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7 Ways to Cheat Students Register for a Driving Test in HCM

In times of turmoil, it is so confusing, finding a driver training institution to join Car driving course for the king is indeed a difficult thing. Because there are so many how to trick students into signing up for a driving test is "applied", and with that the disability has occurred, so how identify immediately the deceptive brokerage facilities that avoids.

Many students make the mistake of believing in a super cheap driving school package, study forever without being forced to ask for legal intervention. But it was late, if all the money was paid off, the rush would follow. That is also the common lesson for us. In difficult economic times, money is not easy to find and save, but it depends on the situation. With learning to drive need to learn carefully to have a really effective course.

Everything has its price, please consider.

Revealing all ways to trick students into registering for a driving test
Dan Tri Newspaper: Hundreds of people surrounded the driver training center headquarters to ask for money

1. Bean bag 100% - Bean ratio 99%:

Obviously the figures themselves have shown the "virtual pan pan", way of advertising shocking and also a way to trick students to register to take a driving test of some Car driving training center no reputation in Ho Chi Minh City. The best driver training facilities in Ho Chi Minh City just dare to stop The number 85% is great. Study well but fate decides, this also applies to the whole driving course.

how to trick students into signing up for a driving test

How to park a driver's license in Ho Chi Minh City How

Not to mention the "bean bag" is illegal, the nature of the competition takes place by the dot machine, from theory to practice, how to impact on to be "Pass 100%" Okay, so is this a way to trick students into taking a driving test to a driver training center?

Which students and students themselves also told is strange, there is a department that just need to get a license and take away the wallet, not driving, is not it not wanted, there is no need but actually finished studying ... no dare to drive. So you need to identify and be alert to the way students cheat students to register for this driving test of unreliable centers, no land left.

Law Newspaper: Expose the facility to teach motorists to trick "bao" to park 100%
Law Newspaper: Expose the facility to teach motor vehicle drivers to "drive" park 100%

VietQ.vn newspaper: Studying for a driver's license all the time ... but I don't know when I could take the exam

2 "Learning practice near home":

It sounds very convenient, right? And hitting your "lazy point" is also a way to trick students into signing up for a driving test to centers.  BUT: Learning to drive must learn in the standard training ground, but the training ground needs a large area to be sufficient 11 articles all, Whoever poured a lot of money to build a training ground in the inner city area - when the land is more expensive than gold. All standard training ground are built in suburbs such as Tien Bo yard in Cu Chi - 45km from Saigon, Hoang Gia yard in Binh Chanh - 35km from Saigon, Truong An yard in Cau Dua, Q12 - 13km.

As for the schools such as the No. 7 vocational school in District 10, the yard of Saigonbus school in Pho Quang, the yard of Vinhempich in Go Vap - all have no function of driving training but turned into bus parking, examination ground motorbike already.

Do you want to be "studying close to home?" = The practice teacher "crouches" into the open field and lets you run back and forth, and the teachers and students are puzzled as if quitting when they catch a glimpse of the traffic inspector? "

Accepting to go to school like this is also a disadvantage for you, the underground bus (any puzzle that you can practice putting the school logo on), the underground teacher, no insurance, no protection, no careful order. talent, After finishing ... I can drive ... but I can't go to the street!!!

Be alert when you see ads like this. In some cases, this is not a way to trick students into registering for a driving test. Why? Because if the prestigious car driving training center in Ho Chi Minh City they have a practice ground, and they are near your home, are they right about the service? So in this criterion, you need to reconsider where you are.

3: "Where to study - test there":

In the Road Traffic Law, the test must be conducted at the testing yard of the Department of Transport, there must be enough vehicles, induction vehicles, technical infrastructure as well as manpower to manage. .

In Ho Chi Minh City, there are only 5 testing fields, including yards in Cu Chi, Binh Chanh, District 12, Nha Be and Thu Duc districts. Where to get that so much pitch that want to test where the competition, which "Where to study - test there". And this is true that when you study at the driving school in Ho Chi Minh City, you will take the test in Ho Chi Minh City. So it can be considered as a way to trick students into registering for a car test when you have asked clearly and firmly about the problem that they are saying studying at their center, taking the exam at their center but looking through If you understand, you do not own the driving test yard.

4: "Exam exam - early exam - postponement of exam course":

The provisions of the Law on Vocational Training clearly state - primary vocational training time with B2 car driving course 93 days, and C rank 135 days, neither earlier nor later. The whole system from top to bottom, every regular, rhythmic way that do.

Sometimes students need to get a degree early - perfectly reasonable - because of your personal work - so you learn and ask. Unfortunately, see you right away they promise somehow - "you just come in and submit your application, I still have the October exam ... blabla," while it is currently ... 9.

Perhaps an individual can change an entire law that is very reasonable (when the course rules last for 93 days). Can an influential individual change an exam course, a school training course?

The Promised uncle used things already put students in contact and this is also a common way to cheat students to register for a driving test, at this time, the students and students have already paid the money, they can't leave, they have to "wait is happy", if whoever "pushes the button", they will at most return a part of the fee and tie the whole village, while You lost money, lost time, broke plans.

As for the letter of apology - the pinnacle of calming art with the content summarized "Dear, dear, hello ... the school has been subjected to an unexpected inspection ... so the exam for the students and their students has been delayed. wait, wait month, year look ”the message of apology is saved and continue to send similar content about the second, third and ninth time exam relocation.

Where to get that much inspector and yet the inspector forever, if the true training facility - the second inspection was brought down but not to the 3rd - n more times that please apologize.

The essence of this problem is They promise - inherently no function of training + organizing examinations - with the special talent "promise" to enroll students with quite a number of records, but due to over-promised, promised to be sick, promised in heaven and on earth, the training centers are TRUE - allowed to organize the exam course did not dare to accept this number of students, the result was stagnant records, could not transfer the exam report.

