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For beginners, a manual transmission is always a top priority, in the driving training centers in Vietnam most of the cars used in the driving practice are different types of MT floor boxes with boxes. Automatic gear, in addition to the brake and accelerator pedal models, the car is also equipped with a clutch pedal (clutch pedal) to control, besides the structure of a manual transmission is more complicated than an automatic transmission. .

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With a more complex structure than the automatic transmission, the manual transmission is equipped with a clutch pedal (clutch pedal) driving a manual transmission through many operations that require the learner to coordinate smoothly.

Step 1: Familiarize and position the clutch

For first-time drivers or first-time drivers behind the wheel of a manual transmission, the combination of accelerator, brake, and clutch is very important, different from the driver of an automatic car. Need 1 at 2 feet, left foot in the clutch pedal to pedal and release the clutch, clutch legs are arranged in front of the driver's foot and located on the right foot brake. Besides the right foot is used to coordinate the brake and accelerator pedals.

Step 2: Control the gearbox

The clutch system, the brake pedal, and the accelerator pedal are closely related to the gearshift before the driver needs to be familiar with the numbering scheme, shifting scheme, depending on each type of diagram drawn on the gear lever. The gear is usually H-shaped, most models of manual cars today are equipped with 6-speed gearboxes.

 Step 3: Start and control the moving vehicle

In the next step, the driver will start and control the vehicle moving in the direction determined, a small note for the driver in the morning should let the engine explode in standby mode for about 1 minute before operating. action to avoid engine erosion and damage after a long period of inactivity, next to move the moving vehicle forward, the driver should step on the clutch, the brake lever shift the shift lever to number 1. From the accelerator pedal to the accelerator pedal, the clutch pedal slowly moves forward, the process of combining the accelerator pedal and the clutch pedal is not a simple process for those who are new to the manual transmission. If the clutch is released too quickly, the engine will die and the clutch should be released too slowly and the accelerator pedal is too fast, the exhaust pipe will emit a loud bang and affect the engine, so it is necessary to coordinate smoothly between 2 movements.

Step 4: Shift gears and accelerate

When the vehicle is moving, the driver who wants to accelerate can exert a direct force on the accelerator when the engine screams at 2000 rpm, then pedal all the way to the second gear, a small note that the cars should not step on the clutch pedal when necessary besides it should really perform the "clutch on the throttle" means reducing the clutch cutting speed and release the clutch slowly to increase the clutch speed the car is not abraded, it is stronger to avoid inertia when the car is running smoothly on the road we need to repeat the higher gear shift process to accelerate the vehicle's movement. Follow the experts to guide the appropriate speed for each gear level

Driving Instructions Floors 2

Level number Speed
No. 1 from 5 - 10km / h
No. 2 from 10 - 15km / h
Number 3 from 15 - 30km / h
4 from 35 - 40km / h
5 45km / h or more


In order to perform the reverse process, you need to change the gear, especially the shift lever needs to be shifted to R, and to coordinate smoothly between the brake and the clutch to adjust the reverse speed of the vehicle.

 Step 5: Slow down and stop

When the vehicle is moving at a steady speed you want to slow down, the driver must change the gear in the opposite procedure.

Note: when increasing the number can increase the number in order from low to high when reducing the number you need depends on the speed. In case you need to park at a certain location for a long time, it is best to take the gear lever to N, then let go of the clutch pedal and pull the parking brake to ensure safety to avoid a car being hit. slide.

Driving Instructions for a Floor Car 3


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