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Honda Winner X Sport Version With ABS Reasonable Price

Review Honda Winner X Sport Version With ABS Reasonable Price

I used to love it, when I was in high school, who drove Sonic So's cars and looked at everything, it was a dream sky. If you go in those cars, you will play the herd, the line always, counting countless times.

Honda winner x Sport edition

Hello everyone, it is almost time for the new school year and you guys have a car to go to school yet, getting ready to start. Today, you guys would like to call your personality a little bit, and then get a little over here. The car today that I introduce to you is the new Honda Winner BICOLOR Sport stamp with more beautiful things. Do not know you know, recently I received a very good information that my idol is Mr. Black Buffalo has become the brand representative of this Honda Winner X. That's good, bro, can you escape with me, if I can have this child, I'll go and hide with you. But my brothers and sisters are about to start, going to school with you right, more reasonable.

Honda Winner X Sport Version With ABS Reasonable Price 1

So what does this new car have? This new car is a new color, new stamps here, introduce slowly not too fast. We have black and black contrast, which means it's not glossy black, it's a nice matte matte black and the black is glossy, very masculine. This is the female must be very new personality to go, also only for men. This is a stamp border, it's made of hexagonal shapes and there are cross paths of these hexagonal edges, it adds a sporty look, it reminds me of supercars. A sports car is like a Lamborghini, it's like this stamp. Here, there is the word SPORT here, is it correct?

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But it has a red border, the red border here, all cars or sports cars they always make something, or the most used red, or maybe it's banana or green, this sports car so use red, this red SPORT, up here, here again. The rim also has a beautiful red thread, here too. In short, the highlight of this new Winner X version is really very healthy and sporty, youthful as well.

Honda Winner X Sport Version With ABS Reasonable Price 2

Go to the body of the car, you will see the stamp, here I go to this side, I go to this side, I will see that I still keep the Winner X style is very standard. Many people say that Winner is a bit gentle in the previous version, it is clear that this version is much cooler, but it still has a harmonious elegance, it is not only personality but I still find it very is elegant and called not too disruptive. If it's so cool that sometimes I get bored quickly, this one I think is still reasonable. This one has a handle too, the glossy red paint is really nice. This gray paint part has a bit of this emulsion, it looks very good quality, always good quality. This 150cc motorbike going to school is a bit too prominent, but for those of you who like a bit of personality, going to school with this one I think is the end of that lesson, the end of the lesson as well. I used to love it, when I was in high school, who drove Sonic So's cars and looked at everything, it was a dream sky. If you go in those cars, you will play the herd, the line always, counting countless times. It was just a fun story, but today, introduce you to the new Winner X sports car, the quality. In Winner, I noticed that the details in the car are here, I will show you, you recently, from the small ones like this handle, then come these are the buttons and the pattern on the plastic of this head, and this body down here, look here, look at it. Which means that the level of finishing the car is very well-groomed, very beautiful. Here look right down here, I tell you that if you buy a large displacement vehicle that originated from Europe properly up to 500, 700 million or even billions, do not get the well-groomed like Japanese. The Japanese do not understand why they like to make small things like this, right up to the 150cc bikes that are around more than 40 million, 45 million that it has been adjusted like this already. The detail they made very well, look at the rear brakes then Monoshock, rear shock absorbers Monoshock red also looks very nice, it is very sporty. This is the old days I loved, in the old days when I was in school, where did I get cars like this, met a car that had a Monoshock behind it oh oh why is it magical, and use that magic word, because all cars have two shock absorbers on both sides, naturally there is a monoshock a monocoque shock absorber between it looks good, it looks sporty, it goes completely different , different now. From small to beautiful feet.

Honda Winner X Sport Version With ABS Reasonable Price 3

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Ah buy Winner X car this new version also has a lot of interesting things, promotions. Here right here, for example, you get a half-helmet, a key chain, and a 24/24 rescue card means that even if you're going out at night and you get a flat tire or If something goes wrong, we need to call and immediately rescue within 1 year, the card will be used within 1 year. I think that is extremely good, that is a very good service of Honda and also of Ngan Ngan, or really, naturally being rescued like that, wherever I go I feel like Don't worry. Not to mention, the online warranty is up to 3 years and is also offered an additional 1 year free periodic warranty in Kường Ngan, oh delicious just standard.

Honda Winner X Sport Edition With ABS Reasonable Price 4

Many people told me that at the beginning Winner X said that this lamp didn't look like a good eye, recently, the brothers had fallen in love with this lamp. Why? Because it is taken exactly from the Super Bike, the GP motorcycle put down here, and when you look familiar, you are like that in Vietnam, when you first look, you still do not get used to processing. waist then say this and that, it's time to look familiar then why is it so beautiful. I like this style is very beautiful, it looks super style Bike right? ...

In a nutshell, a 150 cc hand-bitten car like this that any brother who is going to enter the new school year is horrible, actually this car can still go to work. The time when I started working, I didn't have a car to go around, back then I dreamed of it. Then the car tapered hand, it did not have many things called storage cabinets, storage cabinets it was only small, it was only small and neat like this. That's the gas tank and stuff. And we will have to wear a backpack, often going to these cars have a backpack, it will be very beautiful, it will be healthy. Is this color too cute?

Honda Winner X Sport Edition With ABS Reasonable Price 5

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Ah forgot to introduce you to a very special feature, here look down here, new. That's the car it has ABS, does this look quality? Delicious Japanese Nissin brakes, its brake discs are made of flower-cut bevels like this, a very small detail but how much more beautiful is it? While saving steel, it still guarantees quality, but it is much nicer. The front shock absorber is very impressive, here it looks not too monotonous is a straight down tube that it has rough roads that look very muscular and sporty.

In a nutshell, in the segment of clutch cars 150 cc at the moment, Winner is a first car with extremely good price, the second is about over-standard warranty, and about Honda brand, maybe my brothers. No need to discuss. I used to run big Honda motorcycles older than I still run well, then Honda's cars even throw you thrown 1-2 years and then you pulled away is still good. That is something that not every car company can do, the Japanese they do too standard, especially Honda, their car is too durable, in durability, there is no need to discuss it anymore.

Honda Winner X Sport Version With ABS Reasonable Price 6

That's it, today let you know that our Winner X car has a new stamp, a new color and the disc also has ABS, the rear brake is here, brake After there is no ABS but there is a brake disc system it is cut beveled look it beautiful, quality yet? No matter what I say, at my age, I'm not too young like you are still going to school or just going to work, but looking at Winner I still love, I still remember when a boy dreamed a The car tapered his hand like this, enjoyed it so much, like savage, after finishing, he heard the thump of a pop.

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I don't know if you guys see this stamp with ABS system on Winner X is it ok or not, beautiful or not? Let's comment below to discuss more about Winner X and also about the same segment cars? Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the bell button to watch the latest videos more often. And now, goodbye and see you in the next shows of Xe hay. I'm going to meet my idol, who is the representative of Winner X, Mr. Black is a little bit leaner. Bye.

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