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How To Identify The Genuine Black Exciter 150 Car

How To Identify The Genuine Black Exciter 150 Car

The black Exciter has been around for quite some time, but we also have a lot of good things and a lot of people like this car, simply because its style is that it has a black color. The string is adorned with red stamps. And of course the young people really love it because this black car can be completely coordinated with the color of clothes or you can wear shorts that are comfortable too.

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How to Identify the Genuine Black Exciter 150 1

You are the customer and you spend a lot of money then you have the right to choose a quality car. When you spend some money, the first thing to go to a genuine Yamaha Town dealer to buy. There are many types of genuine stores, some are not reputable and some are very good, so we have to choose which store to buy. The second thing is that we have to check all the papers and you know that every car has a factory quality certificate, and of course you are a customer you have the right to love Pray the store to give me that.

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The Exciter is black, if nothing changes it is still a black car but its black is black, not black as normal cars. We have a black Exciter but it's black and gray so it has a glossy color. For this black Exciter, the Yamaha paint is different from the versions you paint yourself on the market, of course, the price will be higher because of the demand, high because of the number of vehicles. So it's not as much as other colors and of course you have to pay a much higher price than other cars for you to buy.

How To Identify A Genuine Black Exciter 150 2

The black Exciter is simply a car covered in all black but on the body is adorned by glossy red stamps and gives us a very strong and elegant feeling. . You can be a T-shirt jeans or a pair of boxers or a pants to sit up very well, we are completely easy for a process we can choose.

Many of you are confused about whether to buy it right or not, this black Exciter itself in the market today is also starting to gradually increase prices, simply because it is less. And note that on this black Exciter nothing, all machines are exactly the same as the other Exciter versions, it is no different. The first thing to notice about a black Exciter is that all its body is black and its paint is black, its forks are red, and the lines on the rim of the vehicle are also colored. red and paint over this black rim. This is how the eye sees normally.

How To Identify A Genuine Black Exciter 150 3

The second way is that after you decide to buy the car, you ask the store to provide you with a factory quality certificate so you can check the exact color of this vehicle is black, after that is we always use the mobile phone and go to the Appstore or maybe on Android, you go to the Play Store and you find the words Yamaha, we will find the Yamaha Parts Catalog software installed on the machine and open. And here is the part of the car and the scooter, please note that searching by frame number, type the whole line number right on the body of the car (behind the rear of the car) to be able to check the correct color and correct. Black as in the software is correct. And the vehicle's factory quality check itself will be black.

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How To Identify A Genuine Black Exciter 150 4

After we have checked, if you want to take a closer look, you can take a small something into the tightest position of the car to crash into to check the quality of the car, a little does not need to crash much, there is a case like this that is the car you bought exactly the black Exciter, the paper is also a decent black Exciter and exactly the frame is everything of a black Exciter but each part of the shell has been peeled off by a reputable store to sell this black skin to another person, and people get a different color to paint the black and stick. The car has been peeled off, you can not recognize whether it is a good black car or a black car, but only after a period of use, then the car it will slip or If there is any problem with the paintwork, we will know that the car has been repainted and completely wrecked. As such, the reputable shop they had from a black sandy car, they made 2 black cars to sell at high prices. So please double check before we use a very large amount of money.


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