to help the driver safely control the car ... that ...


Basic Guide for Driving with Floors - Cool Shit Exercise 3


Those are the details I have just introduced to you. This is the first purchase, has both functions, the first is to charge the phone, the second is generally to provide 110 ... power ... with a 12 volt battery, here you can recharge this phone, the you light this drug or you can plug in a small pump, pump here to pump your car, then that is you will note, when you ride on the car you pay close attention ... that ... continue ... I am going to introduce you to the lesson and the main content of the lesson today, I will note to you something like this. Today's session includes 4 contents:

The first content is the departure of the car, so you want to start the car, what do you care about? Firstly, I say this, the left hand, you are the main hand controlling the rim of the steering wheel, your right hand is also used to control the steering wheel but has additional functions, ie shift gears or how to increase and decrease the number use your right hand and use your right hand to pull the brake, your left foot here, note this left you use the control and pedal or in other words the pedal to go, the right foot you use to control the brake and accelerator pedal ... that ... The first thing I say continues the first content is the departure of the car.

If you want to start the car, you turn on the electric key and depart with the electric key, as I said earlier, the more modern cars the more support for the driver, the start key can be with the key. There are new cars, now you can press the circle button to start, the circle with the word start is the key called the smart key, you start the car when the car starts. Remember to let the car explode for 1 to 2 minutes. If winter reminds you to get 2 minutes, summer you just need 1 minute ... well ... why am I saying that? Because when your car after a day of work, you want to bring the car back to normal, after a day of work, then the lubricant will run all the way down to the bottom of Ka-Te ... that ... The degree of lubrication it is very poor, when you boot you remember to boot 1 minute or 2 minutes, the better. At that time, the lubricating oil will run, it will swing up all the details of the engine, then the durability of the car is very high ... that ... remember to remember that, but not you sometimes. is 2 cars, me and you bought together, I used well. Sometimes my car 5 years, 6 years is still very good, while your car is only 2-3 years of poor quality already. That's not the manufacturer of the car where you guys, it's because I use it ... he ... You should remember there is a saying that the old saying "The durability is in people" still the same car, the same two people different use but its durability is different.

