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How to Wash a Standard Car At Home 1

Welcome to the channel cafe of cars, in today's video clip I will show you how to wash simple car at home with the basic and necessary tools, the basic tools needed when you Washing a car at home is a washcloth, air compressor, high pressure water jet, vacuum cleaner used to clean the interior.

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For car wash equipment I have 2 types, the first type is a hard towel used to wash details and chassis such as wheels, the front and rear or the footstep, the second type is soft towels to wash scratches, like windshields, windshields or painted surfaces, so why would I choose two towels like this, because I don't want to wash the details and the sand If I stick to this towel and then I continue to wash on other details, it will accidentally scratch my car more.

Now we will go to the car wash section, normally you wash the car in the outside details first then you clean the inside of the vacuum cleaner, but when you do so, you accidentally Makes our car dirtier. Why do I say more dirty when we clean the toilet outside then go to the interior cleaning, using a vacuum cleaner, when we do so accidentally dirty the outside details because our hands touch the details like this and the dust in the car will fly out will stick to the outside details then we have to wash again, in my experience I will vacuum internal cleaning interior first, then I will wash and clean the outside later.

How to Wash Car At Standard Quality 3

And now let's do the interior cleaning first, first I will take the lobby out to the toilet and expose the sun to clean, deodorize, and then I just finished cleaning the interior. as well as vacuuming, next I will clean and wash the outside. The next tool I will use is this water jet and attached to the gun, we begin. Note that we carefully spray the parts under the wheel drawer because these are the parts that are most affected by outside impacts as well as sandy soils, we need to get high pressure water sprayer to eliminate remove sand and soil in details to increase the life of the details, after we spray the surfaces, we wash the car. First, we will wash the windshield first and the outer glass parts, continue to wash 4 glasses because these are the most scratchable parts to wash first, after washing the whole body, we use a towel as hard as I said at the beginning to wash the details of the undercarriage as to avoid the case of using 2 towels causing more scratches.

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After completing the washing process, then we wash one more turn of water to clean the details, after finishing the cleaning process of the whole body, then use an air compressor and a soft towel for us. Complete the work of drying the details to prevent rust.

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