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Experience fast HONDA CR-V 7 seats priced under 1.1 billion in Vietnam

Personal comments about HONDA CR-V 7 seats in Vietnam

The new Honda CR-V with 7 seats, 1.5 turbocharged engine is being sought and waited by many Vietnamese consumers.

Experience quick HONDA CR-V 7 seats priced under 1.1 billion in Vietnam 1

About the exterior

At the beginning of the car, Honda Vietnam has very favored this Honda CR-V with full led lights all in. If on the CR-V version in Japan is only crystal glass lamps, and this is a whole led full light. The lights at the bottom are also full led lights and inside are the very high-class and luxurious glass spheres, not every car in the segment has a full led headlight system like this, or say it clearly. are all CR-V rivals that don't have this light system.

The chrome part is thicker, the male chrome is thicker and Honda makes the most of it to decorate their new cars, especially on this CR-V, even though the front end only has a chrome finish. the short part is between the two sides of the lamp, but the CR-V covers the chrome to the end of the headlight, making the head of the vehicle become wider and stronger. Under the new bonnet is a special thing, 1.5 turbocharged engine similar to Honda Civic but has been tweaked to increase power to 188 horsepower.

If we compare with the direct competitor of this car is the Mazda CX5, the engine of the Mazda CX5 2.0 only has a capacity of 153 horsepower, far behind the 188 horsepower of this 1.5 engine, even the engine. engine 2.5 of the CX5 also only has a capacity of 185 also lags the engine of this new CR-V. In addition, the transmission of the new CR-V has also been changed, it is equipped with CVT gearbox.

The body, which we can immediately see is that the lazang system has been increased from 17 inches to 18 inches compared to the previous version, in terms of design is relatively similar to the previous versions but instead of the previous versions are straight lines, this one is slightly curved looking healthier and thicker, more beautiful. The mirror is the same, nothing has changed. The bottom also has chrome trim that looks more luxurious. And the door on this new version instead of the door without buttons still has no smart lock, it is a touch door, when locked, you just need to touch lightly, and open, just touch.

The rear end, really impressed with the taillights, this is also a full led light. Obviously the new CR-V is extremely well cared for by Honda Vietnam. Full LED lights are much nicer than normal lights. In addition, most Japanese Crossovers do not have rear sensors, but the CR-V does and of course has a reversing camera.

The chrome border on the back also looks great. The trunk is an electric trunk and the height can be adjusted with the push of a button and there is also an anti-jamming function when you or a child is stuck, the trunk automatically opens. Looking inside, you can see the third row, the third row is very useful when going for 7 people, if the erection of seats is up, the storage space is a bit small. CR-V is also equipped with 2 exhaust pipes on both sides to make the car more balanced than the previous version.

About the interior

The interior is extremely beautiful, if you remember the Honda Civic, it is a bit similar but actually it is more beautiful, the screen is quite similar but it also has a slight change to look flat and smooth screen and sharper. Air conditioner 2 areas, very neat. If the previous Japanese cars were finished squares and then inserted the box, CR-V had a really nice screen. And appeared electronic handbrake this is a fairly new feature. There was also when you stopped the green light and it would brake itself and you could take off your feet very comfortably to rest. Trolley is extremely wide and has 2 12V charging ports and 2 USB charging ports, 1 HDMI port, when you open the tray, you can leave your phone or wallet. A bit more on the whole, decorated with wood grain, actually made from plastic, wood grain is made very high-end, and imitation leather also looks very high if not introduced, it is difficult to recognize. .

The new CR-V, the interior is much more attractive. The leather seats sit very comfortably, the driver's side leather seats are electrically adjustable but don't remember the position and it has an inflatable bag on the back. The steering wheel is very similar to the Honda Civic. When turned on, the watch is extremely beautiful, it also looks almost like the Civic but its screen when opened, it runs the graphics above are very beautiful. Honda has improved a lot for its products. Mirrors are anti-glare mirrors, the sunroof can open, making it very convenient and has lots of other interiors.

In row 2, the knee has not touched the first row, the back is quite comfortable, when sitting up, it also touches the ceiling a bit, still fits, the second row is still okay, If you want to fall your chair or slide up and down, it can still be adjusted like that. When sitting in the middle, the head can touch the ceiling, this area has 2 2.5A charging ports and has air conditioning and armrest. Under the seat there is a hydraulic system that lifts the chair up without much effort.

The third row of seats, if you want to enter the third row of seats, you must open the second row seats, climb up, just like other 7-seat cars, the knees have touched the back of the second row seats, the head is still a bit, of course with A 5 + 2 car like this is not too much to blame, with people about 1m65 falling down will fit better, children can sit comfortably. There are very strong air-conditioning vents, headrests, and reclining seats so it is more comfortable to sit but the luggage space will be smaller.

Overall, this 7-seater CR-V is also quite good, suitable for short distances.


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