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Ways to Deodorize Your Car Effectively

Ways to Deodorize Your Car Effectively

Hello everyone, today I am going to share with you how to deodorize and smell my car interior.

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          Each person has a way to enjoy different flavors, I only use this type, when I used to use only this type from the old days, these are 2 Comfort packages one package I will use to clean them all in the interior of my car, and a pack I will dump into the car to make dry perfume. Every time, open the car door there is a cool, very pleasant aroma as if entering the bathroom

          OK, now I will practice for you to see.

          Now I'm going to use this towel, with a basin of water I'm going to peel a pack of Comfort and pour and dissolve into this basin, then I use this one to squeeze dry. I will use this towel to wipe all of my car.

How to effectively deodorize cars 2

          Ok, now I will wipe the top, and we wipe to the part around the door body and seats of the entire car interior. Sometimes, I have to wash this towel again to clean it to get moisture before wiping it again.

          OK, as you can see in just a little bit of time, I've cleaned the entire interior of my car with a Comfort package. And this Comfort package, now for the most important part I want to introduce to you, is that I will make the perfume dry in the car.

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          It is necessary to clean the car to deodorize the car, but the Comfort package pours into this car which will make my car always fragrant. This is where I make dry perfume bottles. If your car, without this hole, you can put in a cup or a jar in the door, or anywhere.

          And here, every time I dump a pack into me I keep opening like this all the time my car smells good.

          OK, so I have shared how to deodorize and make my dried perfume for you to see. If you find it helpful, you can do it this way, please share to many people to know and subscribe to my channel, so that I can make many useful videos for you to watch. Thank you for watching the video, see you next time.

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