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How to Connect Android auto and Apple carplay With Honda Civic

Connect Android auto and Apple carplay

 Today I will show you how to connect Android smartphones, Apple Iphone phones with how to connect Apple Carplay as well as Android Cars into this Honda CRV car. 

First, with an iPhone, you do not need to install the application, but if you have to install Android Auto, this application must be released by google, to download this application there will be 2 ways. Currently, you should pay attention to Iphone devices, but your android phone must go to CH play, you type "Android Auto", in Vietnam has not been licensed and google does not release ANDROID Auto version on the door so you go to the web browser on your phone, type the word android auto, the word apk means the file is installed on this device.

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There you will see links, below are downloadable installable versions. Once installed, turn on the application, the first thing you must prepare is the charging port, preferably you use the zin cable from the factory. One end of the cable plugs into the phone and the other into the charging port.

You notice on the Honda CRV car at the bottom there are 2 charging ports 1.5a and 1.0a, you plug into the port 1.5a. After plugged in the port, wait for booting, I press ok on the screen, this time the device is connected to the screen in the car, automatically recognizes between the two devices, and bluetooth also automatically connects, when realized that the Android Auto software and the monitor were connected, there would be a message saying, I clicked Yes.


You note when you press home, display android auto, click on it, your phone will also be charged by the car and all information such as calls, dial numbers are displayed. She even shows you music on your phone. 

One of the most important things to use this android auto screen is that the google map navigation software is great. When you click on the icon here, google map now has very nice features, for example, traffic alert or Vietnamese directions. For example, if you want to go to Ben Thanh market, for the operation to happen quickly, the android auto function allows me to type on the phone because the operation on the phone will be faster and more sensitive on the car screen.

Normal function of google map will display the time of departure, directions c


cough yourself. With the navigation function of google map, you are assured of the accuracy and also the ability to update, which is how to connect between Android auto smart screen on Honda CRV, the key of this problem as well as The biggest obstacle when many people download this app is that it is genuine google map and suitable for the android phone that you are using.

Apple car-auto

 Next we will try to connect the iphone phone and honda CRV screen, continue you have to plug into the 2 phone ends and port 1.5a. With the iPhone using iOS, I do not need to download any other applications or software because the nature of this phone is that Apple has Apple Carplay here, click on always enable then immediately Instant phone will immediately ask to allow Carplay to connect with Honda, I click to allow, right now on the screen just now is Android auto, it will show up as Apple Carplay. 

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Apple car-auto

 Then you will see the whole interface when connected to the iphone, I can listen to music, send messages. Into the navigation software, it is similar to the previous software, only slightly different from the android version, can see the message or the phone here, I can connect the series to this phone. Most people are using smartphones, Android or IOS operating systems that connect very smart features on the screen of the car, when driving, I will focus on driving more, the operations Making calls, answering phones, maps are very convenient.

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