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Instruction on how to drive a car with automatic transmission (easy to understand)


Hello everyone, today I will show you how Learn to drive a car to drive an automatic, as well as see how it works. Now follow me.

Instruction on how to drive a car with automatic transmission (easy to understand)

The first problem when sitting in a car is safety, and I will wear a seatbelt, which is extremely necessary to ensure the safety of you and your family. The next thing you need to do is adjust the seating position to suit your sitting position especially your foot how to reach the accelerator pedal, brake pedal in the most comfortable, softest way, and now Now I'm going to take my seat position, I'm in a car with the position buttons here, how to make it most comfortable, the seat back, the seat height, and how do I adjust it when I step on the brake and step on the throttle the easiest, just reach, not uncomfortable, want to pull closer to you just hold the steering wheel with your left hand, your right hand pull to the proper position, how can our feet fit the most, My car is a mechanical vehicle and some electric cars will be much more convenient, that, the brake pedal is very moderate, very comfortable, the position of sitting in front of the center is very comfortable, you can Observe so many things around you, vehicles involved.

Instruction on how to drive a car with automatic transmission (easy to understand) 1

Next, the rearview mirror is the most important part of a car, if without the rearview mirror we absolutely cannot drive a car, cannot ignore the safety without a rearview mirror. . my car is electrically adjustable, so I just need to adjust it with the push of a button, if you are going to drive a car with a mechanical mirror you should note, there is a mirror in the car that is used to look behind, You can adjust it to fit your eye level

I am sitting in the cockpit of a Honda Civic. I will introduce to you the important parts to start this car, the first is the steering wheel, the steering wheel is the most important part to help us change the direction of the car, help the car in the right lane. safe road. Next is the gearbox, handbrake department. Braking when we stop and park for the red light, we have to use the parking brake. This is the automatic transmission of the car, if it wants to work, we must understand the parameters here of this gearbox, if it wants to move, we have to start the engine. Want it to number we have the buttons here, you press on hold and pull back, then it can move, when you park the car, you must turn off the engine, pull the hand brake. But if you go on the road, stop the red light, then pull to Mode (N) and then pull the parking brake, it will be safer, if you stop the green light, the red light will be P. There is some collision, the front is coming, the rear is coming, your car will be broken gearbox, so you should stop at the red light the best way to go to N and pull the parking brake.

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Can you see it please? This is my right foot and this is my left foot, when driving an automatic car the left foot is not in use and on its own place and during driving we do not use it, the right foot we use the most, you can see this is the position of the brake, this is the position of the throttle, how do we put the foot position so that we can reach the position of the throttle and the most convenient brake, There is no problem, make sure that it is achieved otherwise your driving is very dangerous, and remember that braking is not throttle, throttle is not braking and often during driving right foot Usually put on the brake pedal to avoid unsafe situations, you should never leave both legs, left foot to brake and right foot to throttle, a lot of people want to test how it feels and what happened. accident, very dangerous, remember to use the left foot, only use the right foot and brake in the left position and gas in the right position brake. Remember that.

And here you can see that, these are the two driving components of the 2006 Honda Civic, you can see this is a handbrake and this is an automatic shift lever, you can see when the If you stop, you should turn on the handbrake, if you stop, then click on this button and pull up, this brake is just a normal brake, brake on the road, stop the green light, the red light is used. Usually we use other brakes. Next, this is the gear shift lever, can you see, P is the rule of the parking lot or garage, R is going back or back, N is the Mode number, N is not in the gear, D is in drive fast, S is driving slowly when crossing bars or the roads that need slow driving power, we use S and normally we use D mode, before you drive any car, in addition to the problems that I told you before, you need to pay attention to adjust the seating position, your right foot should be comfortable and all you need to do is lower the parking brake and start the car, your right foot will apply the brake pedal for the shift, and Then click Start. After booting up, you will be able to return to a normal number. Now I will try it. Pull up the brake and now want to lower it then press the button. About D, I am in P mode is the number lock, R is going backwards, N is the number of modes without numbers, D will move forward, S is going to ride slowly, the cars will be stronger, now I will go back P. pulled the brakes up and I turned on the engine, that's how you guys get in there. You can see that this is a Honda Civic steering wheel, when you drive, your hand, your left hand is at 9:15 am right hand is at 2:45 am, right like this, someone is holding it. Here, there are people who hold it here, usually those who are able to drive well, then they like to drive how comfortable but those who practice driving have to learn how to basically hold it like this. that right. How can your youngest finger clamp the turn signal? Turn down the turn signal left, turn the turn signal right, to do so to the safest, most convenient.

Instruction on how to drive a car with automatic transmission (easy to understand) 2

Next you can see, when we were in a car, I didn't turn it on, I opened the car door, it was squeaking, it was a warning that we didn't close the door, we didn't buckle up. It will warn us. You can see, when I did not start the engine, the foot brake was very heavy and the steering wheel could not turn, because the function is P, if we want to turn the steering wheel, we need to start the engine, Now I will turn on the engine, can you see, the brakes are now very soft, the steering wheel is turning, the steering wheel is the most important and we first need to learn, but later We have already mastered, professionally, then we will drive and rotate the steering wheel based on the feeling, you can see this, now I will turn to the left. This is the maximum maximum level of the spinning wheel, now I will go back, now it has turned to the maximum right, and from left to right is 3 rounds, you have to remember that, from the left right is 3 wheel, 3 revolutions. And from the left to the middle is 1.5 laps, it's about equilibrium.

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You have to remember that your hands are in this position, we want to turn right, the left hand must not leave the steering wheel, and when left we do not leave the steering wheel, the other hand is powered and remember that they are We do not push the steering wheel, let's see if I try. If you want to go to the right, my right hand will pull this and my left hand must not leave the steering wheel, and when that temple my right hand will pull up to this position, remember that when you want to go back, your hand is placed in that direction do not leave the steering wheel, so as to ensure that your vehicle is handled in all situations. Now I will turn to the left how is it, you see my right hand does not come off, my left hand pulls the steering wheel, our way is like that, you must remember the principle is like this, you can drive safely and handle all situations in the most neat way. Just now, I introduced the most accurate way to hold a steering wheel, this is a horn. It is the safest way to drive.

Instruction on how to drive a car with automatic transmission (easy to understand) 3

Now we start driving, first we adjust the seats, adjust the seat belts, adjust the mirrors, because I have already adjusted it in my car so I do not need to adjust it anymore but you have to adjust if your car is not used to how the best sitting position, the most comfortable, right foot before the engine must also step on the brake first, the key on the engine up. Next, the handbrake will be folded down, looking ahead, looking behind if there are no cars or obstacles to the vehicle, before going to the left turn signal, close the gear lever and the vehicle is in P mode, we Switch to D mode, the car starts to go. Automatic gear is more simple, not on the clutch or down the clutch just push the accelerator is the car only, we brake the brake, gently very convenient. you can also ride comfortably, the steering part is the most important part for a beginner, you can see I'm going up, can you see? If your shoulders with the sidewalk on the other side are all over the steering wheel. Whenever your car is parallel to the straight line, then pay the driver, step on the gas for the car to go, when the novice driver is going to be safer, can you see, my shoulder and the curb there I brake, pay for driving the car, that is the case for those who just know how to drive, you have to practice like that, but in case I have already mastered it, I will drive it differently. When you stop, you have to drive straight then brake, go to P mode, pull the hand brake, open the seat belt, turn off the engine and you're done. We can drive a car very easily.

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