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Honda Civic RS Turbo 2019 Prices from 929 million Thai imports

Honda Civic RS Turbo 2019

Honda Civic RS

There is a Sedan in the mid-range C segment but behind it is a very sporty, very youthful atmosphere and today I would like to introduce the Honda Civic RS RS version, this is the Facelift 2019 version . 

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Speaking of CIVIC, this is not just another Sedan but this is the most sporty car in the segment. In this version of Facelift 2019, Honda has minor improvements such as the grille instead of shiny chrome, Honda is painted black and can see on it is the RS logo, this is one of Honda's new sports icons. 

Honda Civic RS

The lower bumper is designed to be very aerodynamic, here instead of chrome plating, it has a black and green border, if viewed from the side of these designs, the headlights and grille are designed to sink deep into. Very athletic and impressive. 

You can see the headlights of the Honda Civic full led, the long-range projector lamps are all very bright and bright. There is a series of daytime running lights as well as turn signals that are all led including fog lights below. This bird logo is very impressive. A new sporty characteristic for this CIVIC is that the wheels of the 2019 version are upgraded from 17 inches to 18 inches, very beautiful and sporty, and the Michelin branded case size 235/40 ZR 18 , the ZR sign means specializing in sports.

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Honda Civic RS

There are not many changes on the side of the car compared to the previous generation, which are still embossed veins, chrome door handles, and the upper rim of the glass is also chrome plated. What makes Civic unique is the hood. The roof of the hood is soft stroked from the roof to the rear of the car, bringing a sporty nature.When looking at this hood, you will think of European cars such as the Audi A7 SPORTBACK, almost disrupt the The design of the Sedan car, instead of being folded and has a trunk behind, this car is very smooth.

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Honda Civic RS Turbo 2019 Prices from 929 million Thai imports 1

 Continue to the rear of the car, the impression is that the C-shaped rear turn signal lamp here is full led if going at night there will be full led border here very beautiful and in this new generation to enhance aerodynamics as well. Like the sportiness of the Civic, this Civic RS version is equipped with a spoiler or fish tail, the rear fin is the original zin.

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Tell me more about this wing is not just a wing to decorate yourself like a racing car that acts like an airplane, instead of having aerodynamic wind to help lift the car. up, the wind vane has an opposite aerodynamic effect when you run fast, the air will pass through this vane which presses the rear of the vehicle down to enhance grip when you go at high speed. And on the back, it continues to decorate the RS logo.

 In the FACELIFT version of the exterior there will be changes in the front grille, wind vents and wheels. Now continuing inside, this is the key of the Honda Civic with the arrow-shaped circle logo, the logo of the remote start feature, which means when you stand from afar, for example parked The car is outside in the sun, the car is ready to start and the air conditioner is on, I keep holding this key. With this feature will be very useful in countries with hot climates like in Vietnam. 

Honda Civic RS

Before sitting in the car, you can see this car is equipped with very small details. As here is the chrome ball and these details increase the sportiness of the Honda Civic. Because this car has a sporty design, the rear seat falls deeply and this seat is equipped with 8-way power seats, but sitting on a Honda, the focus will be lower, the seat fall more behind other C-class sedans. Part steering wheel adjustment 4 directions and here there will be a leather steering wheel, the red stitching here is very sporty. There's a gear shift on the steering wheel, inside is a clock screen. 

Honda Civic RS

In 1.8 G version, this screen is blue and this sports RS version has a beautiful red screen similar to Honda CRV. The sound of the door closing is very solid, this Honda Civic has a very high middle armrest line, increasing stiffness, there is also a small gear lever, with a very sporty leather. There are handbrake like previous generations, brake hold mode, ecomart.

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The central screen is the smart screen using the Android operating system, which has all the features to connect Apple Carplay or Android Auto, this part will be similar to the Honda CRV, but there is another difference is the home keys , audio, these are mechanical keys, aesthetically will not be as modern as CRV cars, but I still prefer these mechanical keys because when using the level of interaction between the driver and the screen will be better, practice more on driving.

Here comes the air-conditioning part is a 2-zone automatic air conditioner and is integrated on this screen similar to CRV, you adjust the wind direction, turn AC off, then when you press climate, the screen will The show is very beautiful. In addition, in this generation of vehicles, the decorative cladding is made of aluminum, and it is very good to scratch the metal strips, and the details are plastic and leather. The upper part has a mirror, the inside is an automatic anti-glare mirror. And a pity here is that this generation CIVIC has cut off the sunroof at the top, but that's okay because I rarely use the sunroof. 

Honda Civic RS

  Next is the back seat, because this car has a very sporty chassis design so the G part will be higher than the other model. Even the step out, it is made higher, proving that the chassis is more rigid. For this reason, stepping out is a bit more inconvenient. The distance from the feet when sitting to the front seat is very large, because the hood is comfortable on the back, so the ceiling will be low. However, the distance from the head to the top is very high, sitting very comfortably. A notable feature of the Honda Civic is the air-conditioning in the rear seats that are silver plated very delicate and beautiful. Leather material from Thailand is very smooth and smooth. Although not as high-class as luxury cars in Germany or Europe, but with a car in the C-segment like this is still very OK. 

   As for the utility of this Honda Civic, the car is supplemented with an automatic mirror folding feature. When the door is closed, the mirror automatically folds and the door opens, the mirror opens, which is also quite common. The trunk of the car has a capacity of more than 400 liters, although it is a sporty Sedan car, but Honda is still very practical design, the interior space is comfortable to store items when traveling with those for example a family trip. In the past, when Honda Civic released a version that this Turbo engine was a revolution in the C-segment Sedan segment but equipped with a very powerful engine. 

Honda Civic RS

This Honda Civic is powered by a 1.5 Turbo engine, but with a turbo boost makes the car's output up to 70 horsepower. In the C-segment segment of Sedan, this is the most powerful car but also the most fuel efficient. I firmly believe that if you are a driving enthusiast who wants to have a car that is both family-friendly and brings excitement, joy, passionate experience behind the wheel, be sure that when you sit on the car This Honda Civic, you can not think of any other car

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