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Direct: Launching the new Honda PKL at Eicma 2018, Italy

 Introducing the new Honda PKL at Eicma 2018, Italy

Hello, this is Ngoc Lan.

I'm at the show, today I'm here to attend the launch of Honda's new big displacement bike. Here today, Honda has launched a total of a few new models of this model, Vietnam has very affordable models that you can expect such as CB500 g 500x 500F and so on. will introduce to you in front of the CB500F model currently on the back right now I am a very beautiful model standing by.

Direct: Launching the new Honda PKL at Eicma 2018, Italy 1

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Everyone look offline. This is the CB500F model that this car in Vietnam has already sold, the previous version somewhere is somewhere in the memory, somewhere is 180 million, so this model is very nice and suitable for newcomers. into VKL. The car is a mid-size Niket version of 500 cubic centimeters, the positive volume of the cylinder falls to about 40 cc with the parallel twin cylinder engine is very beautiful. The lighting system has now been improved and everything is improved, especially the full led light for both front and rear. This chassis has made softer the digital injection system has been adjusted to be softer and smoother, this is the CBS cb500f model then you look at the CB500f 2019, currently this model has no official black car price. Equipped with hydraulic system of single hydraulic disc front shock absorbers and shock absorbers are usually not dig tires that shock absorbers after.

The single exhaust is ok, everyone can see it or not, please share it in the comments to see if it is okay. Here and here look full here is the CB500F new model, the new model I think this model is also fit and hot. Far away there is Ribel, only Rebel will know it. This time, there was no new version so I didn't watch it. The new clock supply of this watch is also quite beautiful, the clock is not enabled here, I will let you see the clock here ... then the clock is also an electronic clock, electronic clock. It is very similar to CB650 R, also new.

Direct: Launching the new Honda PKL at Eicma 2018, Italy 2

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You will see it all later, if you find it attractive, you can leave the bird to show everyone, the beautiful car that beautiful girlfriend. I turned the car, but I accidentally turned the right wheel. Sorry guys, this is the newly released cb500f, a mid-sized version of nickel, one more color, another one. I'll go around for everyone to see, Abs. Abs for both front and rear wheels. Look at the clock switch again.

Then you don't know if the stroke is sharp, if it is already sharp, you will comment first, so it will take a few minutes for it to be sharp. How do I try it? maybe it will go away after a while. Probably, it will be a bit blurry, and then everyone will see if the comment helps. and this is the cp1100 in this classic car I really like this series I really like this series I like but the price is not very good. Would you come in and see if you didn't? This place is very sharp, I don't know why you guys can't see the line, people hate it, please comment. And I think it will only take a minute or two to come here. this.

This is the area that showcases vkl of netro neo sport coffee segment, this segment is very good because it has a cb1000r in Vietnam and cb1000r in Vietnam then it is here It is this here Lat Later I will show you that it has a more attractive new version CB1000r version maybe it is CB1000r plus always means it can be a little he discharge this pancomic lemongrass pipe, things are It has changed. This is it. Oh, this is too crowded. This is my sister, I am also a CB1000R but the special version in the glass case cannot be touched. This is the special version, this special version has just been launched about 2 or 3 hours ago. This is the CB650r which is still in the sporty coffee line but the volume of the cylinder to reduce it definitely. will bring a reasonable price and easy access for those who like this car, the engine is 650 cc cylinder in line In short, the design is not much different from almost not that much. She is small to do a few things This detail is 640 cc, 4 cylinders beautiful yet gorgeous, yet gorgeous yet.

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Here is one more here. Very nice red. This red is also very beautiful. This engine is the same as the 650 engine of big bikes that have been brought to Vietnam. They will be genuine. Honda Hiep black sells a large volume of genuine Honda dealers officially the first 150 160 Pasteur District 3 Ho Chi Minh City, you can come to touch freely if you like, you can give up. out here one nè but they are also delicious, in short, whoever liked this car Neo is very beautiful. This is an electronic dashboard. It's an electronic clock, it's beautiful. The sitting shape is very suitable, he heard him sitting very well, is that right? This is a car that has just been launched, promising to bring it to Vietnam in a very near time. That in Vietnam about 400 or 400 somewhere or 400 million, this car that sells about 200 or 250 million, oh I do not know the price, do not know yet not to mention the price, there is no brother tired again there are 2 The table here is CB125R is the smallest version of the engine, that body shape is always extremely beautiful in Vietnam in Saigon, there is already one like this. Only thing is that there is no time to make videos for If you watch it, I will show it to you soon when I return to Vietnam and come to Saigon. This is a beautiful 300 version, so it makes the engine small, I will be more accessible and the price will be cheaper than both small-engine versions, but it is still equipped with a reduction gear motor Very healthy and beautiful. This is good. So now I'm going to go this way. I'm going this way to see the cars more prominently. There are many great motorcycles here.

Direct: Launching the new Honda PKL at Eicma 2018, Italy 3

This is the cb1000r, which extends the shaft behind the extension, the rear corner is very long. I will show you a very long, long corner of the wheel, then type it out and say what it is for, but when you go at high speed, you must extend it, the car will run stably. by Honda. My screen is very sharp. If you guys see it, please comment. Anybody who hates it will also remember to leave it in the comments so it takes the latest two or three minutes. And this is the Africa Twie, it is Honda's Adventure model.This is also a cult model of Italy from Europe that is very durable and looks similar to the Tiger of Tiem using 2 cylinder engine somewhere. is 1,000 cubic centimeters.

