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The following is a share about How to use INNOVA for newbies. INNOVA cars, a sharp and modern vehicle, stylish design, smooth operation. However, How to use INNOVA is a problem for newbies. Let's find out about How to use INNOVA Please.

I see that there are quite a few articles on the internet too. ” How to use INNOVA for newbies" already. But here, I still want to share his own experiences on this topic. If there are any problems, please help me

Experience on using INNOVA for newbies

On the door of the Innova car there are buttons to control the glass up and down automatically combined with anti-jamming, just press the glass to move up and down, if accidentally our hands on the glass, it will not get stuck.
The interior of the INNOVA E is floor number, felt seat, brown color, high ceiling, spacious car, foldable rear seats. Especially, the car has 12V socket to charge the phone battery.


When starting the engine, the car's engine operates very smoothly, on the car there is a mechanical air conditioner, which means it can cool and cool. When the fan is turned on, turn on the AC and keep the air in the car when the air is unclean and leave the car outside when the air is clean. And can adjust the wind according to your wishes.

In case of fog on the glass, the glass is not as normal, then there is no wiper, then this time should adjust the wind control to the last position on the right and the air conditioner must always be AC , if you want to be faster, turn off the "wind in the car" button or crack the window down a bit, then your glass will definitely stay clear because at that time your wind will blow from the bottom of the winds up and The air conditioning of the air conditioner is typically dry, so it will drain all moisture and return the glass to normal. The car is designed with 2 indoor units and can be adjusted to the cold level and has all the inlets to each row of seats, so when you turn on the air conditioner, the whole car is cool.

Wiper: wiper accidentally, the wiper works and does not know how to turn off. Wiper first, the more drag down, the higher the wiper speed combined when dragged into the steering wheel, the water will spray out and just push the wiper up to the maximum level, the first wiper will stop working. After wiper, tell the wiper, the rear wipers will work and only have a degree, and when pushed the wiper away from the steering wheel is the water sprayed on itself. When driving, you must often look at the rearview mirror in the car to observe, sometimes accidentally brushing the rear wiper will promptly detect and turn it off.

How to use INNOVA for newbies - Engine section

2017 INNOVA car engine has improved, when the engine does not make a howl. To start the engine, the pedal must first pedal, when the car is very smooth. And there are additional modes running ECO MOD (fuel-saving mode) and PWR MOD (strong running mode), I will actively choose the appropriate running mode. Mechanism of operation: when clicking on either of those buttons, the screen will light up the word. With ECO mode, the engine will spray gasoline with a lighter level than usual so that the car runs on fuel economy, suitable when running in traffic congestion, no need to accelerate. With PWR mode, the engine will spray more dense gasoline than usual to create strong engine power, when going to the road and running in PWR mode, the car is sure to run very well even if there are many people in the car. and furniture.

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In particular, the car is also equipped with an auxiliary air bag switch (Passenger Air Bag), which is used to ensure safety when the car is carrying a baby sitting in the extra seat because when there is a collision, it will be very dangerous when the bag The gas exploded and touched the baby's head. So when the baby is sitting in the car in front, you should choose to turn off the airbag in the front. At the front of the side door there is a lock, to turn off the side airbag, use the control key to the off position and monitor the lights on the car to see if it has been turned OFF. And there is a rule that when the car does not have any lights on, there are some people wondering that the bag may have been damaged so it will light up, but not so, if the air bag is damaged then The airbag warning light will appear in red on the tuplo, if the yellow light means this is a safety system, the airbag must always tell the user in which case it is in the worst case. What would it be like.

Adjust the height of the lamp, the height of the lamp can be adjusted from 0 to 5, and each number is equivalent to 2 steps in the adjustment position (in front of the driver's left knee) to match the height of the driver. Drive at night. And next to the height adjustment position of the light is the on / off switch of 2 de sensors, when that switch is lit, 2 de sensors will work when de, and about 1m5 back, this de sensor will take effect , the closer it is, the faster the notification of the de sensor (continuously ticking) helps the driver to know if there is an obstacle behind. In addition, the front left leg of the driver's seat has a button to open the fuel cap, when opening the gasoline cover, there is a place to insert the fuel cap to help prevent scratches. And there is also a button to open the bonnet, to open the bonnet quickly, just take your finger from the logo position and then pull horizontally or pull up to open it, the InnOVA's bonnet has 2 bonnet to ensure security. When I forget to close the bonnet, when I want to close the bonnet, I want to close it, it will close.

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In the car, there is a cooling compartment, this cooling compartment takes the air from the air conditioner to cool things inside and has an internal switch for learning, when pushed in, opened and pulled out then closed, when opened, the wind of the machine cold blow over cooling.

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When the car has no additional accessories, the screen is a CD player, you can listen to the disc, listen to music from USB, connect Bluetooth from your phone, can interact on the steering wheel and can access your phone contacts. With the addition of a DVD player, there are additional features available.

Above is his share of How to use INNOVA for beginners. Hope partly helps you to confidently control and drive safely. If there are any issues, we need to discuss "How to use INNOVA for newbies", Comment below to exchange offline!


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