Now we go into the main content of the lesson today, after you start the engine to wait 1-2 minutes, I want to take the car into traffic, you remember to turn on the first left turn signal. Well, this guy stood close here, turned on this turn signal, kicked all the alcohol, remember! If you want to pedal all the cone, you have to use the tip of the pedal, do not leave the sole of the foot of the pedal is not the end of the cone, the heel makes this pillar, use the nose and foot to pedal the cone, always depress the cone. The number of hands you put on position 1 ... then ... after putting on position 1 you release the clutch slowly, remember to release the clutch from the dentist. At the level of grip, ie at that time you feel the car is moving ready to go, you keep that clutch, do not release anymore. You add a little gas ... then ... then continue to release the clutch but have to release slowly, but must release slowly, as slow as possible ... dental ... Let me say this, start your car turn left turn signal, and then kicked it all off ... well ... let me tell you more. In this car there are three pedals on this bottom, the first is the clutch pedal, the middle is the brake pedal, the right is the gas pedal. What is the effective feature of the clutch pedal? Cut and pass the engine ... ah ... cut and pass ... this .... Cut and pass the force from the wheel ... well ... from the wheel motor actively disconnect and transfer the force from the motor to the active wheel. Before ... before! If any of you go on a motorcycle, that's the clutch and the clutch, it's like the clutch of a motorbike, it is different from the clutch of a motorbike, that you use your hand, and the clutch of Cars are you have to use on foot. The clutch, otherwise known as this clutch. When I pedal the clutch all the clutch, the force from the engine to the active wheel will be disconnected ... that ... And when I release, if combined with the number, the force from the motor to the active wheel will be connected. . This brake pedal is like a motorcycle brake pedal, guys, when I step on the brake pedal, brake on it, then the bike will slow down or stop, and the accelerator pedal is like a motorbike, you can use the motorbike throttle by hand and the car throttle you can put in, you step inside, you step deep down the car will go fast and when you release it the car will go slowly. And above me here, you note, this is a digital hand, this digital hand, the digital diagram is displayed on the hand lid. For example, this car has a number 2 number 3 number 4 number 5 and number R, that ... this is a reverse ... that ... number 1 number 3 number 5 above number 2 number 4 number R at the bottom. However, not every car is like any car, so you step on the car you have to watch, first this is an automatic or a manual transmission ... that ... This is my introduction here. manual gear ... that is ... any day in this term you will learn dynamic gear, then the teachers if I can recommend I will introduce directly to you, otherwise the other teachers will introduce you directly. But this is today on the framework I teach you, guide you guys are manual cars ... that ... you note this, number 1 is put all the left to push back up, number 2 is all the left to pull down, number 3 is given this freedom after you push upwards is number 3, number 4 pulls straight from number 3, and number 5 you give 0 put all right to push this upwards, this reverse number you also put out all positions of 0 pull down R position that is reverse ... that ... you remember home! And of course, when you want to go to the number 1, the number 3, the number 4, you move the number up or down, you have to remember to pedal, clutch, and clutch, this clutch pedal, then you can go. okay ... that ... I repeat, this car number is 1, 3 or 5, also known as the odd number above, the bottom is 2 and 4 and the reverse. If you want to go to number 1, then you bring all the left to push backwards, the leg then you remember to pedal all the way, pedal all the clutch or clutch foot ... that ... if you want to go to number, want to take 2 then you put this number 0, drag it all the way down to the left ... that's ... the position 2, the number 3 is the same, you go to this free position which means this number 0 you push straight up is the number 3 and number 4, you push number 4, number 5, you bring the position of 0 to number 5 ... that ... That is the number diagram of this note, the number diagram is always shown on the lid manual ... that ... you note home! ... he ... and the day before the idea, when our country has not collected a lot of cars to Italy, there are U-Woat car, the old teachers taught two thugs, go two What does the clutch mean? I mean, after finishing putting up this number 1, I started to work out, I have to get out of this number, I started to number 2, but now the car is very good, the technique is also very high, if it is If anyone who learns like the old days is good but can't learn, then maybe I'm going from number 1 to number 2 but you have to bring it to the right window… that's… it's a digital diagram. And this is a handbrake ... that ... handbrake, when you pull up on this handbrake, you pull up, you pull ... that ... you don't need anything you just need to pull, you hold the scissors, it rattles click click or you see that its hand is a bit heavy, you put it out, when you lower it, you press, click on the latch at the top ... this knob ... you pull up a bit and lower ... ... note! There are many people who hold on to this, the pull up is not right ... that ... lowered ... that ... so now I will continue to introduce to you the first content that is the departure content, Depart your car, start the car with the electric key, you turn clockwise, the car will start the engine. Then turn on the left turn signal for 1-2 minutes. manual gear to position 1 ... then ... then continue to release the clutch, you release the clutch you remember to release 2/3 journey home, 2/3 journey. When you see the car ... when you see clutches, clutches, or you think the car is moving, the car moves a bit, you keep the foot of the taper, you continue to the accelerator pedal and then You guys continue to release the clutches. But you remember this, to release slowly ... he ... slow release ... slow release ... so that the car moving smoothly without stalling, no jerky, then you will achieve the results, but not If you leave the car still jerking, jumping ... jumping ... leaning or stalling means that you have not met the requirements ... then ... Today you go on the road, this alcoholic foot, the clutch foot This will be of great help to you. Every time you stop the green light, you start the car again or tomorrow in the graduation exam or the exam there, you also have to use a lot of clutches and clutches to 65-70%. so that you can pass ... that is ... so you have to try to make your clutch, your clutch leg must be very good, very smooth