Capital Security Newspaper: Tried "trick trick" service "driver license" super speed "
Capital Security Newspaper: Trying to "trick" the "high-speed" driver's license service is a way to trick students into registering for a driving test to beat students' quick psychology.

5. There is no clear training curriculum. The number of practice hours is vague (Learning practice unlimited, free tutoring if weak !!!)

Training is required to have a detailed curriculum / syllabus given to you upon registration, must be disclosed to the student from the beginning so that the student can see their benefits when attending school. If you learn to practice in the form of 1 KING 1 and the number of hours you practice over 30 hours, it is impossible. Even a VIP package at the most popular school (the most expensive) in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM maximum 20 hours only. So, what are the driver training centers offering 30 hours, is it another way to trick students into registering for a driving test?

This is one "winged" scam advertisements help drag students into psychology of fear of driving a car difficult to learn how to drive as much as possible, so unlimited learning or free teaching if still weak is a bargain compared to the money. . BUT reality is not as easy as you think! Cars also need gasoline to run can not run on water! (gas prices are increasing day by day), teachers must have a good salary to cover their family's life in order to teach you how to drive your car wholeheartedly!

With low-cost tuition, there will be a cost limit so there is not much time available. An hour of driving a driving course is at least VND 200,000 / hour. 20 hours of study was 4 million. Plus the package fee to submit the exam to the office to take the exam, the total of your tuition was 8-8.5 million. Even with market competition, tuition at least 7.5 million, but not lower. So the number of practice hours is over 20, where does the cost come from? Not to mention "commit to practicing until you know how to drive”???

6. Extremely low tuition: ... only 5 million ... package ... !!!

You search for information and receive countless ad offers - "Learn to drive a car just 5 mil "," learn how to drive a car parked with only 4,5 million ”,“ Learn to drive a cheap car only ... 4,9 million "...

Oh my god!

Before taking a car driving course, You should ask friends, acquaintances who have studied before to know the total investment About how much - definitely lying within VND 12 million and above for grade B and 15 million and above for grade C.

Refer to reputable centers and facilities Learn how to drive a car all in one over 12 million VND for a car driving course B2.

Put the opposite question - why is there such a difference in tuition fees to 200% (even 300%) within the same driver training industry? Is it because some big centers (Hoang Gia, Truong An, ...) are very thick, a training file earns a lot of money so the training price is so high?

Please sir - the entire 3-month training course - we each record less than 500,000 VND (customer care wages).

"Which money of it" - right in this case.

Tuoi Tre Newspaper: Tired of waiting for a driving test, I have to pay more for school
Tuoi Tre Newspaper: Tired of waiting for a driving test, you have to pay more for school

With 2 million (even 3.5 million) is not enough fee to transfer documents to the Department of Transport to receive exam courses, let alone training.

After that is cutting practice hours, fuel surcharges, exam fees, money incurred ...

Recruitment newspaper Learn how to drive a car It is very low so that visitors are the most common way to trick students into taking the driving test. By the time students go to school, they have to pay all kinds of fees (the cost of preparing materials, the cost of hiring a tutor for teaching, the cost of the new car, ... the fee of the husband ...) is an old trick but still effective for most people. gullible gullible.

7 Ways to Cheat Students Register for a Driving Test in HCM 1

Some of the latest tuition updates in 2020 of some prestigious schools (the difference lies in the conditions attached to the package)

So, the way to trick students into registering for a driving test here is to hit the low-interest mentality of the majority of Vietnamese people. But anything has a floor price, which is its lowest level, is also the popularity of the centers, so there are a number of car driving schools in HCMC. much more than the price, you need to review, but you have won the trick to register students to take the driving test.

7) "Register now to learn fast, take the exam quickly, learn how to drive a car with 1-3 months license":

Provisions of The Law on Vocational Training states - time of primary vocational training with The B2 car driving course is 93 days, Grade C is 135 days. This is a very clear rule and there is no "expedited" or "preferential" mode for anyone.

Besides, the time to study, theory test, practice driving and take the test of steering wheel until the degree of an average student is 3 months, can't "burn" time like the hype above. One way to trick students into signing up for a driving test is to use a way to beat each student's time. So there is nothing to hurry, nothing to hurry, study enough theory, practice enough, you will come a good exam day. Thus, the way to trick students to register for a driving test is no longer available.

* Above are 7 identifying factors MA facility - irresponsible facilities, brokers, also a way to trick students into registering for a driving test to register at the center. Desire to contribute a bit of ideas to create a lip Driving school clean, quality and stop all the ways to cheat students to register for the driving test of shoddy establishments.

It is expected that in the first quarter of 2021, the driving theory test will be increased 600 questions (instead of 450 questions b2)

According to the Vietnam General Department of Roads, after revising Circular No. 12 on training, testing, driving licenses, from the first quarter of 2021, the driving theory test questions will be increased from the current 450 to 600. the sentence. There are 100 questions in the form of polio. A student correctly answers one sentence but one of the 100 points in the wrong sentence will be missed. This means that if the test has 30 sentences and the correct answer is 29, but one of the wrong sentences will fall.

This measure is to prevent "anti-slipping" while getting a driver's license. In particular, students do not bring phones, information equipment to the exam room theory, practice test car. Violating students will not be issued a driver's license within 5 years from the date of discovery of the violation.

The Vietnam Road Administration also added that by 2020, the data sharing connection with the Traffic Police Department will be completed to serve the detection and handling of cheating drivers to apply for a more thorough driver license. If drivers detect fraudulently declaring the loss of a driver's license to renew another license, after 5 years to learn and re-issue a driver's license like the case of first driver license. If the case is a D rank, E still have to repeat the driving license from B class









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