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Honda MSX 125 car review - bold personality price of 50 million

Honda MSX 125 car review - bold personality price of 50 million

Why do young people love this car so much?


Honda MSX 125 car review - bold personality price of 50 million 1

At first, the lights in the previous version were just normal lights, now they have been divided into 2 floors and led lights, we can say that this ddefn cluster is extremely impressive even for large displacement vehicles. modern day is not sure whether there is an impressive light fixture like this. If you can notice the recent videos of XEHAY about Honda's large displacement products, most of them have LEDs and are also divided into 2 floors but cool as this car does not have any cool car like this car.

The second you can see right away is the Up Side Down shock absorber in the front, there is rarely a small car that has a sports shock absorber like this, maybe this is also a part but the young people love this car so much, it looks very healthy and sporty. The yellow up-front shock absorber tube in her tube promises it will bring a very smooth experience.

And yet, if you pay attention to the tires, the wheels look very solid even though it's only small, 12 inches but the large tires give a very solid feel that looks more like a tire of a scooter than a clutch car Numbers like this.

Honda MSX 125 car review - bold personality price of 50 million 2

Honda MSX 125 was introduced to Vietnam market for the first time in late 2014 and quickly created a fever thanks to its compact design, strong and dynamic operation. The car was inspired by the legend of the small car Honda Monkey, which once caused global fever because of its uniqueness, but at that time, the relatively high price of Honda MSX was the only obstacle. Most customers have to consider before deciding to buy a car.

Entering the second generation, Honda Vietnam decided to change its business strategy with MSX models when it sharply reduced prices to increase accessibility to young customers, from the selling price of VND 60 million in the old version. proposal of the new generation Honda MSX 125 is only 50 million VND, the price is considered quite soft for a sports car model imported CBU from Thailand. The new MSX 125 has been redesigned to make this model more eye-catching and modern. Overall look, Honda MSX 125 2018 retains the image of street warriors with sharp claws, neat and flexible body, reminiscent of the legendary Hinda Monkey.

Honda MSX 125 2018
Dimensions (D * R * C) 1,760 mm * 755 mm * 1,010 mm
The standard long 1,200 mm
Ground clearance 166 mm
Seat height 765 mm
Self-respect 101.7 kg
Petrol tank capacity 5.7 L
Tire size Previous: 120/70 12.51L tubeless

After: 130/70 12.56L tubeless

These are the parameters that show the extremely compact size of the MSX, this size makes the car suitable for Vietnamese people especially young people who are looking for their first car. And the fuel tank capacity has increased by 0.2 L compared to the previous generation.

Honda MSX 125 car review - bold personality price of 50 million 3

At the front of the car, Honda MSX still exudes a youthful and dynamic characteristic with new headlights, the circular headlight design using halogen bulbs has now been replaced by the whole LED light divided into 2 floors separated from the original edge design is much more impressive. Front turn signal light cluster remains the same as on the old version.

Part of the clock, if you notice, this electronic clock cluster looks quite modern compared to a small car and with the price of only a few tens of millions like this. If compared to a car of a few hundred million like the large displacement, this instrument cluster is equally beautiful, the clock cluster on those cars is very beautiful and balanced. The finished details, such as the handle, the knobs, the brake handle are finished very meticulously and do not make the feeling of cheap, look very solid and smooth. And yet, the next sporty part you can see right away is that the front and rear wheels are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and brake calipers are painted red very prominent. The engine cluster is a 125 cc engine, there is not too much to talk about this engine, Honda's engine is quiet and durable, only a car like that snayf that is equipped with 125 cc cubes are not medium sized ones.