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I don't remember exactly a lot of versions of them are very nice and very beautiful and displayed in a very nice display area of the car, it must be like this is very nice very nice not only that will be okay Equipped with boxes on the back, it looks really nice. But now, I'm going to go on this time. I'll keep going here to see some more models. There is another one, a CB500X. just launched about 2 hours ago This is also a small-sized Adventure with the same 5-cylinder 100 cc engine just like the newly launched cars such as cb500f this is cb500x with cb500r, winter so I'll be back for you to see more clearly.

This is the cb500x An Adventure version. Look at the big, beautiful strip. I remember correctly, 17.19 thousand something. All of my car's lighting systems, which I just introduced, have just been upgraded with a full LED lamp, which is extremely bright, in the exterior detail is very changing and also very beautiful to said it looked sharp and very useful and also more impressive this car is also equipped with 500 cc engine is also 471 cubic centimeters gasoline, 2 cylinders in parallel. all are abs If you mistakenly look it does not seem all are abs then the following are all abs, how many of these watches are also watches of new Honda cars are very beautiful, watches electronics which have a lot of parameters features almost all the parameters in it are very nice

Direct: Launching the new Honda PKL at Eicma 2018, Italy 4

There is another beautiful color here, this color is very I like this cb500x is beautiful, white has a line in the fin, it's beautiful and beautiful. Go around, this child is also equipped with a shock absorber, not a reasonable price, but in Vietnam somewhere about hundred eight or 200 maybe it is cheaper or it is cheaper than mono derivatives offline the foam in it is still a bit fuzzy, not visible somewhere.

This is the CB500x on this day's exhibition trips, although it's a day for reporters, but it's very crowded here. Therefore, it is very difficult to have sex with many people, so I sympathize with you. Now, we will see another Honda display. Here, they will present Honda Adventure models. But lately I I haven't figured it out yet, so this one is the X Extreme, this one is really terrible, this one is really terrible, look at it and take the car out. It looks like a car but its very good at its whole not as big as its just small but its rim is very small spokes rim and its chassis is very light but sitting like a car ga.

That's it or not, in short, this car is good, don't know the price. I don't know if I'll bring it back to Vietnam or not.I don't know, but this is a very good line for those who like. Here people show a car that they did not know what the prize is, 2018 has not tire like this and I will come over later, everyone remember to stay and comment and share, back to the MXX right next door.

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This area is familiar, this area is not new to this Honda SH area. But this place is very nice. I really like it, I will show you this, look at SH 300i, there is a very pretty girl. Sorry. A very pretty girl, pretty yet. Is this friend beautiful? This girl is the prettiest in the exhibition. I went around today. So these girls are the prettiest. Ok, this is SH300i. There you see. If you find this girl pretty, please comment for her a bit. Then here you see the familiar car line.

This is spacer X this is familiar but this is useful in this way here is making MXX weird, this is MXX 125 pdf how can you see it? I like to show you guys. This is very strange to see, the color is really good, not beautiful yet. Have you seen it? Okay, this is the new car that was launched in Vietnam about 2 weeks ago with the price of somewhere at 85 million, strong thanks. But it would be very suitable for collectors here to let me go here to show you that Super Cub. Hello everyone, the beautiful beautiful car next to you is the monkey is very good, monkeybie, too. You guys know what this is, this is the line that came out 300 days ago, so here it is, it's the same. This is the basic card. This one is very beautiful. I like for you to try this to draw this key. After that, if you watch forum 300 for 2 minutes, it will not go away.

Direct: Launching the new Honda PKL at Eicma 2018, Italy 5

If I watch it for 2 minutes, I will put it on. Now I will continue to go to any coffee stall, I don't know much about Pho, but it's good to see people eating coffee. thin, very light, its shock-proof level is gone, it's going to fly to the sky.

This is the Pho Pho, there are many versions. This is version 450 version, 135, 300, version 250 very much. This is the smallest type of 150 cubic centimeters it looks small yet it looks like a bicycle frame, it looks like a bicycle frame. Then check it out CBR 1000 1000 RR.

See this now. It's so crowded here It's so crowded here there's no place to say it's brutally crowded like Tet. This is a new version that has just been released, this is the cbr500r the Bike Cup in general. The only thing is that they have just finished hacking their staff, for some reason. It's very nice, it's upgraded to the same design as the bigger brothers, the lights are very led and all beautiful, they look like it's impossible without being loved, there's a color White is in there. If you see this white sword, this white is very beautiful, this is cbr500r, it is extremely beautiful, very beautiful, very beautiful, this one came back to Vietnam and sold well, the number of zach there, you guys It looks nice without a 2-cylinder engine, 2-cylinder engine with a 2-cylinder engine, but it is quite a good fit. Actually there is another version called CBR600 650r there.

It's over there It's over there It's going to be Later we'll see if you have a car or I'll show it to everyone See a Can Tho This movie is very beautiful every night the cbr500r version 500 is very nice and very beautiful now I'll go over to take a look Please wait a bit This is the cbr1000rr this car is probably not strange anymore, temporarily forget to get used, skip it, it's similar the black one is new but its main here it is here and it is here and here and here and there this and that is a cbr650r, beautiful yet 4-cylinder engine.

Two very beautiful abs plates are always very good, look very clear here and there is a black one and this black one, that black is beautiful yet. I think I will die soon. Yes, I will bring it to Vietnam soon. I have just done a round of livestream of Honda booth at XMar Italia expecting that you will enjoy the car here, hope that Honda Vietnam will soon bring the cars. Vietnamese car to Vietnam for you to admire and have money, buy you remember Surprise YouTube channel or click the bell button to watch videos more often, guys.

And now bye and see you again in the next livestream videos!


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