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Instructions For Proper Parking Despite Difficulty

Guidelines for Proper Parking Despite the Difficulty 1

Many people, even though they have been running cars for many years, have some situations such as: how to park in parallel, backing up into a garage or transplanting a car into a parking lot ... and there are many other experiences. maturity. And you know yet? Let's learn some tips to handle some of the following situations

Have You Parked The Car Right?

How to …

Parallel parking

+ Step 1: Find a suitable parking car. You should park for a moment to easily find and have relatively large space to not collide with other cars. Ideal location must be a few meters longer than your vehicle.

+ Step 2: Run as close to vehicle "A" as possible and allow the two vehicles to parallel. Stop when the two vehicle's rear sides are equal.

+ Step 3: Turn the whole steering wheel to the left. Do not move while you do this.

+ Step 4: Turn around and observe the back of the car. Start moving the vehicle back toward vehicle "B". Hold the steering wheel firmly in this position.

+ Step 5: Stop backing when you see the left corner of the front of vehicle B in the middle of the rear windshield

+ Step 6: Turn the steering wheel to the center position

+ Step 7: Continue backing until your entire body overtakes vehicle A.

+ Step 8: Stop and turn the steering wheel to the right. Do not move the vehicle when you do this.

+ Step 9: Continue backing slowly in the direction of vehicle B. Hold the steering wheel in this position.

+ Step 10: Once you are in the correct parking space, stop and return the steering wheel to its normal position.

Putting the vehicle in the box (backing the car into the cage)

+ Step 1: Move the car forward. Stop when you reach the third file from the ideal parking spot.

+ Step 2: Before starting to back up, watch carefully. Then, look into the rearview mirror and start backing slowly and combine to turn the steering wheel to the left.

+ Step 3: Regularly look into the rearview mirror on the left until you see the "A" line

+ Step 4: As the car began to back into the barn, the "B" line gradually appeared on the nphair rearview mirror. Regularly check "A" and "B" line positions in both rear-view mirrors. Moving slowly will make it easier for you to reach your goal.

+ Step 5: As soon as you see the "A" and "B" lines in the two rear-view mirrors are parallel, return the steering wheel about 1.5 laps and run forward to adjust the position of the vehicle accordingly.

Pair the car in the barn

+ Step 1: When you see an ideal parking spot on the right, slowly pry the vehicle to the position where you can see the license plate of the vehicle next to it through the front door glass.

+ Step 2: Turn on the turn signals and start turning right to turn 2.5 times.

 + Step 3: Once the car is in the cage, keep the steering wheel 1.5 turns to the left. You will enter the stall in the right position when you see your front door parallel to the side braiding.

According to the statistics:

+ Insurance cost of parking lots in 2013 was about 2.1 billion USD

+ 1 in 6 drivers never notify insurance when they are hit in a parked car.

+ 20% men admitted that they had an accident while parking. While, this rate in women is only 15%.

+ 4,131,738 fines for failing to park properly in 2011-2012.

+ Travel time on the road is only about 3 - 4% about 80% time lost when leaving the parking lot at the destination and 16% time to find the parking place to.

With these tips we hope to save you a lot of time and money by mastering the many driving skills that are used frequently when you use a car.

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