Review Honda MSX 125 - bold personality cost 50 million 4

The meter system with the car's LCD screen remains the same design except the backlight color has been changed from orange to blue, on the clock face will display the necessary information such as speedometer, rev counter. machine, cruise meter, fuel meter and stopwatch. The Honda MSX 2018 is equipped with a striking yellow reverse cruise shock absorber, and a monoshock rear shock absorber with a size of 104 mm. The design of shock reduction before the reverse journey is the difference of MSX compared to the tapered models in the price range of VND 50 million. In addition, Honda also equipped the MSX 2018 using 12-inch alloy wheels with 120/70 12 front tires and 130/70 12 rear tires, both front and rear wheels using Nissin disc brakes. . In the new version, the power of MSX 125 is not much changed by:

Honda MSX 125 2018
Engine 125cc, PGM-FI, 4 stroke, 2 valves, single cylinder, air cooled
Gear 4-digit hand clutch
Diameter * plunger stroke 52.4 mm * 57.9 mm
Boot system electricity
Compression ratio 9,3:1
Wattage 9.2 hp @ 7,000rpm
Torque 10.6 Nm @ 5,500 rpm

The parameters of this engine are not too strong if compared to the same-priced clutch model like Honda Winer or Yamaha Exciter. However, the attraction of the MSX is its distinctive design, imported origin and the ability to improve its appearance. The exhaust has also been put down and look quite swallow, with the matt chrome cladding that looks very healthy and athletic. In short, overall this car looks sporty and very personal, but it is only suitable for people who are around 1m70.

The key that opens is like a car key. The explosion is very quiet, I must say that Honda's engine is really quiet. When sitting on the car, it feels very cool, it is for those who do not want to blend into the crowd, want to show a lot of personality.

Driving experience: when a person is about 1m8 tall, he sits on this car, when driving in the city, there is nothing to complain, it is a small car, to say it is very flexible, you want to Whatever you do, you want to go into the corner, go very slowly or want to flow is easy to say. With a vehicle like this it drives very gently like an electric car. The car is very flexible, although this is a 125 cc clutch car, but going inside the city, it does not cause boredom, the 4-speed gearbox only sometimes you can get on and off the throttle to create more feeling strong.

Honda MSX 125 car review - bold personality price of 50 million 5

Still brings the feeling of excitement when driving a clutch car, but it does not bring the feeling of excitement at all because actually speaking, with a capacity of about 10 horsepower, it is just a car to go to play for fun, but also for excitement to speed can not meet.

In short, there is nothing to criticize in the inner city, although the shock reduction behind is the monoshock but still very quiet. But will not dare to go fast because the wheel is small diameter and the body is small so it gives the feeling of not really assured. It might not be so bad if it were to drive two people in the inner city, but maybe the person sitting in the back would be a bit hard, and even the person in front would be quite hard because 2 people will have to sit together and stick together to be able to sit.

Going on the road, this bike 125 cc, it should be a little more loading. Of course, to accelerate to 80 km / h is not too difficult for this car, but the speed of it is not much, and of course a small wheelchair like this if going fast and soaring fast perhaps it is impossible to be assured by a bigger, larger diameter wheel cart. But it doesn't make it too difficult anyway, and it's not too tiring to sit alone. The 125 engine of this imported MSX has to be said to be quiet, nothing complains about the engine about the chassis, certainly, smoothly.

In Vietnam currently selling this car with the announced price of 50 million VND, but it is still a constant problem for Honda that is when it comes to geography, the price will be a little higher, actually. This problem is also difficult to avoid because the demand is high and the supply is not enough, any product will increase, so it is easy to understand. This is a beautiful, beautiful car and there are many young people looking for it so the shortage of goods takes place so that the agents will raise the price a bit, hoping that in Vietnam there will be no more this situation too. At the price of 50 million, those who are unique, unique, have a unique feature that does not blend in with the crowd like other cars such as the popular scooter, or the higher-handed bicycles. Like Honda Winer, MSX is also a very good choice for you.

Since June 25, Honda Vietnam has also distributed the MSX 125 with four new colors: black blue, black green, black red and black orange, accompanied by a constant price of 49, 9 million.

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