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The Best Way To Protect And Keep Children Safe In Cars

The Best Way To Protect And Keep Children Safe In Cars 1

When the baby has just started crying, the parents have to shoulder the responsibility of protecting the child's safety. This is not simply a matter of finding a car seat or a baby carrier. So how to keep children safe while sitting in the car? Let's wacth together!


Are you trying to know why we need to keep children safe in cars? Check out some of the following statistics to get a better idea:

+ Car accident is a major cause of death for children from 1 to 12 years old:

+ 50% children under 5 years old die from motor vehicle accidents

+ Of the total number of child deaths from traffic accidents, 80 - 95% do not know how to keep children safe.

+ 72% out of 3,500 seats and slats surveyed are not suitable for children

+ There is a 40% for parents who do not wear a seatbelt or carry a baby while driving.

So child safety seats can reduce casualties

According to statistics, the use of safety seats will reduce casualties as follows:

+ 54% for children

+ 71% for babies

Child seat development history

Ever since the first car was manufactured, safety technologies have also been developed to protect the safety of users

+ In 1898: The first baby carrier looks like a drawstring bag and is tied to the car seat

+ 1930: The first booster seats were made not for safety purposes but to help the driver easily observe the child.

+ In 1933: Bunny Bear Seat has created a booster seat that protects children from falling forward on orders from Ford

+ In 1962: Leonard Rivkin of Denver - USA, invented and filed a patent for a car seat for children. Also this year in the UK, a man named Jean Ames invented the backward facing child seat for the first time.

+ From 1978 - 1985: The United States of America enacts laws to equip child car seats.

Choosing Car Seats For Children

Choosing a car seat or sling must depend on the age, height and weight of the child.

+ From 0 to 12 months of age: For children under 12 months old, parents must use a rear-facing child car seat. This type of seat usually has a seat belt.

+ From 1-3 years old: When the child is a little older. Use a child restraint chair. This type of seat usually has a lap and shoulder belt to protect the child.

+ From 4 - 7 years old: When the child seat is no longer fitted, you can use a booster seat and a seatbelt for easy viewing and protection.

+ From 8-12 years old: When your child can sit up straight with their legs in the right position, you can use a seat belt to protect them. Note that the straps must be placed on the thighs and shoulders.

So Which Seat Is The Safest

There is no safest car seat, only the best fit. A good chair must be compatible with the car, the height and weight of the child.

+ The criteria for evaluating a good car seat: Safety technology is the most important in every car. If you have children, the following equipment is necessary to adjust the seat accordingly.

+ The second row has seats falling back: This allows you to adjust the tilt for your child

+ Easy access: A vehicle with large doors and large legroom, allows you to easily move to a sitting position.

+ Thick and flat seat cushion: Help children feel comfortable and safer.

Important Notes:

+ The baby is always safe when riding

+ Choose a chair based on your child's age and measurements

+ Children under 13 must sit in the back seat

+ Use child seats properly in every trip

Hopefully, with these shares, you understand the importance of keeping children safe in the car, to have the best and safest child protection measures. Take action now and always you!

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