to combine with this brake, gas, gear to adjust driving safely, that is the departure content. I said again, if you want to start the car, you will explode with the key, then pedal all the way into position 1, release the clutch foot about 2/3 when the clutch sticks, release the parking brake, add a little throttle and Release the clutch, remember that when you released the clutch slowly ... that ... is the case for the departure of the vehicle. What is the request? Do not jerk, do not die ... that ... you remember to remember! Then you have met the requirements, I also hope that, after this lesson, after what I instructed you, you will be able to do it ... that ... Continue to the second content that is internal If you increase the number, you guys think like this, when we're on the road, we don't always have to go slow, so we want ... to go fast ... that ... this beautiful road ... this beautiful road surface , spacious, we will have to go fast, not we go fast we go to the accelerator and go fast, that is the automatic transmission it's so new, and here the car is the number you want to go fast, speed up, you have to increase the number. So content increase number is like? Please continue to follow me later! Keep listening to me! First you increase the number that you have to create momentum, create momentum by what? That is, with this accelerator, you press the throttle into the throttle to create momentum, when pedaling enough momentum, you have to reduce the throttle, fully depress the clutch, put the gear in position 2, release the clutch ... Remember you guys! There is this sentence "clutching in and out" is this content here ... he ... I say again, what is the method of increasing the number? The first is that we have to create momentum by thrusting the gas in, after ... remember!! ... after pedaling enough momentum, we have to reduce the throttle, we completely let go of the clutch pedal, quickly put the hand hand shift from position 1 to position 2. Then continue to release more clutch ... he ... you note it! I repeat that if you want to increase the speed, you must increase the throttle to create momentum first, after pedaling enough momentum, you must reduce the throttle, remember! Must reduce all the throttle ... then kick all the clutch. Bring the gear to the position you need to increase, continue to add throttle clutch, ie clutch into the throttle ... there ... That is the method of increasing the number, but you note this from number 1 to number 2, we must gaining momentum about 5 meters or 7 meters ... there ... from ... so I want to get momentum to the position of number 2 to number 3 how we continue ... that ... we continue to create momentum by increasing the speed, Apply the accelerator pedal. After pedaling enough momentum, we reduce all the pedal to release all the clutches, the gear goes to position 3, then we continue to release the clutch more ... there ... it is from No. 1 to No. 2 from No. 2 up to 3 means that if you want to increase the number, you have to increase the throttle to create momentum, when you pedal enough momentum, then you have to reduce the accelerator before you are allowed to pedal, put up the position you need to increase, put the position the number to the number I need to increase ... so ... number 1 to number 2 we get the range from 5 to 7 meters. From No. 2 huh .. from number 1 to number 2 we take the momentum from 5 to 7 meters, from number 2 to number 3 we take the momentum to 10 meters, from number 3 to number 4 we take the momentum of 15 meters, from number 4 to number 5 we take the momentum of 20 meters. For example like that, that means you think the higher the number, the higher the number you take, the longer the distance you take the momentum ... the longer ... the journey to the station is longer ... that ... that's how it is. And we should note this, when increasing the number we should increase from number 1, number 2, number 3, number 4, number 5 is not allowed to increase from number 1 to number 3 or from number 2 to number 4 ... that's ... home! Please pay attention! When increasing the number we increase from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 but not allowed to increase from 1 to 3 to 2, 4, that's not true ... that ... that's the method or the content of the second lesson, today is the increase. So, what's the third content? That is the content about reducing the gear, when we are going fast, we want to slow down, first we have to check with the brake, but in front of a dangerous situation that is still potential, we must continue to slow down. we have to change the numbers or we get weak ... so ... So what about the number? For example, here I am in gear 4 I want to shift the gear, first I have to slow down by I take off the accelerator, then I check the brakes for the car to slow down, I kick all the clutches or all the clutches back. position 3 ... that ... Then I continued to release the clutch and added gas ... that ... how do I want to be in position 2? I reduced the throttle to slow down the car, then I lightly brake, then I pedaled all the way to position 2 ... that ... And the other keys I went to position 1 sequentially 4, 3 , 2, 1 ... that ... notice with you guys like this, guys like this! If you want to change your gear, then first you have to slow down by reducing the throttle, flipping the brake, sweeping, not braking, that is, you just need to lightly cushion the brake. But you review it differently but different brakes! Reduce this throttle, check the brake or brake pads just like that, then pedal on gear, which means you want to reduce the throttle ... well ... you want to reduce the number you have to reduce the speed by reducing the brake pedal review ... that ... about the number I need to go to ... that ... Please take note! And when the number decreases, it's different from when the number increases like this, there's no need to order 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, but maybe you're going from number 5, you can get to number 3 right away or from 2 can be done right away, or 1 can be done. In case of necessity I can handle such. This is the method of reducing the number, I say for example, when you are driving a car from a slope down, here you pay attention! There is Tam Dao slope, many of you go from Tam Dao to this manual drive, the brakes do not eat very well but maybe if you know how you can still be safe it is still normal. For example, when you are going from number 5 going down number 3 from Tam Dao and you feel that the brakes are not eating well, you can go to number 1, slow down the car too. You don't necessarily have to go from 3 to 2 ... you ... You can go from 3 to 1, slow down, which means brake here, especially if you guys If you drive a truck, you will use many cases like this. Then you will find out more, this is what I said through that ... that ... that's the case ... well ... that's the content reduction.

