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Try the Honda Sensing feature in stormy weather to see if it is safe

Try the Honda Sensing feature in stormy weather to see if it is safe


Hello everyone, today we will test a safety feature that is automatic braking. Today, the conditions are great, the first is dark and the second is stormy, rainy, windy, blind to show you how safe and responsive the car is.

You can see on this steering wheel there are buttons such as Adaptive cruise control, distance adjustment button, lane keeping. First this paragraph is a straight line, we will try adaptive cruise control.

Currently this feature is enabled, I will follow the car ahead. When removing the accelerator pedal, your vehicle still automatically maintains a safe distance from the vehicle in front. This feature is already familiar but today we go in stormy, dark, wet, cloudy weather. 

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Honda Sensing

This feature in Honda I think it uses like the other car equipment is using radar on three shocking fronts and with the camera above to calculate the distance as well as analyze the proximity. or far to decide how much or how little throttle and brakes to keep the distance that we require. 

Honda Sensing

This part of the road is curved, the car will keep the lane, you will see it drives by itself without touching the gas pedal. You must not let go of your hand because if you are sleepy then you have to lose control of it, so your right hand should always be set at the steering wheel. If you miss the lane, it will mean that you are driving poorly or distracting, for example, the car will vibrate slightly and it will drive back to the lane, very simply. 

This is a feature that I love, but in Vietnam, it is a bit sad that not on most cars even expensive cars like Mercedes, Benz do not. Why is that?

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As explained by the companies themselves, the frequency of the radar on the vehicle it coincides with the frequency of the defense so it is not possible, may be reasonable. But there are still some car brands that do this. 

Honda Sensing

When we turn and change lanes, the car will let you move because you are active. When the vehicle in front of you stops, your vehicle will automatically slow down and stop.

Honda Sensing is really great, hopefully recently, soonest, Honda Vietnam will bring this technology on Adcord, CRV even on Civic so that Vietnamese people can have utility and safety technology. 

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