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How to adjust car rearview mirror to limit blind spots causing accidents

To Rearview Mirror How To Reduce Blind Spot Crash

If you forget to adjust the mirrors, when traveling in the city, on the highway, when backing up, it will be difficult to have many blind spots that we can not see on either side of the vehicle, or When you are cornering it is not possible to see, or when you want to pass another vehicle that may meet the blind spots, or when de-vehicle it is impossible to see visibility in the back or rear wheel so it is very easy. endangering yourself and everyone around you.

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First we will adjust the rearview mirror in the car first, adjust so that the view of the middle mirror will cover the inside and the back of the car, some mirrors will have automatic anti-glare and anti-glare modes. then there will be a gauze lever to adjust.

Next, the mirror will be adjusted on the sides, the position to adjust the mirror is located next to the tuplo, depending on the model you use, the mirror control may be on the door. When adjusting the mirror, there is a mode to select the left and right mirrors and some cars have a knob and some vehicles require a joystick.

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Adjust the mirror to the left so that ¾ of the mirror will cover the rear view and ¼ of the mirror will show the car body and rear wheel position, when reversing, you can see if the wheel is rolling on something. , with some luxury cars when the reverse gear is turned, the rearview mirror automatically folds down so you can see the rear wheel. And the right mirror will adjust the same way.

Some vehicles have the function of warning blind spots on the sides, some vehicles do not have that function, we can improve the vehicle's performance by a very simple method that we should equip an extra pair of mirrors. convex bridge to limit blind spots with very cheap cost but bring high efficiency, when buying a convex mirror, just paste in any position you think is appropriate and this mirror can rotate 180 degrees and we can be adjusted to fit our vision.

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Normally rearview mirror adjustment takes a long time but not so that we overlook this extremely important work.


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