Basic Guide for Driving with a Floor Number - Homework Number 4

Continue with the fourth content, which is the content of stopping the car, before I enter the stopping content, I have to say like this, you note like this! When you increase or decrease the number you can not look down ... look down at the number diagram decent! A lot of you go when you drive up and down ... I have a lot of instructions, just go out on the road but you keep looking to see if you have the right gear? Absolutely forbidden dental friends! When you get in the car, you always remember the digital diagram at the beginning, in your head, maybe the first session, the first session, the second letter, the third day, you can't do it but you have to do that. Tomorrow you want to become a professional driver, the driver that according to the driving profession you must pay attention to this issue, extremely important. You only need to observe for 1 second on the road, look at the diagram to see if the number is correct, the front is not safe, so your eyes have to observe the road, watch. situations when you are on the road, and the diagrams must be saved in this head. Don't be like I keep turning my head to look down at the number, it's absolutely forbidden. Don't look at the floor of the car ... that's ... that's what it is! ... that ... So now I keep reminding you that! So now I continue to the fourth content in today's lesson that is the content of stopping the car, how do you want to stop the car? First we have to observe to find the right stop for the traffic rules, you note dentist! It's in my province I can park here at any time, anywhere ... well ... but vice versa, just try to go to Vinh Yen city! If you try to come back to Hanoi and not park properly, you will be fined! It was impossible to say anything at that time! So first we have to observe where the stop is in accordance with the traffic rules, then watch the right place then we turn the turn signal on, you remember if you want to stop first, for example, an A point, then how Point A 15 to 20 meters, you have to turn on the turn signals, turn the turn signals to watch slowly for the car to park. Then you lightly brake, pedal off the clutch to stop the car in the right position ... 0 ... you 0 look at this. This number 0, when it shakes to the sides and it touches nothing, it doesn't matter. That's zero. And pull the handbrake, release the clutch. Remember to pay attention! If you live in a city, park your wheels at a distance of 25cm from the road or the edge of the road! In traffic rules, you all know that now.

Remember to park 25cm off the edge of the road, do not park it out much, it will cause traffic support. Remember! .. that ... after you are observing the park in the right position, standard then you turn off the turn signal ... that ... turn off the electric key, pull the hand brake. In addition, I also pay more attention to you like this, this is my guide to park on the road and if you, mainly C's are studying here, then you should pay attention like that. this. We don't always park a flat road, sometimes we have to park on a slope, when our car is going uphill, we park across the slope, when you remember parking with the direction the car is going on the slope, you kick all the clutches to No. 1, then you turn off the engine. Remember me! And when parking the downhill, you have to change the gear ... that ... unless the car we control long-term brakes unsafe. That's where we set the number 1 when we parked the car up the slope and if you are more careful than the best for the inserts, the inserts are triangular in the tires. Like that ... that's the safest ... that ...

Basic Guide for Driving a Floor - Exercises Number 5

Tomorrow you will find out more about this ... then ... after you stop this car, this brake, pull this hand brake, you turn off this engine, you open the door. This is a safety issue ... then ... you open the door, you look at the mirror to the left when it is safe to slowly open the door and get off the car. You have noticed a few days ago, did you notice in the traffic program in the morning ... there was a girl that went to Hanoi, just opened the car door and finished two students on electric bicycles Crash into the door, it's your fault driving car! It is not the fault of the other two girls, the two girls are not there, the two girls are on electric bicycles.

I was not careful I opened the door, people did not control the speed people crashed into my door and a few days ago in Ho Chi Minh City, there was a taxi that went to open the door. The one who drove her motorbike hit her leg all the way, so when I was driving the car, I had to be very careful, everything I did wrong would cause a situation that was unsafe for others ... there. ... that was just then I showed you 4 content of today's lesson. I hope you guys have a good training session, a good exercise session. OK! Hello! Good luck!

Basic Guide for Driving a Floor - Exercises Number 6

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